Highlights of the Saturday, December 15th Boys Basketball game, between #5 Torrington vs. Cody.

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In a game that was back and forth throughout, a freshman would step up at the last second, to allow the Broncs to beat the defending 3A state champs.



I hope that’s the bus driver…because that’s the only guy who’s ever allowed to sleep at a game. He does all the hard work driving after all.

#5 Torrington vs. Cody…this game being played in Lander. First quarter…Torrington wearing the maroon…Cam Kelly will draw the defense in, and then dish the assist to Josh Ring who will ring up 2 points, as his team would jump out to an early 4-nothing lead.

Then Cody would get their offense going…Brandon Hinze would get himself into a jam, but Ryan Nieters would come in from behind to bail him out and get the bucket for the Broncs, who have now jumped out a 6-4 advantage.

Nieters was taking charge early on and here he comes with some defense. Picks off the pass, and there’s no one between him and the hoop on the right side of the court…that would cap off a 10-zip run for the Broncs and they’re on top by a score of 10-4 good buddy.

Torrington would regroup and they were determined not to let this play fall apart…Nick Prusia lost it…Garrett Derr would save it and Prusia would get the finish. Yes, they practice plays like that. The TrailBlazers still trail, 10-to-6.

The Broncs at times were a bit quicker…case in point…Cap McClure takes the inside lob and by the time the defense realized it…it was too late. That would push the score up to 12-to-8.

The opposition would find their own path to the hoop…here’s Kelly on the drive and he’s not going to be denied on this one…just wait until the 4th quarter…you’ll see a lot more from him…his team is still down 12-to-10.

The defending 3A state champs would hang around and make a few moves of their own. This is Alex McAnelly going around one defender…gets the blocking call and the bucket…he’ll take that anyday, and this game was knotted up at 12-points a-piece after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…Cody would start unleashing their main scoring threat. That would be Dan Dunn…a senior…he’d find a lane to the hoop and go right through it…and the refs would give him one more for his efforts…the 3-point play  would push the score up to 15-12.

The TrailBlazers would counter with some fast passing…they would find McAnelly coming in the back door, and he will let himself in for 2 more points…and that would put his team down 1, with the score at 15-14.

Things went back and forth for just about the entire quarter…so we’re going to skip a few highlights here and there…this is Blake Hinze…a freshman canning a short range jumper to put the Broncs up 19-15…you’ll see him again later, making an important shot

Then Dunn would make another move on the opposition…he’ll just barely put enough on this lay-in try and the ball just manages to drop in for 2….Cody is still up 21-17.

Back comes Torrington…first they had to get out of a jam…then watch the finish by Kelly…pump fake…lays it up and in on the drive…that is what you got to do sometimes. Things are all even at 25-all.

Moving ahead…the Broncs are down 2, but they would take care of the problem quickly. McClure scores off the inbounds…and the foul…that would give his squad the momentum back as they led 28-27 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…not much happened…it took a long time before anyone scored. Dunn breaks a 4 minute drought with a 3 and that was something…Cody is up 31-to-27.

Then Nik Schmidt will dish an assist to Dunn who decides to take it a little closer for another basket. Scoring wise, that was it…the TrailBlazers put up a zero on the score-sheet, but thankfully they were only down 33-27 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…what did not happen in the 3rd…did happen here. Derr scores on the baseline drive for Torrington and gets the whistle…that would take care of his team’s scoring problem but they still trail, 35-29.

I told you earlier that you would see Kelly a lot in this quarter…he’s in the corner…doing what bad boys do…causing trouble…that was a sign of things to come…the TrailBlazers are still down 38-32.

The Broncs knew that something was up and they had to put a stop to it…Schmidt is open on the far side behind the line and he found nothing but the bottom of the net…that opened up some breathing room…it’s 41-to-32.

But it did not stay that way for long…Kelly…same spot…for 3…count it! He was heating up and his team now trails 41-35.

Then the defense would come through. Matt Richardson steps in front of that pass and he’s taking it back for 2…they were getting closer, down 41-37.

Cody got a couple of free throws to go back up by 6…then Kelly decided he was going to count to 3…and then he was going to move the ball! The senior was on fire from behind the arc and he’s got his team within striking distance…Torrington only down 43-40.

They were not done…let’s get Blake Wisroth in on the act. He would get the ball up over and in for 2 points…the senior knew what he had to do…it’s now a 1 point contest…43-42…and the Broncs knew they had to stop the bleeding quickly before their 9 point lead evaporated…Brandon Hinze is quick to score for his team to push the lead back up to 3…it’s 45-42 at this point.

We now have less than 1 minute to go…Ring is going to right by a defender and ring his bell for 2 points. The defending 3A champs are right back in this one, down 45-to-44.

2 more free throws for Cody would push the lead back up to 3…so who would get the ball? Of Course…Kelly….3 more! 20 points on the game and the scoreboard is dead even at 47-47. This game is getting good.

Now we’re down to the last possession…Bronc ball…they need anything to avoid overtime. Brandon Hinze is going to try to take matters into his own hands…off balance…no good…tip out to Blake Hinze who just throws it up and banks it in with 1 second left! It was actually 2 points, but they gave him 3…in the end…it did not matter as long as the shot went in…Cody botched a 9-point lead, but recovered in time to win it, in the end…50-to-47.