Now that the best players on each side of the state have been announced, it’s time to reveal which players were named best in the state overall.

Voting was done by members of the Wyoming Coaches Association.

Click here to see the 2A All-Conference lists.

Connor McCafferty - Big Horn

Will O'Dell - Big Horn

Lucas Wollenman - Big Horn

Scott Passini - Big Horn

Matthew Wigglesworth - Big Horn

Merritt Crabtree - Newcastle

Ty Borgialli - Newcastle

J.T. Harper - Newcastle

Billie Gordon - Newcastle

D.C. Hall - Glenrock

J.D. Pittsley - Glenrock

Devon Parkinson - Glenrock

Brendan Ruwart - Wheatland

Critter Ruwart - Wheatland

Jace Loyd - Wheatland

Travis Romsa - Burns

Taylor Tresch - Wright

Tanner Allison - Moorcroft

Bransen Bradshaw - Lyman

Cisco Taylor - Lyman

Dustin Rollins - Lyman

Nic Reis - Lyman

Bobby Wingeleth - Lyman

Kyle Stokes - Lyman

Dalton Schofield - Lyman

Nathan Grant - Lovell

Cody Savage - Lovell

Dylan Hultgren - Lovell

Ryan Clark - Lovell

Dino Collins - Lovell

Tanner Rohrer - Lovell

Austin Houskeeper - Mountain View

Cade Covington - Mountain View

Trystin Walker - Mountain View

Matt Archibald - Kemmerer

Garrett Julian - Kemmerer

Sidney Chaulk - Kemmerer

Ryan Reed - Pinedale

Christian Syverson - Thermopolis

Calder Forcella - Greybull

Luke Barron - Big Piney

2A Offensive Player of the Year: Dino Collins - Lovell

2A Defensive Player of the Year: Dustin Rollins - Lyman

2A Lineman of the Year: Nic Reis - Lyman

2A Coach of the Year: Dale Anderson - Lyman