Video highlights of the Saturday, January 10th 3A Girls Basketball game, between Worland vs. Lovell, in the Big Horn Basin Tournament semi-finals, played at Thermopolis.

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In a back and forth game, the Lady Bulldogs would surge ahead in the 4th and hold off a late charge, by the Lady Warriors.



If you think she's being picky on choosing her colors...just wait until she gets to the age of painting her fingernails.

Worland vs. Lovell in the Big Horn Basin Basketball Tournament semi-finals in Thermopolis...first quarter...Lovell wearing the white...Chayli McArthur will split 2 defenders and finish the drive for the first points of the game...thus the score is 2-to-nothing.

The Lady Bulldogs were unhooked from their chains and would run in the early goings...McArthur was leading the pack...this play was too easy...she had an 18 point game and now her team is ahead 4-to-zip.

Worland would then pick up the pace and try to match the opposition's speed...Haley Schneider will take care of this job herself and wins the 1-on-1 exchange...and that would tie the score of this game at 4-all.

Lovell is new to 3A this the question is can they hang with the 3A regulars? Emilee Reasch was up to the challenge on this highlight, and would show that her squad was more than just the new kids on the block.

The Lady Bulldogs like to play ball and they would spread it around a lot...Reasch is open and she will fetch herself 2 points along with that block from earlier. That basket would move the score up to 8-to-6.

The Lady Warriors were picking their shots carefully...Schneider wants to make a deposit at the bank and she will put in 3...that would tie the score was 9-to-9 after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...Lovell was playing it smart and created their own opportunities. Mykelle Nichols gets a well positioned pick, drives to the hoop and scores to undo the tie, and make this an 11-to-9 contest.

Worland would counter...they were just looking for open shots...Shayna Soderstrom has one from 15 feet away and drains this game would go back and forth...we're dead even again...this time at 11.

Back to the other side...this is Charri McArthur making her contributions to the game...she can also hit from 15 feet as the Lady Bulldogs go ahead 14-to-11...but this highlight is not over...on the far side...the Lady Warriors would try to answer, but Reasch is going to chew up that attempt. I think someone did not see the beware of dog sign on that play, and that ball went into the next yard.

Lovell was making the first move in this game...Chayli McArthur is off to the races again..and it was hard to catch up at times...the score would move up to 16-to-11.

...and they were still's another fast break and once again...Chayli is going to finish the job at the near hoop..The Lady Bulldogs were starting to bark with a 22-to-15 advantage.

Now it was time for the opposition to make its move...the person that was guarding Sarah Schroefel backed off a little bit, and she had all the room that she needed to score an easy 2...and shrink the lead down to 22-to-17.

They did not have as many opportunities to run like the opposition did...but when they did have a chance, they took it...Schneider with the lay-in on the far side, as last year's 3A state runner-ups would take the lead...25-to-24, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...we have not seen much in the way of long balls in this contest...but Kali Lempka was happy to provide one for the camera. It was her only 3 points of the game and it would keep her team on top, 28-to-26.

Worland decided if it worked once...try it again...they just had to spread the ball around some...Schneider led all scorers with 21 her team has a decent advantage. It's 33-to-28.

Lovell needed to show some bite with their bark...Reasch will take the inside lob and score 2, and that would help get her squad back into this one...down 35-32. the game was going back and forth again, which usually makes for a close's Bryanna Mickelson taking a bounce pass and getting 2 would push the advantage up to 7 for the Lady's 39-to-32.

There was also Schneider to contend with...she had a pretty good 3rd period, and this bucket would keep Worland ahead, 43-to-37.

...but the Lady Bulldogs were not ready to lay down...Chayli McArthur picks a pocket cleanly, and cruises in for the put her team down 43-to-39, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...Lovell had a few more tricks to pull on this comeback...Lauren Hinckley with a pull-up jumper and she'll get it to it's a 2-point game, with the scoreboard reading 43-to-41.

The Lady Warriors were not about ready to give up the lead...and they needed to get their big girl in on the act...Sakoya Jones is 6 feet even, and now she has some points in the score book...that would open up a little breathing room and make this a 45-to-41 contest.

The Lady Bulldogs would catch up though, and pass up the competition...Chayli McArthur was open behind the defense...and that would cap off a 10-to-2 move them out in front 51-to-47.

Worland has not trailed in awhile, so they needed to get back on track...Mickelson is going to provide the boost that her team needed, and now they only trail by's 51-to-49.

The game was getting into free throw mode, but sometimes the Lady Warriors caught a break...Schneider needed to be fast and she was...they would find themselves on the wrong end of a 53-to-51 score, with about 19 seconds to go, and need to get the ball back.

The opposition did not make every shot at the charity stripe...but made enough, as this one would make it 55-to-51, which is usually a 2-possession game at this point.

...Time was not on Worland's side in this situation...Schneider will bury a 3 from college range with 1 1/2 seconds to go...but the difference is still 1 point, her team needs the ball, and they are not going to get it. Time has expired. This game stayed reasonably close for the most part, and Lovell would slip by at the end...55-to-54.