Video highlights of the Friday, February 7th 4A Boys Basketball game, between #1 Gillette at #3 Sheridan.

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The Camels made key buckets down the stretch, while the Broncs did not, and that would spell the difference in this rivalry game.



Rock on man! You never know what kind of characters are going to turn up for a rivalry game. It makes things a little more interesting, sometimes!

#1 Gillette at #3 Sheridan...first quarter...Gillette wearing the purple...and on the run...Seth Moerkerke is already at the other end of the floor...and now the ball is as well, and that ended up being the first score of the game.

The Camels were mixing it up both in terms of players and shot's Cody Kelley...last year's Gatorade Player of the Year and there's 3 reasons why he won it...the score jumps up to 5-to-1.

The visitors were pouncing on their rivals early...and the speed was too much to deal with at times...Tanner Rogen finishes a fast break for his make this a 9-to-2 contest.

Sheridan would eventually slow things down some, and get it in gear...nice moves by Dylan Daniels and he'll get a running floater to drop, and that has his team down 9-to-4.

Then their main scoring threat would get going as well...Reed Ritterbusch...takes a bump and keeps right on make this a 1 point it's 9-to-8.

Gillette would regroup...Kelley has moves to go along with his shooting and he showed them on this play...that would open up some space...the score is 11-to-8.

The Broncs did not stay down long...Cody Williams is in the corner...saddling up and getting ready to ride...that 3-ball would even up this game at 11 points a piece.

...and they could do that fast break thing as well...Williams will score 2 more of his 10 points on this the home team would eventually take a 15-to-11 lead.

...but once in reared its ugly head...take this for example...Garrett Schempp was in the right place at the right time for the steal and put the Camels down by a's 15-to-13.

There was still Kelley to deal with on the court...and the opposing D had problems dealing with his moves...this score would knot the game up again at 15-all and there was plenty more basketball to be played.

As long as the senior is on the floor...Gillette is a very serious threat...he will not be denied on this play...the drive...the shot...the bucket...and far so good...that made this a 20-to-15 game, after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter...Sheridan needed a big score if they wanted to hang around and make a game out of this one...Ritterbusch will answer the call with this 3 from the corner...they needed that it's 20-to-18.

Right now...the Broncs were playing the way that the opposition was earlier...the fast breaks were working, and Williams contributes another 2, as the lead would change hands...his team is ahead 22-to-21.

Things were going back and forth for awhile...and that is what makes for a good rivalry game...Ritterbusch led all scorers with 24 points...and that off balance 2 would move the home team into the lead it's 26-to-25.

Meanwhile...the visitors would get some new players in on the's Bryce Lyman...he's going to count 3 and then he's going to move the ball...through the hoop...15 points for the senior...28-to-26 is our score.

Sheridan was having some success scoring inside, but once in awhile, they could go long range themselves...Blake Godwin will set up shop and he's open for business, until 3...things are tied's a 29-29 game.

The Broncs were showing more hustle at this point in the game...and that had its rewards. Ritterbusch takes the long pass and scores on a short give his squad a 31-to-29 advantage.

The momentum was definetly in favor of the home team...Godwin maintains his course...kicks in the turbo and Sheridan was pulling off a small surprise, leading 36-to-32 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...Gillette came back...Rogen will grab the offensive rebound and stick the ball back in the hoop for 2 more...the score is even as each team now has 36 points.

Later...the home team would undo the tie with team-work and good passing...Tyler Kaufmann scores off of the assist from Judson go the job done...the score is 40-to-38.

...but Kelley does not like to lose, and he was taking matters into his own hands on this play...21 points for the senior...and we now have ourselves a 42-42 game.

The Camels had more than him though...they had guys like Schempp...base-line, drive...hoop...and the foul...he contributed with a dozen to move his boys into the lead...45-to-42.

This was not a bad time to make a move...Kelley was great assist to Lyman and the 2 seniors were on the same's a 5 point lead, with the scoreboard reading 49-to-44.

...but a game of runs, usually has its counter-runs...Ethan Hoopes grabs the miss and hits 2 points...Sheridan would eventually tie the game again at 49 points a piece.

It did not stay that way for long...Lyman takes aim...fires...and gets a 3-point swirly...they need to sell those at concession stands...52-to-49...the visitors are back ahead.

On the other side...Ritterbusch was keeping his team in this game...this is a tough shot, but you have to do that sometimes...and the Broncs were only down 54-to-51, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...we haven't seen much defense...but then White decided to step his game up. That ball is going nowhere! It's about time somebody did something, and we need some more.

Ask and ye shall receive...Schempp thinks he has access to the hoop...but White will close the door on that try...the problem was though, the offense was not producing field goals in what was becoming the critical moments of the game.

...however...what the Camels could not do inside...they would try from outside...Lyman has the form and he has the 3...that was a big one...the score moves up to 61-to-57.

Eventually...they got the defense to loosen up and the visitors took advantage...Moerkerke gets in for another 2 of his dozen...63-to-59 is the score and there's still some time.

Sheridan was staying within striking distance with free throws...but that only gets you so far...Kelley will show them how it's done...he made his Gillette would pull away in the end on the road...72-to-62.