Video highlights of the Friday, June 12th Boys Basketball All-Star Game, between Wyoming vs. Montana, played at Sheridan College.

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Wyoming kept it close until the middle of the 3rd quarter. That's when Montana turned it up a notch and dominated the rest of the game.



Before the game...Chris Quayle of Riverton was named Mr. Wyoming Basketball 2015. The Wolverine will be continue his basketball career at Central Wyoming College in Riverton.

The Wyoming All-Stars vs. Montana at the Golden Dome on the campus of Sheridan College...first quarter...Wyoming wearing the brown...this game is tied at 3...Quayle would show why he has a pair of 3's on his back. He contributed with 11, and that long ball would make the score 6-to-3.

This next highlight was dedicated to Fremont County...Quayle draws the defense to him...and Cooxooeii Black of Lander was open for the stuff. His game was just getting started, and the home team would jump out to an early 9-to-5 lead.

Montana's plan was to use their height advantage and find a way to score up close...and if the first try did not work, they had each other's backs...Matthew Wyman of Great Falls tips in the miss...and that would even things up for now, with the score at 9-all.

..and it wasn't always the big boys doing the work...this is Tre'Von Strong of Billings Skyview scoring on the baseline...he was one of 6 players to score in double figures...and the visitors would go ahead, 14-to-10.

The Northern neighbors had a number of weapons at their disposal...this is Kendal Manuel, also of Billings Skyview...that is 2 of his 17...and he would help keep his boys in the lead at 16-to-12.

The home team would regroup and get back on the attack...Black collects the rebound...great fake and then he will take it in himself for 2 more. Now it's a 2 point game, with the scoreboard reading 16-to-14.

Wyoming was having some success with their long ball attack in the first half...the second half was a different story, but that comes later...Quayle strikes from NBA range...and the lead has changed's 17-to-16, and we have a pretty good game going so far.

The opposition was having some trouble trying to stop Black...when he wanted to score...he did. He would win this 1-on-1 encounter, to help build a 19-to-16 advantage for his far, so good.

Then the visitors would unload their main scoring threat...Tres Tinkle of Missoula Hellgate...the 2-time Montana Gatorade Player of the Year...I will tell you his numbers later, but he has made this a 1 point game at 19-to-18.

Let's get some other Wyoming players into these highlights...they just have to do something...Cole Critchfield of Star Valley just did something big! 3 of his 10 point right there...and his team has a 22-to-18 advantage.

Montana would hang around...Manuel is going to take care of business himself on this play...drives the lane and gets the finish with a couple of seconds to spare. That's a good way to finish the first 10 minutes...the home team was still ahead, 24-to-20.

Second quarter...Wyoming would build on their lead...this is Austin Housekeeper of Mountain of the key...annnnd gets the 3...the lead is up to 7 points...we have a 29-to-22 score.

The opposition had to work for their points...the defense was not making it easy to score inside...Jared Samuelson of Billings West breezes by a defender to put in 2 of his 13 for the cause...that would keep them within striking's 29-to-25.

Things were going back and forth for awhile, and that can make for a good all-star game...Marcus Nolan of Kelly Walsh was in the right place at the right time to grab the loose ball and score...Wyoming is still up 35-to-28...but the visitors would strike back quickly...Tinkle was on the line so this is a very long 2...he was just finding his stride and it's now 35-to-30...but he was not for some defense...his 6 foot 8 size is going reject Critchfield...and you thought all-star games were just a bunch of guys showing off their offensive moves.

Sometimes...crazy plays happen...and sometimes they work...Wyoming had the turnover...then they lost it and Danny Betcher of Billings West will help himself to a free gift. The northern neighbors would stay close, trailing 35-to-32 at this point.

Now you want to talk about a crazy play...Black can do that...I still don't even know what exactly he did, but it was awesome and it got the job done. 23 points for the Tiger grad to lead his squad...and he has his boys ahead, 37-to-34.

This highlight has happened a few times already...sadly though in the 2nd half...Wyoming kept trying it and it did not work...Quayle took what he could get, and he's happy for now, with a 42-to-38 score.

Montana would not go away...they came to play. Samuelson is going deep and sinks a 3 and the lead has shifted in the other direction. That's what his boys needed, and they are now up by 1...with the score at 43-to-42.

The home team would retake the lead briefly, but there was still a little bit of time left...Strong will drive the baseline...gets the shot off in time and beats the buzzer! That how you seize momentum. A good first half on both sides and it was 45-all, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the score would stay close for just a bit longer, but things got a little bit turnover after another...when this play was all said and done, Rhett Baerlocher of Missoula Hellgate would get the points...and put Montana ahead 47-to-45.

Wyoming would come right back...this is Kalei Smith of Powell driving for a lay-in. He would tie the score at 49, and so far it looks like they were going to match the opposition, bucket for bucket.

The trick was getting over the hump...which is easier said than done. Black did way more than his share of scoring...and he had his share of highlights...the home team is down 52-to-51,

The opposition was able to keep Wyoming at arms length...Tinkle is going to bury a 3 from the corner...and open up a little breathing room on the scoreboard. It's 55-to-51.

...but Wyoming kept fighting...Nolan with a great fake and breezes by a defender for a great reverse lay-in...the score is 55-to-53, but that would be the last time the score was ever that close, because this game became very one sided from here on out.

Montana would step things up a notch and pretty much did whatever they wanted...Manuel will fight his way in for a basket...that was just the start...the scoreboard reads 61-53.

They had the height advantage in this game...and they were finally finding ways to score up close...Tinkle led all scorers with 25...this contribution would make this a 10 point it's 63-to-53.

The northern neighbors were scoring from just about anywhere...Manuel with a catch and shoot for 3 off of the could tell which team was on the run...66-to-53 is the score now.

Montana was playing like a team...even when they miss, they had a plan B...this put back by Betcher was part of an 18-to-2 run...this game is not close was 73-to-60 going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...the visitors were trying to finish this game early...Tinkle is ahead of everyone...not sure if that was a dunk or not...he was able to reach the hoop, yet he didn't grab hold of the rim...77-to-60 is our score now.

There's another player or 2 we have not yet shown...Lukas Vining of Great Falls has not done much, but he did plenty with that 3...he had a 15 point game...Montana scored 41 points in the quarter, and are now ahead 82-to-61.

Not much was going right for the home team...but once in a while, they would get a play to's Trey Larson of Gillette with a drive and lay in...but his squad needs more, trailing 88-to-65.

This is an example of what Wyoming was doing...come down...shoot a quick 3...and as of late it has not been working...Black was able to salvage 2 points though on this play...but his boys are on the wrong end of a 94-to-68 score.

We are going to cut these highlights a bit is an all-star game, but it has become a blow-out...Parker McCafferty of Belt, will put the opposition over the century mark with that make it 102-to-72.

Here's a head-up play for the home team...Dylan Daniels of Sheridan with the interception...brings it back..hoop and the foul...that was highlight worthy...but the deficit is at 30 points...106-to-76 is the score and we still have 3 more minutes to play.

Who else have we not shown? How about Alek Johnson of Evanston? Pretty finish right in front of the's all about pride now...the home team is down 113-to-82.

Ok...last one...Nolan is going to show off a bit with the 2-handed flush...but this game was over a long time ago. Montana would dominate the second half...and go on to win...114-to-86.