Seth Bennett leads the Longhorns to the title.

Seth Bennett and the Meeteetse Longhorns use a big 4th quarter to win the 6 man championship game, early Saturday morning from War Memorial Stadium.

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The game started slowly on offense for the Oilers of Midwest as they would go 3 and out on their first possession.

The Longhorns on the other hand wouldn’t take long to get it into the hands of their all stater Seth Bennett.

He would strike first with a throw to fellow all stater Jasper Smith from 19 yards out, the Longhorns would convert their only successful extra point attempt of the half following that score to take a 7-0 lead.

On the ensuing drive Midwest would answer on a 48 yard run by Tucker Even, a failed point after attempt would make it 7-6.

When Meeteetse got the ball back it was back into the hands of Bennett as he would break a 65 yard run down the right sideline for a 13-6 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Following another punt from the Oilers Bennett would break loose again this time down the left sideline for 61 yards to stretch the lead to 19-6.

Kacey Guseman would answer with a 43 yard run to pull his Oilers back within 7 at 19-12.

The Oilers would then get a defensive stop of their own and another Guseman run this time from 3 yards out would make it a one point game at 19-18.

As the half was winding down Meeteetse would have a fourth and long to go when they pulled out the double reverse, with the ball ending up in the hands of Bennett who then faked a throw, then took off running down the far hash and in for his third rushing td of the half.

At the half it was 25-18, Bennett finished with two hundred and twelve rushing yards to go with his three touchdowns, Guseman would have 2 td’s and 87 yards for the Oilers.

Out of the locker rooms it was a quick strike touchdown for the Longhorns, scoring on a  Shawn Shepperson reception from Seth Bennett to extend the lead for the Longhorns to 13 at 31-18.

The Oilers would mount a answer drive capped off by a 1 yard touchdown from Guseman at the 6:53 mark in the 3rd to make it 31-24.

The two teams would then exchange defensive stops for the rest of the 3rd and into the 4th quarter where Meeteetse would take over on downs at their own 20.

On the first play from scrimmage Jasper Smith would take a handoff 60 yards for the score and this time Bennett would run in the one point PAT, making it 38-24.

The dagger may have came on the following Oiler drive as Carter Johnson would come up with an interception at the Oiler 37 yard line, Bennett would handle it from there as he ran it in from 12 yards out on 4th down.

Zach Bragg would haul in the 2 point conversion pass making the score 45-24 with 6:31 left in the game.

Bennett would add two more rushing touchdowns of 12 and 40 yards respectively as well as throw to Jasper Smith for good measure.

Midwest would get a 60 yard run from Cam Ray to finish out the scoring with the final score being 65-30.



These guys ended up on the big screen a number of times...with moves like those, how can you not be entertained?

Midwest vs. Meeteetse in the 6-man State Championship Game...first quarter...Meeteetse wearing the white...Seth will see a lot from this senior...runs one way and throws the other...19 yards to Jasper Smith who was open...that would make the score 7-nothing.

Midwest would answer back...Tucker Even...the senior is a speed-ster...gets around the line...and he will dodge the last obstacle in his way and spring loose for 48 yards...conversion no good, but his team is only down 7-to-6.

The Longhorns needed only 2 plays to strike again...Bennett can not only throw, he can run as well...first he'll reverse direction...slip one tackle on the far side line...stiff arm another who was close...and the senior is on his way to the promised land...65 yards...he was just getting started...the score was 13-to-6 after the first 10 minutes.

Second comes more from Bennett...he can change directions quickly and he prefers the side of the field that has the least amount of traffic...there he goes on a 61 yard run...we'll tell you his final numbers he has his team ahead 19-to-6.

The Oilers would hang around...this is Kacey Guseman...he found the hole and here comes...43 yards untouched...his team has not won the title since 1991 9-man championship...but they still trail 19-to-12.

They would get the ball back...Guseman one layed a hand on him...3 yards and a score...he had 100 yards on the ground...and he has his team right back in this one...down 19-to-18.

Meeteetse would reach into their bag of tricks...this play ended up being a double reverse...Bennett thought about throwing, and then he realized that the defense was confused enough...17 yards...his third rushing TD with more to come...the scoreboard read 25-to-18 going into the locker room.

Third quarter...the Midwest defense was trying to tighten up on Bennett...but that meant someone else was open...Shawn Shepperson was that someone and he was more than happy to do the honors...17 yards for a the Longhorns would increase their advantage to 31-18.

The Oilers were not out of this one...not yet anyway...Cameron Ray doing the quarterback duties...and he's going deep for Andrew Engleman...down to the half yard line...he thought he had it, but that half yard in a 6-man game is almost nothing.

On the next play...Guseman again...touchdown #3 for the's a one score game, with his squad trailing 31-to-24, going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...this game was never that close again...because Meeteetse...went on a's another guy...Jasper Smith...he has a few moves of his own...60 yards and there was no stopping him. That run would widen the lead to it's 38-to-24.

How about some defense? You don't often see much of that in a 6-man game...Ray's pass is overthrown and into the waiting arms of Carter could start to sense that the momentum was very much in favor of the Longhorns, especially when they had the ball.

...and then there's still the matter about Bennett...he thought about one was open...then he realized where the camera was and wanted to show off his good side...12 yards...more was 45-to-24 at this point.

He was not done...more tricks...and no tricks...a fake reverse and Midwest bought it...hook, line and sinker...that was an easy 40 yard run...hope you've been counting...there's still time on the clock...Meeteetse now ahead, 52-to-24.

More defense...they did not let up...and the Oilers were desperate, because they needed some points quickly...Ray is going long distance....and he has a wrong number...Johnson with his second interception of the game...and the sophomore is going to try to make the most of it...he learned a move or 2 from Bennett and reversed course on the return...and it almost worked...54 yards on the runback, down to the 1...he thought he had it.

A penalty would push the Longhorns back, but that did not bother comes rushing touchdown number 6...304 yards on the ground for the senior...this game is getting out of's 59-to-24.

Next more running for he wants to throw...he'll elude one tackler, then dump the ball off to Smith who will take care of the rest...18 yards....9 touchdowns total for Bennett...6 running, 3 it's 65-to-24.

Credit to the Oilers...they had an awesome comeback in the semi-finals vs. Dubois...but history was not going to repeat itself here...not enough time...but they did have a say in the final score...Ray takes the screen pass from Logan Rodabaugh...we lost him for a moment then we found him again...54 yards on the catch and run...and that would put an end to the scoring.

First year Head Coach Matt Jensen had no clue what 6-man was like when he took the job...but he learned quickly...and a pre-season game in Texas helped as well.

The Meeteetse Longhorns would win their first state title in 20 years...65-to-30, to put the finishing touches on an undefeated, 11-and-oh season.