Video highlights of the Friday, January 23rd 1A Boys Basketball game, between #2 Upton at #5 Kaycee.

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The Buckaroos took control for good in the second half, limiting the Bobcats to just 5 points in the 3rd quarter, and cruised from there.



My mom used to say that if I kept playing those video games, all the fun was going to pass me by. Eh...what does she know?

#2 Upton at #5 Kaycee...first quarter...Kaycee wearing the white...Taylor Rouse lets himself in the backdoor, and that got the job done for the first bucket of the game...thus the score is 2-to-nothing.

Upton would tie it up...and on this play Davis Butts was in the right place at the right time for the interception and the quick basket...he made it look easy, and that would put his team ahead 4-to-2.

The Bobcats were on the move's Jett Materi in a 1-on-1 situation and he will get the better end of this encounter and 2 points for the cause. Now it's a 6-to-2 contest.

The Buckaroos would use team-work to get back into this game...nice assist from Brandon Tehau to Hayden Fauber. That would break a 4 and 1/2 minute scoreless drought, and they were thankful that they are only down 6-to-4.

Later...the seniors would lead the way...this is Riley Curuchet doing the entire job himself on this drive and lay-in. The defender did not have much of a chance...and things are evened up at 6 points a piece.

The home team was finding fast break opportunities...but you got to finish them. Tehau had his chance and almost botched it. However, Ethan Garnhart had his back. We had ourselves an 8-8 game, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter... more fast breaks for Kaycee, and even when they could not finish...they had a backup plan. Garnhart is double teamed but Noah Elm is not. That was easy. Now the score is 10-to-8.

Meanwhile the visitors were content with their own style of play and it was getting the job done for awhile. Logan Loberg cans an 18 foot jumper, and we are right back where we started from. Both sides have 10 points each.

The Buckaroos could do that as well...Tehau tries from a little bit closer. This was 15 feet, but it still produced points, plus it would break the tie. We have ourselves a 12-to-10 contest.

...and as shown earlier...if you give the home team a fast break opportunity...they will take it. Trey Furnival will finish the job this time at the near hoop. That 2 points would move the score up to 14-to-10.

Kaycee also had a height advantage...Rouse is 6-4...Fauber is 6-2, and when both get close to the hoop...2 points are almost automatic. Both would pave the way with 16 points each. That bucket makes it an 18-to-10 game.

...and the thing about the 2 is that they are both as long as they stay together, the Buckaroos can be a very legitimate threat. Rouse scores on this play to cap off a 10-zip run and the score is now doubled's 20-to-10.

The boys in blue needed to get something going...they have scored nothing in almost 4 minutes. Loberg will put a break on the drought. The question was, could the rest of his team do something? They are down 20-to-12.

They would respond...Materi sees an open lane...turns on the jets and runs right through it for the basket. That was a little bit better, but his squad is still on the wrong end of a 22-to-14 score.

Upton was also getting their jumpers to drop saw a few's another one as Hunter Woodard would do the honors. They were still trailing 24-to-19, going into the locker room, but they were getting closer.

Third quarter...the Bobcats were trying to hang around. Materi is going to feed an assist to Rourke McPeters, who will take care of the rest on this play...however he and his team-mates only scored 5 points the entire quarter...and are now down 32-to-25.

The home team stepped up their defense...when it comes to 1A...being 6-4 is pretty tall, and Rouse was just too big of an obstacle for the other team to over-come at times.

Kaycee's offense did its job as well...someone might want to guard Garnhart next time. He had way too much alone time for that shot and he made the most of it with 3. The advantage was with his squad, ahead 39-to-25, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the visitors would try again to get back into this game, and tried to get creative...when it was all said and done on this play, Payton Watt would end up getting the 2 points. They need more though, down 41-to-30.

...but the Buckaroos had already found their stride and were galloping into high gear. Garnhart will breeze right by a defender and lay in another 2 points. It's now 46-to-32 and time was on their side.

Upton was starting to run out of time, but maintained their composure...Butts is going to put in a medium range jumper to help out, but the deficit is still in double digits with the scoreboard reading 46-to-34.

The second half is what made the difference in this game...and the home team was more determined. Case in point...Curuchet is not going to be denied on this drive. He'll get the hoop and the hack. In the end, Kaycee would take control of the 1A Northeast, winning this game, 59-to-40.