Video highlights of the Friday, July 31st Legion Baseball Game, between the Cody Cubs vs. the Gillette Roughriders, played at the AA State Tournament in Sheridan.

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Playing each other for the 2nd time in 4 days, the 2014 AA State Champ Roughriders would beat the 2-time A-League State Cubs, to not only qualify for the 2015 AA State Championship Game, but also qualify for the AA Northwest Regional Tournament.



You know what kind of kid does school work in the summer at a baseball game? One who will probably get his PhD in about 15-to-20 years from now.

The Cody Cubs vs. the Gillette Roughriders at the Legion Baseball AA State Tournament...Top of the first...Mason Bonar pitching for Gillette...he's trying to get the defending AA State Champs into the championship game...and he's off to a good start so far.

Bottom of the first...the Roughriders playing small ball...I supposed you could call this a suicide squeeze...Ian Durgin was able to put the ball in he's out at big deal. Josh Hughes was able to cross the plate and make the score 1-to-nothing.

Next batter...Tyler Tennant with a runner in scoring position...he will hit a single to left field. That will bring in his team-mate Jarran Arbach and that would make this a 2-zip contest.

Top of the 2nd...not only was a championship game bid on the line...this game would also determine which team would go to Cheyenne, to play in the AA Northwest Regional Tournament. Bonar claims another victim, and he and his boys were focused on their mission.

...but Cody did not show up to this tournament just to play a few games and go home. They had nothing to lose, so why not go for it? Jared Grenz is going to reach on the error, and that would allow Cap McClure and Cooper Brown to go home and tie the score up at 2-2.

The 2-time A-League State Champs have already taken out 3 Double-A teams in this tournament...this fielder's choice by Keegan Brown would clear the way for Walker Williams...and now the Cubs would take the lead, by a count of 3-to-2.

Bottom of the 2nd...what one team could do...the other could do as well. Drayson Hladky was ok with being forced out at first, because he got himself an R-B-I and Derek Hooker would score to knot the game up at 3-all.

Bottom of the 3rd...Jordan Wasia doing the pitching for the Cubs..and he was able to keep things under control for awhile. Last year's A-League Northwest Regional Runner-Ups have showed that they belonged in this tournament.

Top of the 4th...we had a pitcher's duel going on for awhile...Bonar is no meteorologist, but he had a feeling that conditions were going to be a bit breezy. Temperatures would stay in the 90's for most of this game.

Top of the 5th...the Cubs would score 1 run off of a wild pitch, to go up 4-to-3...that would make Bonar a little more focused...he would calm down from more runs would cross the plate, and he ended up going 6 innings, which is a pretty good day at the office.

Bottom of the 5th...something had to give sooner or later...this was not quite it, but it would eventually happen...Arbach is going deep to left center field...not quite out of here...but to the wall and deep enough for extra bases. Hladky is going to run home and into the dug-out, to even up the score at 4 and a sacrifice fly would put Gillette back in front, 5-to-4.

Later...this was a tough play...Kyler Stark is going to smack a ball to left field...Brown has a read on it...and to his defense, he was trying to make sure he did not crash into the wall...unfortunate...Dillon Buckmeier is going to take advantage of the situation, and move the Roughriders ahead 6-to-4.

Top of the 7th...Cody Eaton now pitching and the left-hander was bringing the heat as well...he would keep the Cody bats silent for the rest of the game, and protect a 2 run lead.

Bottom of the 7th...Cam Oram pitching in relief for Cody and for awhile he was able to do damage control. If this pitching staff can keep it up, they are going to go far at the Regional Tournament.

Top of the 8th...the Cubs were threatening, but the Roughrider defense would answer the call...Stark to Tennant to Hooker for the 5-4-3 double play. That would take care of that problem...all they need now is a few insurance runs, to get the opposition off of their back.

Bottom of the 8th...they would get it...Arbach will go the opposite way to right field...Grenz is going to try to make the catch on the run and he can't come up with it. Hooker has the green light to go home and he will, to make this a 7-to-4 ball game.

Moving on...Tennant is going to ground a base hit into left field...that will bring Hughes in from 3rd and now the score has been doubled's 8-to-4.

This is where most of the damage was done...bases loaded...and Buckmeier will slip one past for a base hit of his own...that will net 2 RBI's in the forms of Hladky and Arbach. Cody did well, but Gillette did a little better...and they are back in the state championship game...winning this one 11-to-4.