Video highlights of the Thursday, February 12th 4A Boys Basketball game, between #4 Kelly Walsh vs. #1 Natrona.

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The Trojans held the Mustangs to 1 field goal in the second quarter, and ran away with this game, from that point on.



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#4 Kelly Walsh vs. #1 Natrona in the Peach Basket Game at the Casper Events Center...first quarter...Natrona wearing the white...Peter Bergman will get the offensive rebound and score the first points of the game, thus we have ourselves a 2-nothing score.

Kelly Walsh kept their distance and it was effective. Ethan Applegate...15 footer...good...they did not take long to respond and we have ourselves a tie score at 2-to-2.

The Mustangs were making the most of their 2nd chances to get their points...Logan Wilson will demonstrate on this highlight to help put his squad back on top, by a score of 4-to-2.

The Trojans could do that as well...because they were able to match the size that their opponents had. Marcus Hoversland will get a few friendly bounces and the drop...and his team would take the lead, ahead 5-to-4.

Last year's state runner-ups would pick up the pace on defense...Tanner Hilderbrand will pick off the inbounds...races the other way...he has one defender to deal with and he will just go over him for the 2 points. That would push the advantage up to 7-to-4.

This was a low scoring quarter, and it took some time before some highlights happened...Parker Browning will get a high kiss off of the glass for NC. That was it scoring wise in this quarter...and so it was a 7-to-6 contest after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...this play was a critical moment in the game, because everything went south after that for Natrona...Stevann Brown will work his way in and score a basket, to put his team up 8-to-7...but that was the only field goal of the quarter...the Mustangs scored a total of 3 points.

K-W fared much better once they got going...Hilderbrand led all scorers with 13 points...that was 3 of them on this play, and that would put his boys back on top...10-to-8.

The 3's were dropping in for Kelly Walsh...this is just about NBA range for Grant Murphy and he had no trouble at all with that shot...the score is now doubled's 16-to-8 and believe it or not, it was getting close to half-time.

If it works...keep using it...and the Trojans did...Drew Petrie is calling his own number...this would cap off a 12-to-1 was 19-to-9 going into the locker room, which was a bit surprising for both sides.

3rd quarter... KW kept going..and so did Marcus Nolan...there he goes, right through the lane and gets the bucket. This rivalry was becoming very one sided so's 21-to-9.

The Mustangs were in a huge field goals in 7 minutes plus...Bergman will finally stop the bleeding with this inside basket, but his squad would find themselves down's 21-to-11.

The home team was trying to get back into this game...Austin Luers will make a contribution with this 10 foot swisher...his boys would take what they could get, despite being on the wrong end of a 25-to-13 score.

...but there was no way that the opposition was going to let them get any closer...not by a long shot...speaking of long shots...Hilderbrand is going to can another one of those. Kelly Walsh was taking control of this game, with a 28-to-13 advantage.

They were having one of those moments where everything was working. Jason Hiatt was open...his team-mates quickly found him and he quickly found 2 more points. The scoreboard now reads 30-to-16.

This was a much different game, than the one they played 3 weeks ago, and the Trojans remembered that one...and so did Petrie. He did his job and the score is now doubled up...we have a 32-to-16 score at this point.

Everything was clicking for Kelly Walsh...they could almost do no wrong. Murphy is going to press his luck and it will pay off on this would push the advantage up to was 35-to-19, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the Trojans were still pouring it on...Nolan will drive the baseline and score again and this game was very one-sided with the score at 37-to-19.

There was not much that Natrona can do...Brown will show what he can do for you and his team...but he could only do so much under the circumstances...his squad is down's 40-to-21.

KW had no plans for letting up on the attack...Hilderbrand has reservations for 3 and you can now be's 43-to-21 with 5 minutes to go, and there was no way they were going to botch a lead that big...we've shown enough.

Kelly Walsh will put the Peach Basket back into the trophy case, and move up the conference standings...with a convincing win over their cross-town rivals...49-to-31.