The State Legion Baseball Board has imposed unspecified sanctions on Cody Cubs’ manager Bart Grenz after a recent investigation into the use of a decertified bat.

Wyoming Legion Baseball State Chairman Cody Beers released a statement regarding the investigation. It centered on the 33 in/30 oz. Louisville Slugger Meta Bat that was used by the Cubs during the 2020 regular season and postseason.

Beers said in the release,

“Safety is our No. 1 priority for all baseball players who play Legion in Wyoming. Sanctions have been imposed on Cody Coach Bart Grenz. No further comments will be issued by the Wyoming State Legion Board or Cody Legion Board.”

The press release also included a statement from Coach Grenz.

He said, "I acknowledge that early in the season, I became aware that this bat was decertified for NCAA play for the 2020 season. I should have taken steps to discuss this issue with Commissioner Cody Beers and the Wyoming Legion Board to determine if they were aware of the NCAA decision regarding this bat. I should have not allowed its use until hearing back from them. Had I done this, the decertified bat would not have been used in a game. I did not take those steps and for that I am sorry. I take full responsibility and apologize for my lack of action before our team used this bat and all of the confusion it has caused.  I accept any sanctions handed down by the Wyoming Legion Board."

The matter is now considered closed. The State Legion Board worked with the Cody Legion Board on this issue.

The State Legion Baseball Board is comprised of State Chairman Cody Beers, East Region Director Jack Simms, and West Region Director Billy Brost.

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