Video highlights of the Saturday, December 14th 2A girls basketball game, between #1 Lovell at #3 Tongue River.
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The Lady Bulldogs came out growling from the start, and never allowed the defending 2A State Champs to get off the ground, stopping their 33-game win streak in the process.



I wonder if there's a Minions basketball game? I know, I know...they may be too short to actually play basketball, but think of the team-work angle.

#1 Tongue River at #3 Lovell...first quarter...Lovell wearing the white...Lauren Hinckley is that Lady Bulldog in the window, who has some bite with her bark...that 3 would get her team on the board first.

...and she was just getting started...the junior wants to play some more fetch...and she'll go get 3 more...a good start for the home team, as they are now up 6-zip.

Here comes more...Hinckley was on fire in the early going...she's done her give her some treats...she was ready for this game, and has single-handedly gotten her team out to a 9-1 advantage.

Meanwhile...the defending champs were still trying to get out of the blocks...Eryn Aksamit will get that much needed first basket for Tongue River, but they were still in an early 9-to-3 hole.

...back to the other side...Lovell was just going to the lead dog...Hinckley 3 this time, but still...she was hitting from everywhere...the scoreboard now reads 11-to-3.

Ok, there were other players on the team...heres Chayli McArthur getting in on the scoring the junior will get a kiss off the glass and score 2 of her 12...Lady Bulldogs now ahead by a score of 13-to-3.

The Lady Eagles needed to spread their wings soon, or else they were going to be in big trouble...Aksamit gets an up close bucket...she led her team with 16 points, but the visitors are still down 13-to-5.

The home team wanted this one bad, and they were already sinking their teeth into the competition...McArthur gets the hoop and call...they had the momentum for most of this game, now ahead 16-to-5.

...and they were starting to share with other Lady Bulldogs in the pack...Kim Shumway finds the lane and scores with ease...there was no end to their chain, as they have raced out to a 20-to-5 lead.

It was home sweet home inside the dog house...and more Lovell players were wagging their tails...Kassi Renner adds on with a high 15 was looking like this game might get out of control with the score now at 22-to-9.

The opposition would eventually get a little something going...they just needed a new game plan, because nothing else had been working so far...Amanda Buller slips in the backdoor and scores...but her team is still being doubled up...down 22-to-11.

Now to Tongue River's defense...a couple of their better players were on the injured list, so the team was not at 100% and had to make do, with what they had...Buller scores again on a similar play...but her team was trailing 22-to-13, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...the scoring pace of the game slowed some-what, but there were a few things here and there...Mykelle Nichols will drain a 12 foot jumper to add on to the score, which is at 26-to-16 at this point.

The sophomore was starting to heat up a bit herself...she was standing on the line for this long ball, so that would only dig up 2 points, but she is not complaining...the Lady Bulldogs are now ahead, 28-to-16.

Lovell was still on the run...and there was little to stop them...Nichols with a bounce assist to McArthur who will take care of the rest...the home team was in firm control of this game...up 32-to-17.

The visitors were getting very few breaks to go their way...Kortni Sharp would catch one of them...actually she would catch her own...the senior contributed with 10, but her team was down a lot...32-to-21.

On the other side...we have not seen Hinckley in awhile...I wonder if maybe she's cooled She led all scorers with 21 the Lady Bulldogs would hold a 35-21 advantage, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the home team was sending a message to the rest of the 2A says we are about to be the top dog. McArthur scores on the inside lob, as the score would eventually swell to 39-to-21.

Credit to Tongue River...they did not quit, despite being outmatched in this game...Allison Reed collects the air-ball and puts it where it's supposed to the score is 41-to-23, with her team down by 18.

Let's get someone new in on the about Emilee Reasch? We'll give her a highlight and she delivered...home team leads 44-to-23.

Two things were obvious at this juncture of the game...we know which team is going to win...and Hinckley was off of her chain all game long...she just chewed up the nets, and now the score is 48-to-23.

That's enough for the Lady Bulldogs...we got to give the opposition some love...Buller scores on the run...errr...the fly...and the Lady Eagles were on the wrong end of a 50-to-29 score, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...we're going to make this quick...this game was over a long time ago...we'll give Aksamit the final highlight...T-R would see their 33-game win streak get grounded, by Lovell in this score, 59-to-39.