Video highlights of the Friday, September 12th 3A Football game, between #3 Douglas at #2 Cody.

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The Bearcats rode their defense to one score, and help set up another, and held on to buck the Broncs on the road.



Who says tail-gating is for college and pro games? As long as its hot off the grill and free...I am there!

#3 Douglas at #2 Cody...first quarter...Douglas wearing the's Colter Haman on the run...good stiff arm on a defender...and he would pick up 25 yards on this play, down to the Cody 20...but the effort bore no fruit as the drive stalled and it ended on a missed field goal, so we have nothing doing.

The Broncs would have their share of turns...but did not fare any better...Blaze Hinze with a fake and he will keep it himself, but he did not fool Bay Parks, who would introduce him to the ground. Not much excitement going on, so far, and we had no score, after the first 12 minutes.

Second quarter...the home team decided to open up their arsenal a bit and take to the air...and this one turned out to be a great idea...Hinze rolls to his right...flairs a pass to Noah Rivera who is behind his defender...and outrun one more pursuer en route to a 53 yard touchdown play...P-A-T good, and Cody is on the board first, leading 7-to-nothing.

Later...the Bearcats were once again in enemy territory...and again came up empty handed...Ty Larson is going to throw this pass right at Brayden Feusner, who plays for the other team...he'll get the ball out of the red zone and that would take care of that scoring threat. Now to see if his offensive team-mates can cash in, on the turn-over.

However, the defense for the visitors would turn up the pressure and they would put Hinze in a squeezer...he's trying to scramble, but Alex Locke already has a hand on him, and he's going down. That was not first time that would happen, and there were a few more sacks down the road, that were bigger then that one.

About 30 seconds before halftime, and the Douglas D would do the work for the offense. That pass was just slightly overthrown and Lane George was in the right spot for the gift and he has wide open field ahead of him...a roughly 55-yard pick 6...PAT no good, but last year's 3A State Runner-Ups are right back in this game...trailing 7-to-6, going into the locker room.

3rd play after the Broncs fumbled...the Bearcats offense woke up...Justin Leman on the counter, and he found the path. His blockers did their job, and he did his on this 52-yard touchdown one touched him, and the lead has changed's a 13-to-7 score at this point.

On the ensuing kickoff though...the special teams unit for the home team did something pretty special...Tate Pehringer will field the ball at his 8...follows his blockers...jukes a tackler, and he has some room. Now it's a footrace along the near sideline. He could go...and he almost did. Hunter Haman will catch up and take him down at the Douglas 17 yard line...but not before Pehringer picked up 75 yards, and he has his team in great position to do something and get some points.

On 4th and 3 from the 10...the Broncs elect to go for it...Hinze is looking for a receiver, but Locke is going to lock him up again and drag him down. That was a huge momentum shifting play, but the opposition eventually had to punt the ball away.

So Cody has another chance...and they would work their way into the red zone again...but it was not meant to be...the receiver was open in the end zone, but the pass was under-thrown, and George has himself another interception, no pick-6 this time, but this play would make sure the score was still 13-to-7 going into the final 12 minutes.

4th quarter...both teams would trade possessions...and now time is becoming a factor...the visitors just need to run the clock , and get a few first downs...this play was the backbreaker, as Colter Haman would pick up 30 yards on this 15 more for the horse collar...Douglas' defense would hang on this time, unlike the previous game...and they would get big win on the road...13-to-7.