Highlights of the Friday, May 10th Girls Soccer game between East vs. Central, in the 4A East Regional Semi-Finals.

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A pair of second half goals by Rachel Erickson would ensure that the Cheyenne rivals would not tie a third time.



Someone let the mascot loose. No worries though...he did not go far. He had great interest in this game.

Central vs. East in the 4A East Regional Semi-Finals...First Half...Central wearing the black...this Madi Barber with about a 45 yard free kick...she had the aim and the distance, and all Shayne Carter could do is deflect the ball out of bounds...but the junior was not quite out of a jam just yet...there was more to come.

On the ensuing corner kick...the ball will actually hit an East player...and got by Carter, but Micayla Ross had her back. The deflection hits the cross-bar and stays in play...many people thought that was a goal, but the ball must completely pass the goal line for it to count...and the line judge said no...and we played on.

On the other end...The Lady Thunderbirds got close themselves...Rachel Erickson would try to fight off a defender, but it was too much as Kacee Walsh would get the save for the Lady Indians. These 2 teams played twice previously and tied both times...something had to give, but so far not yet.

Here comes a fast-break opportunity...as the Central defense would mis-play the ball and Kayla Evans will take off...props to MaKayla McBride for the defensive hustle...she was in the last highlight as well and she did just enough to force the opposition to change their approach and Walsh would take care of the rest in front of the net. We got nothing doing on the score-board going into half-time.

Second Half...early on, the Lady Indians would get called for a penalty in the box...Erickson is on for a PK try...she'll keep it on the ground and it was just too fast for Walsh to get to...we have ourselves a score as East would take a 1-nothing advantage.

Later...although they were technically the visiting team in this game...Central was making themselves at home with their attack plan...here's a great set up try, but Carter was ready for it...you got to get up pretty early in the morning to get that type of play by her. She had about 8 saves in this game and all of them paid off.

Time is starting to wind down, but the Lady Thunderbirds caught the defense unprepared on this throw-in play...Erickson was right where she wanted to be...and almost put too much on the kick...the ball hits the cross-bar...and this time the line judge said yes! That would relieve some pressure and frustration. After 2 ties, East finally gets over their cross-town rivals...winning this contest...2-nil.