Video highlights of the Friday, February 13th 1A Boys Basketball game, between #5 Cokeville at #2 Little Snake River.

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The Rattlers shut down the Panthers offense in the 4th quarter, and pulled away to win a Southwest Conference game.



I like that they're trying to dress similar, but one there's one small problem. Someone forgot which colors the opposing team wears, unless he is doing that intentionally.

#5 Cokeville at #2 Little Snake River...first quarter...Cokeville wearing the black...down 2-to-nothing...Kennan Thompson is going to elude a defender on the fast break and finish the job. That would tie the score up at 2 points a-piece.

That did not bother Little Snake River, and they would stick to the game plan...Irving Ortega is wide open, and this is a cobra strike worth 3...someone might want to guard the junior next it's 5-to-2.

The Rattlers were slithering their way through the Snake Pit for their points...Slater Kaisler puts up a shot in traffic...bucket and 1...he would covert the 3-point play and put his team ahead, by a score of 9-to-4.

The Panthers were looking for opportunities to pounce. Thompson sees his chance and he was all over that one. Perfect aim...3 points, and that would keep the score close for now...his team trails 9-to-7.

The visitors were keeping their distance and it was paying off for a while...Trenton King was on the line when he launched that shot, so it will only go in for 2, and his boys were only down 12-to-9 after the first 8 minutes, which is not a bad spot.

Second took awhile before some things happened, but eventually they did. Tanner Jensen with a catch and shoot on the offensive rebound. He did all of that in 1 motion, to help put the home team ahead, 15-to-11.

The boys in black tried to score inside, but had some they went back to plan A...Jake Jackman from inside the arc and he will bury 2 points for the cause...they would stay within striking distance for a little longer, trailing 15-to-13 at this point.

Cokeville was slowing down the opposition, and they were taking care of their own business at their own pace...King led his team with a dozen...and his latest contribution would even up the score's now 15-all.

The home team was just winding their coils...and now it was time to strike...Jordan Perkins had 2 defenders guarding him and still cans the 3...he was calm under pressure, and he would put his team ahead, 18-to-17, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...the Panthers would tie the score at 22, but they would like to take the lead...the first shot rolls out, but Jackman was in the right place at the right time to clean up the mess...and now they do have the lead, with a score of 24-to-22.

LSR had had just about enough of that and went to work...Jensen weaves his way for 2 more...he led all scorers with 16 points, and his squad would reclaim the advantage, now up 26-to-24.

The visitors kept hanging around's Ryan Jackman...he will stop, pop and hit for 2 and that would keep his team down one...we have a 30-to-29 game.

The Rattlers though were still finding ways to get through the just took some agility...Kaisler with a pretty good acrobatic move, which was worth 2 points. It was a 33-to-30 score, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...this is what made the difference...Jensen takes the inside lob and scores...Little Snake River would go ahead 36-to-32, which was a start.

This was a pretty low scoring quarter highlight wise...the Panthers managed only 4 points and guys like Keaton Jeannerett did what they were supposed to do for Little Snake throws took care of the rest, and LSR would pull away...43-to-34.