Video highlights of the Friday, October 24th 3A Football game, between #2 Cody at #5 Powell.

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The Broncs took care of business against the 3-time defending 3A State Champs, to secure the #1 West seed, going into the playoffs.



Senior night and you know Dad was looking down at #77 Riley Stringer along with his family and team. They've been through a lot this season, although unfortunately, this was one game that they would probably love to forget.

#2 Cody at #5 Powell...first quarter...Cody wearing the white...Cameron Myers is going to push his way in, for 1 yard and 6 points. P-A-T blocked, so it's 6-to-nothing.

Powell would march to the other end and try something at the 1...we got a hot potato and bodies all over the place...they would lose the fumble...and never got that close to the goal line again. The snowball was starting to roll downhill.

Second change in score, but it will change on this play...Noah Rivera will go around the far side for 8 yards and I don't think anyone touched him. The Broncs would double their score, but no good on the conversion, so they lead 12-to-zip.

Later...they would get the ball again, and they were taking care of business...Carter Myers will force his way in from 3 yards...and the visitors were setting the tone with a 19-to-nothing advantage.

The Panthers needed to pounce on a scoring opportunity soon...but instead they got pounced on...Ben Flickinger is going to sack Carter Baxter, to preserve that 19-zip score, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...Cody got us on this one...we bought the fake...Rivera had it the entire time...1 yard on the end around for another score...this Park County rivalry game, was becoming one sided. It was 25-to-zero, going into the final 12 minutes.

4th quarter...more Broncs...that's about all we can show in this game...Carter Myers...staying on the ground and he'll muscle his way across the goal line again...Powell had some injury problems in this game...that's why it's 32-to-nothing.

Just about all of these highlights have been of the short yardage variety...but the visitors would change it up a little's Tate Pehringer...he is going to find a through it, and go 33 yards. Cody would clinch the 3A West and made it look easy, as they would dominate their foes, to a score of 39-to-zip.