Highlights of the Saturday, September 22nd 6-man football game between #1 Dubois at #3 Kaycee.

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The Rams would overcome a number of turnovers, to win in a matchup of undefeated teams.



It’s about time to put the ball and glove away for the season…because the boys of fall are here and this is their playground!

Number 1 Dubois at Number 3 Kaycee…first quarter…Kaycee wearing the blue…going for it on 4th and goal from the 4…James Caro is looking for somebody…but Jesse Hawk is going to swoop in and snare his prey. That ride did not quite last 8 seconds.

The Rams would get to work…they’re not well known for their passing, but it worked on this play. Sterling Baker has something cooking in the oven. Number 20 was not listed in the program, but Dubois knows who he is. A 39 yard pickup to the enemy 9 yard line and the visitors were knocking on the door.

About 2 plays later…Hawk will keep it on the ground and muscle his way into the end zone from about 5 yards out…conversion no good, but he has his team on the board, leading 6-to-nothing.

One thing that Kaycee had going for them in terms of defense…is that they lead the 6-man division in interceptions…case in point…Rowan Hawk sees one person downfield…but he did not see Tucker Armstrong, and the sophomore snags that ball away before anymore damage could be done…and thankfully his boys in blue are only down 6-zip after the first 10 minutes.

2nd quarter…the Rams would get to doing what they do best…running…they’re #1 in that category. Baker is tops individually averaging more than 200 yards per game and there’s 35 of them. He also leads the state in rushing touchdowns…this play would double his teams point total and it’s now 12-to-nothing.

Now this play is something you don’t see often as both teams did something…Baker’s pass is going to get picked off by Peter-John Bennett…but then on the return, he’s going speared by Jesse Hawk causing a fumble in the process…and the visitors ended up recovering and gained yardage on the play when it was all said and done.

On the next play…Dubois would cash in…Baker’s going to put on a few moves and show why he’s hard to bring down…it’s because he’s not always going to be in the spot that you think he going to be in…he’ll zig zag his way through the defense en route to a 26 yard score. Add on a 2-point kick and the scoreboard now reads 20-to-zip.

Now usually the team that commits the most turnovers ends up losing, but so far, that has not been the case. The visitors kept trying to work on the passing game, but the boys in blue were ready for it…Garrett Kremers will grab an I-N-T for his team and hang on to the ball. He’ll take a pretty good licking at the end of the play, but he was all right and his team was in business.

It took a few tries but Kaycee finally hit paydirt…Caro knows what he wants, and that is Marcus Koch…he’s got 2 defenders beat…he’ll haul in the pass and score from 30 yards away…that was some much needed relief as the Buckaroos were only down 20-to-7 going into halftime.

3rd quarter…Dubois on the attack again…but the home team defense would respond…Baker is throwing the other way, but the intended receiver was covered by Bennett who will get his 2nd pic of the game…not much on the return, but at least the scoring threat has been stopped for the time being.

So far the Buckaroo passing game has been doing a pretty good job, but Rams defense showed up this time…great leap and grab by our mysterious number 20. He earned that one…however his team could not do anything with the turnover and eventually had to give it back.

Kaycee kept trying to hang around and they figured eventually something would work…Caro was looking at 2 receivers on the far side…but then he found Philip Renkert, and by the time Dubois shifted over to cover him, it was too late and the freshman is into the end zone on a 13-yard scoring play…the Buckaroos would kick for 2 and we got a game going on, with the score at 20-to-15.

But then the Rams started to live up to their name…there’s goes Baker…watch the stiff arm on the far side…that’s one less defender to worry about…42 yards to the house and that’s how you get it done…the visitors would open up some breathing room, and increase their lead to 26-15, going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter…they wanted more…and they got it. We haven’t seen Jesse hawk in awhile…he’s just going to drag several tacklers with him for 8 yards…he’ll reach the ball across the goal line and that’s all he needed to do…conversion no good again, but now the score is 32-to-15.

Later…the ride was getting bumpy for the Buckaroos and that’s what Dubois wanted…Baker checks in again from 1 yard out…to put last year’s state runner ups ahead, 38-to-15.

Kaycee was staying in the saddle, but they needed some points in a hurry…here comes Renkert on an end around play and he’ll find room on the near side to get in from 19 yards out…that’s what his team needed plus 2…so it’s now 38-to-23, but they were running out of time.

The home team did recover the onside kick, but could not convert…the visitors would then run down to the other end and Baker would apply the finishing touches with this 2 yard run with seconds to go. The Rams win on the road in a battle of undefeated teams…46-to-23.