Video highlights of the Saturday, June 6th legion baseball game, between the Green River Knights at the Riverton Raiders.

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In a wood bat non-conference game, the Knights got some stellar defensive plays in the 6th inning, to win the weekend against the Raiders.



These little ones are just happy that it isn't raining anymore...they'll deal with the field availability issue some other time.

The Green River Knights at the Riverton Raiders in the finals of the Roy Peck wood bat of the first...Green River batting...Brendan Hopkins will tease the 3rd baseline and that is a fair ball...Isiaih Munoz will come in from second, to help get his team on the board first, and they lead 1-to-nothing.

In the early goings, Riverton was being their own worst enemy...that's a dropped strike 3...and the runner ended up being safe at first...meanwhile McCaden Mikesell will take advantage of the situation and score from third, to make this a 2-zip ball game.

Eventually the Raiders would settle down...this pitch was right down the middle for strike 3, and Baylor Beers has his first K of the game...nothing happened in the bottom of the 1st, so we still have a 2-nothing score.

Top of the this play on defense...Teron Doebele at short with the reach and he snags one. That would save a run for the moment. If the home team can make more plays like that, then they have a chance.

Same inning...could we get a repeat performance? Not quite...good recovery, but the throw to first was just a little bit off of the mark. The runner is safe and Karson Beutel (bee-you-tel) will touch the plate, to put the visitors in the lead, 3-to-zip.

Bottom of the second...GR would use their own style of defense...Hopkins will fire down to Kale Eslick (eh-s-lick) who will apply the tag for the out. This may have been a non-conference game, but so far one side has been pretty serious about things.

Bottom of the third...Trevon Zumwalt (zoom-walt) is going to keep the other team guessing on this off-speed pitch. His team had yet to lose on the weekend, so their pitching rotation was in pretty good shape so far.

Top of the 4th...more defense for Riverton...Doebele again...and then this time his aim was on target to Ridge McCoy to double up the runner at if only the offense could produce some runs, they would be in a better spot than they are right now.

So far Green River has been the team with the runs...Munoz is going to send a hit past the diving 3rd baseman...that will net him an R-B-I as Tyler Venditti will head home from second to add on some insurance...and the score is now 4-to-nothing.

Bottom of the was not the prettiest of ways...but the Raiders would finally get on the scoreboard...this would end up being a sacrifice fly for Sean Hughes...the throw in from right is cut off...and McCoy will come his team is down 4-to-1.

Top of the 5th...the Knights would reach into their bag of tricks...runners on the at was a double steal and the defense realized it too late...Blake Gelinas was the runner at third, and now he scores, to put his squad up 5-to-1.

Bottom of the 5th...the home team would get that run back...Doebele is going find some real estate in left center field and it is going to get him some extra bases. This play ended up being a double when it was all said and done...Sean Hughes is going to be waived in, and will score all the way from first, to help get the score a little bit's 5-to-2.

Top of the 6th...Brayden Draper is pitching in relief and he will provide some for his if only the offense could put something together.

Bottom of the 6th...Riverton responded...bases loaded for T.J. Paulsen...and he is going to send one just over the shortstop and into left field for a base hit...2 RBI's were his reward as Darron Monroe and Reinig will race in and make this game a bit more interesting now...the scoreboard reads 5-to-4.

...but this next highlight was a huge momentum shifter...Munoz with a pretty routine catch in center field...and then he would get the ball to Venditti at second to double up the runner, who strayed a bit too far away. There were no outs prior to this play, and GR needed that one. batter...more Munoz again in center field...chasing one down and he makes the catch! He was responsible for all 3 outs in the inning, and that's cause for a little celebration...the visitors would maintain a 1-run lead, but there's still one inning to go.

Top of the 7th...Riverton needs to keep the score where it is...Reinig and Dorbele would team up to take down the runner at second...that's one why to do it, but they are not out of the woods just yet.

Later...Eslick batting for the Knights and this is trouble...he found a spot...and sends a ball to the warning track...that might have gone further if the teams were using metal bats. This play would be a triple....Alec Heitzman scores an insurance run...the opposition was unable to counter...and GR would win this game and the weekend...6-to-4.