National Champions were crowned a little more than one month ago, and it's already time to get started on the new season.

The fall portion of the 2014-2015 Wyoming High School Rodeo Association season starts on Sunday, August 31st, with a 2-day event in Wheatland.

The following weekend, competition will held in Lander, and then the fall season concludes in Jackson.

25% of the season occurs in these 3 weekends.

Competitors get points based on where they place on each DAY of a competition.

For example, you get 10 points if you finish first for the day, 9 points for a 2nd place finish, etc…

For each cowboy/cowgirl, the top 12 days/finishes from the regular season is their point total heading into the State Finals Rodeo, which will be held in June 2015 in Douglas.

If a cowboy/cowgirl has earned points on more than 12 occasions, the worst of their finishes are dropped from their point total.

That point total, combined with whatever points they earned at the State Finals Rodeo, will determine their final point total for the season.

The top 4 in each event at the end of the season, are invited to compete at the High School National Finals Rodeo, to be held in Rock Springs in July, 2015.