Video highlights of the Friday, May 9th 4A Girls soccer game, between #2 Green River at Riverton.

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The Lady Wolves got their offense going in the second half, and kept the Lady Wolverines' in check for most of the game, to cap off an unbeaten regular season.



I got a pretty good guess that he is not going to find anything worth eating on a turf field...not sure why they are drawn to it either.

#2 Green River at Riverton...first half...Green River wearing the green...#6 is Taylor Stoeger...the leading scorer in the state and she's just a freshman...but Maci Evans is a senior for Riverton...and she knows a thing or 2 about stopping fast-breaks...that was pretty much it, for the first 40 minutes and there was no score going into halftime.

Second comes Stoeger again with another opportunity...she gave it her best, but Evans would not flinch...she was the highlight for the Lady Wolverines, because her team-mates could not put much together offensively in this game.

Meanwhile the Lady Wolves kept trying...Stoeger is going to try something different this time around...check out the ball movement...she's got some skills...after some razzle dazzle...she'll assist Andrea Flores and that got the job was a bit over-due, and the score is 1-to-nothing.

Here comes another attempt...this is McKenzie Lucas...leading a solo effort...she'll try the direct approach, but kicking the ball right at the goalie, usually is not going to work...good reaction by Evans to smother the loose ball, before Lucas could strike again off of the rebound.

Later...the visitors would knock on the door looks like they may get through this time...Lucas was in the right place at the right time off of the deflection and she will finally put one in...but there was one little the time that her team-mate started to make the pass...the sophomore was offsides...the deflection does not matter. No goal. don't blink because we almost did...a few minutes later she would get another it is...that one counts and she can breathe a sigh of relief. Green River would complete an undefeated regular season...winning this game, by a score of 2-nil.