Video highlights of the Wyoming Legion Baseball 'A' State Championship Game, between the Green River Knights vs. the Cody Cubs, played in Cowley.

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John Beaudrie pitched a complete game 9 innings and held the Knights high scoring offense in check, as the Cubs would repeat as State Champs.



After roughly 10 years of making a baseball field out of a corn field...I think Ray Peterson has earned the right to kick back and watch a game.

The Green River Knights vs. the Cody Cubs in the A-League State Championship Game in of the first...John Beaudrie pitching for Cody and he got his game off to a good start, and he would be rewarded for it at the end.

Same inning...2 runners in scoring position and they are not coming home. Green River is known for having a high octane offense, but so far Beaudrie has been able to diffuse them and keep them from crossing the plate.

Bottom of the first...Beaudrie is at 2nd...and this was a huge gamble...Jordan Wasia hits a single to get this play started...Beaudrie is going to try to score...we got a play at the plate and he will get behind the tag, touch home and he is safe! That was about as close as you could cut it, and the Cubs would draw first blood and lead 1-to-nothing.

The first 4 batters would reach, so the bases are now loaded with no outs...Green River needed this one...Brandan Hopkins to Blake Gelinas, to Alec Heitzman for the 5-2-3 double play. That would relieve some of the pressure, now they just needed one more out to get out of this jam, which is easier said than done.

Next batter...Cooper Brown keeps it on the ground and hit it to just the right spot...good effort by Tyler Vendetti at short to try to make the play, but Brown is able to beat the throw. Cameron Wright is able to score on the play and the Cubs would move ahead 2-zip.

Still in the bottom of the first...Walker Williams will send a base hit right up the gut and into center field for a single of his own. It will plate Cap McClure and the defending state champs were in business with a 3-to-nothing advantage.

Top of the 2nd...the boys in blue was doing it on defense as well...Wright fields the grounder...steps on 2nd for one, and then fires over to McClure to complete the double play. It's only 47 miles from Cody to Cowley, so they had the crowd advantage in this game, and they were keeping them entertained.

Bottom of the 2nd...the Knights defense sometimes had a flair for the dramatic...Isiah Munoz is in center field...he will dive and makes the catch...that's not the first time we've seen him do that. Now he and his buddies need to get to work on swinging the metal.

Top of the 3rd...the bats would finally produce...Munoz knows how to hit the ball and he did not took us a moment to find the ball...that's because it was more over in right field than it was center...all the way to the wall for a double...Vendetti is going to turn on his motor and score from first...and GR is now down by a score of 3-to-1.

...however that did not faze Beaudrie...he would stay calm and get back to work striking out batters like MVP's are supposed to, much to the chagrin of the opposition.

Top of the 4th...another batter at the plate...NEXT! That curve ball just caught the outside corner of the plate, which is all he needed. We did not get his total number of pitches, but he threw enough.

Bottom of the this play...Tommy Kelly pitching for Green about being in the right place at the right time...thanks for coming! You are now excused! He made that look easy and the runner at second reacted fast enough to get back to base, before he could get doubled up.

Next batter...well the runner at second would end up paying the price...Vendetti would snag the line drive at was an attempted hit and run play and it back-fired big time...that took care of that and the Knights were thankful that they were only trailing 3-to-1.

Bottom of the 5th...things would change with one swing of the bat...McClure is a big man, with a big swing and that ball is gone! He got all of it! A solo blast to left field...and last year's A-League Northwest Regional Runner-Ups had something going up 4-to-1.

...Cody would build on it...Keegan Brown will contribute with a base hit to center field...that will easily score Kooper Brown from third. They would hang another 3 spot on the scoreboard, and now lead 6-to-1.

Top of the what happens after the pitch...Keegan Brown with a quick throw to McClure and the runner at first has been picked off. He strayed too far away from the bag and the boys in blue were ready for it. Great heads-up play.

Bottom of the 6th...this highlight ended up producing more than it should have, and the Cubs will take it. This is a fairly routine fly out by Walker Williams to right actually ended up being a sacrifice fly. McClure is going to tag up and score...the ball got away from the catcher, and we thought that was no big deal at first...but off camera...the Knights would try to gun down the runner trying, to tag up from second to third and they botched it...Brennan Blaylock now has a free pass home...the extra run would make this an 8-to-1 contest.

Cody would then reach into their bag of tricks...suicide squeeze...Parker Shreve with a great bunt and the plan worked. Cooper Brown touches the plate...9-to-1 is the score...and if the opposition doesn't start producing some offense soon...the mercy rule might kick in.

Top of the long as Beaudrie was on the mound...the offense would be MIA. He would go the distance and all is well for the moment, if you are a Cody fan.

Ok that MIA part was not entirely true...the only guy Beaudrie had trouble dealing with was Isiah Munoz...this guy had a 3-run bomb and a grand slam the day before this game...and the senior had some great offensive numbers.  This was an R-B-I double to left to score Vendetti...and Green River is now trailing 9-to-2.

Moving on...Gelinas is going to go the opposite way and he would get a base hit for his efforts. Munoz will hurry his way in from second and go home to score another run and make the score 9-to-3.

Bottom of the 7th...Vendetti now pitching for the Knights...his job was to stop the bleeding and he did...perhaps his team has some life, but they are starting to run of innings to produce some runs.

Top of the 8th...Beaudrie still on the mound...and setting them down. He is one of their 4 main pitchers back from last year, and that's why many opposing teams have had so much trouble scoring runs.

Bottom of the 8th...the boys in blue were looking for a little insurance...Wasia goes the opposite way with this base hit...that would net him a RBI in the form of Trent Bronnenberg, and now the scoreboard reads 10-to-3.

Top of the 9th...all that was left was to mop up...this ground out to second will take care of things and the celebration can begin.

For the tournament...Cody would outscore the competition 49-to-7....including 10-to-3 in this game, and a 16-to-1 beat down of Green River 2 days prior to this.

The Cubs repeat as A-League State Champs...they automatically qualify for the AA State Tournament starting Tuesday at Sheridan...and get to compete at the A-League Northwest Regional Tournament in 2 weeks at Logan, Utah.