Highlights of the Saturday, September 7th, 6-man Football Game, between Farson-Eden at #2 Midwest.

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On Friday, September 13th, the WHSAA ruled that Midwest used an ineligible player and had to forfeit the game to Farson-Eden, due to use of an ineligible player.

The 61-21 score no longer exists.



I'm with them...90 degrees plus outside...who needs pads and a pigskin, when you have a water fight instead?

Farson-Eden at #2 Midwest...first quarter...Midwest wearing the maroon...this is their first offensive play and it would produce some points...Kacey Guseman goes around the left side and finds 29 yards of open room to run...conversion no good, so the Oilers lead 6-to-nothing.

The home team was ready from the get-go...and that also means that the defense was ready as well. Cameron Ray will wind up with the interception at about mid-field, and his boys would set up shop again...starting field position played a huge factor in this game.

A few plays later...Ray is taking the snaps...he'll elude the pressure...look down the field and find a very wide open Andrew Engleman for a 17-yard score...add on a 2 point kick and the score is now 14-to-zip.

More defense coming up...and unfortunately...the Pronghorns had that deer in the head-lights look for awhile...Isaac Orozco is going to get chased and sacked by Guseman...as Farson-Eden was not getting off to a good start in this game.

Midwest would get the ball back and open up their arsenal...here's Ely Ruebelmann activating the pumps and going 13 yards for a touchdown of his own...we're not even 5 minutes into this contest and the scoreboard already shows 22-to-zero.

The visitors would make it into enemy territory...but Orozco would get flushed out as Kiya Guseman and Josh Lindsay drag him down for a loss. It may be the first game of the season, but the Oilers looked to be in mid-season mode...it was still 22-nothing after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter...more defense for the home team and more problems for the opposition...Kiya Guseman again...that one is for a safety...24-zip is the score and there was more to come in this 6-man game.

Oiler ball again...and Ray is going to help his team live up to their name as he was a slick and slippery guy to get ahold of...33 yards to the pumphouse...that will make it a 30-to-zip game and they had to keep on playing.

Prices at the pump may be going down...but in Midwest...they are still rising...Ray finds Lindsay open on a 15 yard play and the latter would score untouched...and 2 more points for the kick...now it's 38-to-zero.

Farson-Eden would fumble the kickoff...so here we go again...Ruebelmann takes the pitch...gets some great blocking from his buddies and he'll spring free for a 25 yard score...it's now 46-nothing, but the mercy rule does not take effect until the second half.

Then the Pronghorns would finally catch a break...and we'll give them some love...this is Lynndon Lehman...he's coming up the near sideline...sees the traffic...cuts back the other way and he will break the scoring drought on this 48 yard run to the promised land. No good on the conversion, but they finally got some points, despite being down 46-to-6.

However...the home team wanted to keep that lead at 45 points or higher, so they figured that they better score again...Kacey Guseman...and no one touched him...40 yards and gone...halftime finally showed up and his squad was in good shape with a 54-to-6 advantage.

3rd quarter...the mercy rule is in effect, so the clock is running...and the Pronghorns had some time to get some points...which they did...this is Marcus Orozco...the only senior on the team...showing them how it's done on a 26 yard scamper that will hit pay-dirt. They kept trying despite being down 54-to-14 at this point.

4th quarter...time is flying...Nick Ray puts on a move for his Oilers and goes 7 yards in order to get 6 points for his team...Midwest is in command leading 61-to-14.

Things actually were slowly   getting better for Farson-Eden...Kelton Broadhead finds some room on the near side...gets some blocking help and there he goes on a 37 yard run...the Oilers were not concerned though, as this game was in the bag a long time ago...final score...61-to-21.