Video highlights of the Saturday, May 31st legion baseball double-header, between the Laramie Rangers at the Douglas Cats.

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The first game was a pitchers duel, while the second was a slug-fest. The end result in both were wins for the defending A-league state champ Rangers.



I got a feeling we're not going to see Kacey Bernaski wearing flippers and attempting to scuba dive anytime soon. He needs to get the technique down.

The Laramie Rangers at the Douglas Cats for a 1 top of the first...Laramie batting...Nate Hill with a runner in scoring position and he'll hit the ball right where it needs to go, in order to get that run in...Marshall Stuart will press his luck and it paid off to put his team up 1-nothing.

Bottom of the first...Hill was doing it all...hitting and pitching...that was the first of many and there was more to come in this game.

Top of the 2nd...Zach Sloan pitching for Douglas and he had a pretty good game himself...he's one of the younger players, but his pitching game speaks for itself.

Bottom of the 2nd...this game was a pretty good pitchers dual...Hill will claim another victim and that will take care of that. The Rangers can get back to work at swinging the metal.

Top of the 3rd...Stuart is going to go opposite way on this base only got him a single, but he's not complaining. The reason is that it got him an R-B-I in the form of Drew Burman...and the defending A-league state champs would go ahead 2-zip.

Same inning...Hill is helping his own cause again...he will also go the opposite way for a base hit...that will get Stuart in from well as Taylor Dodd who was at swing would double the run total for the visitors and now it's a 4-nothing contest.

Now the Cats had a few moments in this game...not many but here's one of them...they got Hill caught in a rundown between 3rd and home...Sloan will be the one to apply the tag for the out, and that would stop the bleeding for awhile...but his team needs to get going with some run support.

Bottom of the's not happening...Hill gets a small measure of payback on Sloan, and I think we know who the alpha-pitcher is in this game was...7 punchouts are pretty good.

Top of the 4th...Sloan was hanging around...he had 6 K's himself. He did his part, but his team-mates had a hard time getting the bats going.

Bottom of the 4th...Hill still on the mound...and setting them down...the Rangers were starting to put things together now that they have everyone back from the spring sports season...and so far so good.

Top of the times the home team was their own worst enemy...Dodd will put the ball in will be mishandled at short...Burman saw the green light and went home to add to the cause...that will push Laramie's lead up to 5-zip.

Top of the 6th...Sloan went the distance...which is pretty good for this early in the season...he will get other chances to win games, but this one was not meant to least he stopped things from getting any worse.

Later...the Rangers were looking for a little more insurance...Drew Burman finds the gap in left center field...not quite out of here, but enough to get Nate Burman the visitors were in command with a 6-nothing advantage.

Bottom of the 6th...Hill still pitching...see ya...a complete game 7-inning 1-hit shutout...that's remarkable when you can do that on the problem what so ever.

Top of the 7th...Laramie would use a little small ball...trying to advance Hill over to 3rd...good try by the Cats, but the aim was off just a little bit, and Hill has a free pass to the plate...his team would get the win in the first game...7-zip.

Now onto game 2...and I want to be a poncho man...actually I forgot to bring mine and had to take shelter sometimes.

Top of the first...the Rangers batting again...Harrison Yates with a single up the middle to get this game started...Dodd is going to score easily...and Hill is not far behind him to make this a 2-nothing contest.

Bottom of the first...Douglas's offense finally got going...Ryan Lebert will get a base hit...that will bring in Cody Lebert in from third...and then Brayden Hunsicker is going to press his luck and try to make his way in from second...he just manages to beat the tag and he's in things are getting interesting with the score tied at 2.

Same inning...Devin Burton is going the opposite way for a single of his own...Ryan Lebert will score to put the Cats ahead 3-to-2...and then a bases loaded hit batsman would make it 4-to-2...with no outs.

Moving on...bases loaded and Laramie needs some defense about Dodd to Nate Burman to Drew Burman for the 6-4-3 double play...the home team will take the trade off as Austin Zimmer will score on the play, to put his squad ahead 5-to-2.

Top of the 2nd...Rangers down 5-3...buses juiced for Dodd...this is going deep and heading for Grand Slam City...or so most of us thought. One little thing went wrong. During the home run trot...Drew Burman who was at first...passed up Joe Legerski who was at second. Oops! That's a no-no! Burman is automatically out and a grand slam got reduced to a 3-run homer instead...but the visitors now go back on top 6-to-5.

Still in the top of the second...loaded again...Reid Bety was a Texas Leaguer that will find its way to the outfield...Bernaski will head home and Yates will do the same...this game was turning into a slugfest with the score at 8-to-5.

We're still going...and this game was a long one...Nate Burman should have been out on this play, but the home team could not complete the connection at first...Noah Hannontree and Bety take advantage of the situation to double up the's 10-to-5.

Still in the top of the second...we have not seen Legerski batting yet...this end up being part of a 9-run inning for Laramie...the single will plate Nate Burman...and now the scoreboard reads 11-to-5.

Bottom of the 3rd...the Cats comeback...Hunsicker is going tease one down the left line and it's a fair ball...Payton Connolly is being waved around and he'll make his way in, to close the's 11-to-8.

They would get closer...Ryan Lebert had to reach for that one but it paid off in the form of a base hit...Cody Lebert and Hunsicker will race in to touch the make it an 11-to-10 game...but it was never that close again.

Top of the is where everything came apart...and we're not going to show all of it...because it was not pretty...Laramie got some good hits, but add on a bunch of Douglas errors, and bases loaded walks and wild pitches...the result was a 15-run inning...that made the difference. The Rangers used that to easily get the double-header sweep...winning the second game...27-to-10.