Video highlights of the Friday, January 23rd, 1A Girls Basketball game, between #4 Upton at Kaycee.

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The Lady Bobcats went on a 12-zip run, and held the Lady Bucs to just 4 points, all in the 4th quarter, to get the road win.



There were actually serving chicken chow mein at the concession stand. Now if only they would eat it the proper way, we might have had a new trend called cowboys and chopsticks.

#4 Upton at Kaycee...first quarter...Upton wearing the blue...Sophie Claycomb knows that you got to start somewhere and a medium range jumper is not a bad start...that would put her team on the board first, up 2-to-nothing.

The opposition would briefly go ahead, but it did not stay that way for long...Claycomb will strike again...that was part of a 14-point game for the senior, and the Lady Bobcats go back on top, by a score of 6-to-5.

Kaycee had their own ways to get points...Ashley Tehau has a open path down the lane...her team-mates feed her the ball and she feeds her team 2 points. The lead would swing into their favor...ahead 9-to-7.

The Lady Bucks were pushing the's a 2-on-1 fast-break...Maranda Koch will juke a defender, and now no one is going to stop her from getting a basket...a good start so far...the score is now 11-to-7.

The visitors would find themselves down 6, but no's still the first quarter...Bailey Parrish thought about long range, then decided getting a little closer would help her worked that time, though her team trails 11-to-9.

Kaycee was playing some tough defense, and would turn it into offensive opportunities...Dakotah Winsor anticipated the pass, and now we are going the other way...she will get the basket at the right side hoop...and now it's a 15-to-9 contest.

Time is running short, and Upton needed to figure something out...Clover Rhoden had to take the shot and she will get the friendly bounce and the drop at the buzzer for 3. It's funny what can happen, when you are up against the clock. Her squad was only down 15-to-14, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...The Lady Bucs were doing a good job of working the ball inside...Laree Foley was open and the defense got to her too late and she would score, to make this a 17-to-14 contest.

...and as mentioned earlier...they were pressing's another fast break...Winsor will win the race and get the reward at the far side it's a 5-point game, with the scoreboard reading 19-to-14.

They had the team-work thing going for them too...this is Winsor to Foley to Koh and everyone on the home team was on the same page. It's still a 5 point advantage at 21-to-16.

The Lady Bobcats then took a page out of their opponent's playbook...sort of...Kierra Brown with a catch and shoot and it worked. That would put them within striking distance, trailing 21-to-18.

They were toughing it out and it was producing results...Claycomb is going to get through 2 defenders and finds a way to keep things close...her squad is still down 23-to-20.

Kaycee had other players that they would use just in case the defense had them figured out...Winsor was tripled teamed in the paint, but Kyla Chrsitensen was not. That's what you have to do...find the open person. The lead is at its it's 29-to-20.

Then the visitors would get to work...that was's Claycomb from roughly 16 feet and she will can that jumper...she was a first half threat, and that made the score 29-to-22.

Upton was scoring in a hurry ahead of halftime...Claycomb again is on the run and gets the bucket after a few bounces on the rim...the score was getting closer at 29-to-25...but this highlight is not camera, we got a back-court steal...Loreana Rhoden is bringing it back and she will put in 2 points for the cause...and the Lady Bobcats were right back in this game...trailing 29-to-27, going into the locker room.

Third got down to a 1 point game, and the Lady Bucks had to fight to maintain their advantage...Foley had a double-digit game herself with 11 points...her team would take what they could get, ahead 31-to-28.

The visitors would get those 2 back...Loreana Rhoden scored 10 and now was a good time to get part of that total...they were hanging around, trailing 31-to-30 which was ok for now.

The home team needed to do something to get the opposition off of their back...Winsor has an idea...and it was a good one...3-points! Her actions would open up a little bit of breathing room, and give her squad a 34-to-30 advantage.

There was not a whole lot of scoring in this quarter...but Kaycee did a better job of making the most of good on the 3, but Kelley Largent will grab the offensive rebound and get the 2...they will take it, and a 39-to-32 lead, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...a game can be won or lost here, and Upton would take the necessary steps to win...nice moves by Grace Rhoden to get around her defender and the lane is wide open...her team is down 39-to-34.

The Rhoden girls were fueling the comeback...Loreana from roughly 18 feet and she will find nothing but the bottom of the net on this shot...and 2 more points. They were getting closer, trailing 39-to-36.

The Lady Bobcats then got someone new in on the scoring...Jacayla Dowdy will stop, pop and hit...that was part of a 12-zip run, and the lead would change hands with the scoreboard reading 44-to-39.

The Lady Bucs needed some points...this was the wrong time to be in a drought. It's been 6 minutes plus. Koch finally gets a much needed basket, and there is still a little bit of time, despite being down 45-to-41.

The home team would briefly find their stride...Tehau is going to get the finish on the fast break for 2 more, to make it 45-to-43...but this highlight and the previous one, were the only points that they scored the entire quarter. Nothing in the last 1 minute 24 seconds.

The game went into free throw mode from there, and the visitors were just fine with that...Claycomb would help seal the deal. The 4th quarter was the difference maker. Upton uses it to win this game...50-to-43.