Video highlights of the Wednesday, June 17th Legion Baseball Double-Header, between the Evanston Outlaws at the Riverton Raiders.

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Braeden McDonald and Ian Fisher both went the distance on the mound for the Outlaws, in an A-League Southwest DH sweep of the Raiders, at Riverton.



Ever wonder where the term birds' eye view came from? I never suspected that our feathered friends might be baseball fans, but it is a good family outing!

The Evanston Outlaws at the Riverton Raiders in a Southwest Division doubleheader...Game 1...Bottom of the first...Riverton batting...Ridge McCoy will lift a single into shallow center field...and it was just hit far enough, that Brayden Draper was able to race in from 2nd and score first...thus the score is 1-to-nothing.

Unfortunately, the Raiders offense did not do much after that, because Braeden McDonald would settle down and get to work. That's victim #1, and his game was just getting started.

Moving on...runner on second...and McDonald just clips the outside corner of the plate and delivers strike 3. That's what he wanted, and he did what he set out to do. Now to get to work on some offense.

Evanston would tie the score at 1 thanks to a wild in the bottom of the 2nd...McDonald fans another one. He was ready. There's only 3 teams in the division, so each game is big, because it effects post-season seeding.

Bottom of the third...this time it was the defense doing their thing...Will Kishpaugh fires over to Hunter Hicks to cut down the runner at second. So far everything, but the offense was clicking for the Outlaws, but that would soon change.

Top of the 4th...McDonald is going to help his own cause...this was a fair ball, and he would get 2 bases when this play was said and done. Ian Fisher was going to hold up at third, but then the ball was mis-played in left field, and that was the miscue he needed. He would touch the plate, and move the visitors ahead 2-to-1.

Bottom of the 4th...the home team would try to answer, but we're must first dial a 1 when making this call. Please hang up and try again. McDonald was the operator.

Later...bases loaded with Raiders...and no one is coming home. That's how you get yourself out of a to try to get some more runs on the scoreboard.

Top of the 5th...2 runners in scoring position...Fisher hits into the fielders' choice. Good knock-down by Austyn Sellers at 3rd, but Fisher would beat the throw and he is safe. Alex Richens scores on the play, to put Evanston ahead by a score of 3-to-1.

Same inning...bases juiced...McDonald will pop one up...this is one of those plays where everyone said...I got it...I got it...I got it...don't got it. Griffen Mitchell had to head towards the plate, no matter what. He will touch it, and make this a 4-to-1 contest.

The Outlaws were still threatening though...Tucker LeLand hits into the fielders choice. The home team would get the force out at third, but it results in an R-B-I, because it got Miles Piper in, and now we have a 5-to-1 ball game.

Top of the 6th...Mitchell decides that his team needs a little more insurance...he bounces a single through the middle and that play will bring in Kishpaugh, to move the advantage up to 6-to-1.

Top of the 7th...the visitors would add on 1 more...Hicks will knock this ball all the way to the wall for a double. Fisher will turn on the jets and he is going to race around the bags and score all the way from first. He knew what to do, and he would make it in standing. 7-to-1 is the score at this point.

Bottom of the 7th...McDonald still on the mound...and he was setting them down. He would go the distance, and the bullpen was thankful. Evanston would take the first game, 7-to-1.

In between games...we actually found some tailgaters. They offered me a burger, and I did not ask for it, but it was good.

Now in Game 2...Top of the first...Outlaws threatening again...McDonald is not pitching anymore, but he's still hitting. This play resulted in a double, and Fisher who hit a double earlier, will complete his trip around the bases, and put his team in the lead...up 1-to-nothing.

Top of the 2nd...Riverton pitching showed up...Sellers will prevent anymore damage from being done for the time being. He actually took a line drive off of his knee earlier, but he was ok.

Bottom of the looked like a pitcher's dual for a while. Fisher will claim a victim to end the at-bat for the opposition. Now to see if he and his buddies can generate a little run support.

Bottom of the 3rd...another batter at the plate, and he will go down swinging. The visitors put the best that they had on the mound and they were getting the job done so far.

The Raiders though would load the bases...and took a chance on this play...suicide squeeze and Tyler Landis would beat the tag and score to tie the game at 1. Another run would come in a short time later on a wild pitch, and the home team would take a 2-to-1 lead.

Riverton had something going for awhile..and they would build on it. Teron Doebele would go the opposite way and gets a base hit for the cause. It would also get him a RBI, as Baylor Beers would trot in and make the score 3-to-1.

Top of the 5th...same score...Sellers was bringing the heat, and the opposition was still buying it. However...his luck run out after that, and everything went south from here on out.

To illustrate my point...Fisher is going help himself on this pitch...that's going deep...not quite enough to get out of here, but far enough for a double. That would be the green light for Chandler Anderson and he would make the score a little closer...his boys are still down 3-to-2.

Moving on...LeLand will go the opposite way for a base hit himself. The momentum was shifting back towards the Outlaws. Fisher scores and the game is evened up at 3.

Bottom of the 5th...the Raiders needed to get back on track, but Fisher is going to derail those efforts. He had that one bad inning, but he would regroup and put things back together.

Next batter...Buh-bye! We never got the final numbers, but we estimate Fisher punched out about half a dozen or so...not a bad day at the office.

Top of the 6th...the bats would show up for the visitors...Mitchell will bounce one past the diving second baseman for a base hit...Kishpaugh was at third and he will make it in easily, to put his squad back on top, 4-to-3.

Evanston did most of their damage with 2 outs in the inning...Fisher had just as good of a day at the plate, as he did on the mound...he will find the gap in left center field and get a double for his efforts...Mitchell scores from second...and Piper is going to hustle his way around from first to add on...the score is now doubled's 6-to-3.

Here comes more...Leland will send a hit just over the shortstop and he has a base-hit of his own. Fisher would go home on the play, and help put the Outlaws ahead by a score of 7-to-3.

Next batter...we have not yet seen Hicks at the plate, and this was a good time to do something. The right fielder is not going to get this fly ball and it would drop in for a double. McDonald and Leland were in scoring position and they would finish their trips around the bases...and the visitors were taking command, up 9-to-3.

Still in the top of the 6th...still 2 outs...Kishpaugh batting for the 2nd time this inning and he will reach base safely again. This time he would turn on the jets and he ended up with a triple for his efforts. Meanwhile, Hicks has put another run on the board, to make this a 10-to-3 game.

Next batter...Richens puts the ball into play and it will not be caught...Kishpaugh scores again, to cap off an 8 run inning and make this an 11-to-3 ball game.

Bottom of the 6th...did Fisher pick up any pitching rust during the previous half inning? Riverton had that one good inning, and they were unable to do anything after that.

The visitors would score 1 more in the top of the 7th on a wild in the bottom of the 7th...Fisher would finish the job for the complete game...and Evanston would get the double-header sweep...winning game 2...12-to-3.