Video highlights of the Monday, July 7th Legion Baseball DH between the Cody Cubs at the Riverton Raiders.

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The Cubs unloaded on a Riverton team, who was saving it for a division DH, that they had to play, the day after this.

We are not showing every run that was scored in both games.



With today's modern technology in the sporting's good to see that there are a few people who still like to keep scores and stats the old fashioned way. Props to him!

The Cody Cubs at the Riverton Raiders for a double-header...Game of the 1st...Cody batting...Shad Moir is going to get this party started with a bang...not a big enough bang to get out of here, but deep enough to send that ball to the wall in right field for a double...that will bring in John Beaudrie to make it 1-nothing.

The Cubs were not messing around and they were putting some smack on these hits...Cap McClure will slip one past third and into left field for a single...that will bring in 2, as Cam Wright will score and Moir was not that far behind's a good start for their team so's 3-to-zip.

Still in the top of the first...a pattern was developing...Brent Brey is going deep and he'll get extra bases as well, as that hit goes to the wall...he was helping his own cause as a comes 2 more as McClure and Walker Williams touch the plate, to put the visitors up by a score of 5-to-nothing.

Here comes more...Cam Oram...and guess where that ball is going? He too will find the wall...considering everything that happened in these 2 games...last year's A-league state runner-ups did not knock one out of the park...another double...Brey is in...6-zip is the score.

They batted around...and then some...Beaudrie is taking his second swing and this produced results as well...375 feet and stays in for a double...Oram took a walk in the park, to put Cody ahead, by a score of 7-to-nothing.

Still in the top of the's 9-zip and Riverton would finally catch a break here...Ryan Axthelm to T.J. Paulsen to Tyler Landis for the 6-4-3 double play...that took awhile, but now they can hopefully get to work at swinging the bats.

Bottom of the's not happening. Brey would make quick work of the opposition. He spent more time batting in this game, than he did pitching.

Top of the second...Cubs up 10-nothing...bases it another shot...still not quite enough to get that ball over the fence, but enough to get that ball to the fence....that amounted to 2 more RBI's...Brey scores from third and Parker Shreve will work his way in from second and the rout was on, with the scoreboard reading 12-zip.

Bottom of the second...that zip will stay there for a bit longer as Brey will claim another victim...the Raiders did score 1 later on an error, but that was not charged against him.

Top of the fifth...visitors leading 20-to-1...let's try this again...Oram...back, back, back...nope...not gone...but another double...McClure and Williams have an easy road home...Cody would go ahead 23-to-1...and in case you haven't noticed...we did not show every disrespect, but doing that would be a waste of time and interest.

Bottom of the fifth...Dallin Jones pitching in relief...and he'll finish an easy job...the boys in blue walked all over the opposition in this game, and thankfully it ended...23-to-1, and both teams still had another game to play.

How about we divert your attention for a moment on this hot sunny summer day...and tease your taste buds? That ice cream looks good, and now you're hungry...admit it!

Game 2...Top of the first...the Cubs up 3-zip...this was a weird play...we did not know what really happened until after it was over...bases loaded...Oram with the base hit...Williams and Brey camera there was a throwing error at third which allowed Jones to come in...and then the ball went out of Oram inadvertently had an inside the park grand slam, with the help of an the score quickly jumped up to 7-to-zero.

Moving on...Beaudrie...he'll deposit a ball into the outfield and it gets by the right fielder so it's extra bases...Shreve will have no problem going home and Kevin Page will turn on the jets to score all the way from first...the visitors hung up a 10-spot in the at-bat, so naturally the score is 10-to-zip.

Now don't blink because we almost did and almost missed this...bottom of the first...Axthelm has had just about enough...and he'll show the opposition how to hit a ball deep...and he did...bye-bye...a solo shot...that was much needed relief although Riverton was still at a 10-to-1 disadvantage.

Top of the 2nd...visitors up 14-to-1...Moir and the rest of his team-mates kept trying to knock the ball out of the park...but they still could not do it...this double will go to the base of the wall again....Beaudrie has already touched the plate...and give us a moment and you will see Jordan Wasia...the boys in blue with another 10-run inning, to go ahead, 20-to-1.

Bottom of the second...this was one of those ouch moments...Shreve takes a shot off of his Achilles heel...courtesy of Sean Hughes...that stung, but Shreve was able to get up and he shook it off and resumed his duties...Rusty Davis will score on the play for the Raiders and they are now down 20-to-2.

Next batter...and the home team has a little something going...Steven Reinig with a base hit that allows Hughes to score from second...Riverton had 2 conference games to play, the day after these games were played, so to tell you the truth...they were saving it, and that's why the score was so it's 20-to-3.

Bottom of the 3rd...24-to-4 is the score...and Shreve will prove that he was not hurt on that earlier play...he got the strikeout and business would continue as normal.

Same inning...Reinly is going to hit into the fielders choice at short...Cody elects to go for the easy out at first and allow Davis to score again...not a big deal, it's only 24-to-5.

Bottom of the 4th...Riverton trails 30-to-5, but they still had some fight in them...they did not completely tank this game...Anthony Allen will produce a run for the cause as this base hit will bring in Baylor Beers who is hustling his way in from 2nd...this team is not bad, but like I said...they were saving it's 30-to-6.

They would load the bases with no outs, but then Brock Goodwin would settle down on the mound and get the 1...and the 2...and the 3. He would strikeout the side to end the Cody would win 30-to-6, to complete the double-header sweep.