Video highlights of the Tuesday, July 21st Legion Baseball Game, between Cheyenne Post 6 at the Sheridan Troopers.

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After 3 innings, Post 6 was able to break the Troopers pitching with 2 home runs, and would cruise from there.



If you need a helmet to eat the ballpark must be pretty good food! I can attest to that, because I ate some!

Cheyenne Post 6 at the Sheridan of the first...Sheridan pitching...Coy Steel, was tough as steel in the early goings. That's how you want to start a game, and for awhile things would get even better.

He would walk 3 batters to load the bases...but he would get himself out of a and learn! That's how you do it. Steel actually got 3 strikeouts in that inning on the mound.

Top of the second...his good fortune would continue...that's victim #4...and at the rate he's going...the rest of the defense could just kick back and take it easy, provided he could keep it up.

Next batter...he's done. 5 of 6 outs so far in this game have either gone down swinging or looking, and the Troopers were in a good spot.

Bottom of the 2nd...the opposition was having some pitching success as well. Tyler Lambert got the ball to start this game...he did not have as many strikeouts, but he was keeping the home team off of the scoreboard, and that is what ultimately matters.

Top of the 3rd...Sheridan's defense finally had something to do...Blake Godwin will chase down the loose ball and gets it over to Nolan McCafferty in time to take out the runner. Good recovery...but you could get a sense that the momentum was starting to shift.

Top of 4th...once Dustin Parker got to the plate for Cheyenne...he would shift the momentum big time. We lost the ball, but you can tell by the body language of the center fielder that it is out of here. A solo shot for make the score 1-to-nothing and that was just the start of things to come.

The Troopers would try to recover...Godwin has to chase another one...luckily that ball did not go far and Steel was able to apply the tag at the plate. That saved a run, so it would stay 1-to-nothing for at least another inning.

Top of the is the game became one sided...Ross Melchior is going to get it started by finding the gap in right center field...all the way to the wall for a double. Braxton Inniss will run run run as fast as he can, to score all the way from first. That's another run on the board, and Post 6 is now up 2-to-zip.

Here's where the main damage was done...2 on for Lincoln Trujillo...and that ball is not coming back. Last year was the first time since 1999 that Cheyenne did not play in the state championship game...injuries were a part of that, and Trujillo was one of the victims. That 3-run shot would prove that he's back in business. 5-to-nothing is the score.

Bottom of the 5th... now it's 7-to-nothing...Lambert says...May I help you? No thanks...just looking. He did not go the distance, but he did enough in the conference opener for both teams.

Top of the's 8-to-zip...bases loaded no outs...this play was a trade off...Noah Gustafson to Jeff Shaner to Kris Clark for the 4-6-3 double play...however Colton Onstott would score on the play, to move the visitors ahead 9-to-zero.

...and the hits kept on coming...Dillon Pilch gets a base hit to left field and is rewarded with an R-B-I as Brock Anderson trots home to make this a 10-zip ball game.

Bottom of the pitcher on the mound for Cheyenne and Ethan Casey would produce the same results. Once they got going, they were nearly impossible to stop...the trick was that they just had to get going.

Top of the 7th...the visitors were looking for some insurance...Isaac Taylor lifts a hit over the second baseman for a single...that would score Melchior and help hang a 5-spot on the board to make it 15-to-nothing.

Bottom of the 7th...Sheridan was finally able to produce something...although it was not exactly what you want when you are trailing big, late in the game...Brian Kjerstad was able to hit the ball deep enough so that this would be a sacrifice fly. Kris Clark would tag up and touch the plate, and the shutout is over...the score is 15-to-1.

...but that was it as far as a comeback goes. Saul Alvarado will finish the job on the mound to put the mercy rule into effect. Cheyenne Post 6 is out to prove that they are back this year...winning this game in a rout...15-to-1.