Kyleigh Hiser of Laramie named Ms. Wyoming Basketball.

Up by 2 at halftime, the Montana girls basketball all-star team pulled away in the 2nd half, 48-32, and won in Golden Dome, 82-64.

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MT: 17-17-26-22 = 82

WY: 15-17-15-17 = 64

Wyoming Scorers:

Christie Schiel (Cheyenne Central) - 7

Kyleigh Hiser (Laramie) - 6

Madison Forney (Rawlins) - 17

Mikayla Brower (Torrington) - 11

Ragen Wilson (Laramie) - 12

Cheyenne Balster (Natrona) - 2

Morgan Wille (Little Snake River) - 6

Kristi Ragan (Lander) - 2

Madison Browning (Natrona) - 1

Montana Scorers:

Tenika Capouch (Billings Skyview) - 11

Peyton Ferris (Twin Bridges) - 6

Shanae Gilham (Bozeman) - 7

Molly Klinker (Fairfield) - 14

Sarah Lester (Frenchtown) - 6

Kayla Lucas (Billings Central) - 6

D.J. Reinhardt (Missoula Sentinel) - 8

Elle Tinkle (Missoula Big Sky) - 9

Kyndal Williams (Helena) - 15



Congratulations go out to Kyleigh Hiser of Laramie who was named Miss Wyoming Basketball 2012. She will be taking her basketball talents to the University of Northern Colorado next season.

The Wyoming All-Stars vs. Montana…this game being played inside the Golden Dome at Sheridan College…first quarter…Wyoming wearing the brown…let’s get Miss Wyoming Basketball in on the act early…there’s 3 for her team, and they’d take an early 4-to-3 advantage.

How about some more…she was lighting them up and burning the nets early on. The Lady Plainsmen scored 6 points in this game, and that was it…her team is up 7-to-5.

But Montana could play long ball as well...Shanae Gilham from Bozeman drops in the first 3 of her 7 and the visitors grab a 12-to-8 lead.

The 3’s were working for awhile early on, for both teams…here’s Mikayla Brower from Torrington at the top of the key…and she opened the door for 3…11 points for the future Western Nebraska Lady Cougar…home team trails 12-to-11.

And the defense and transition game showed up as well…Ragen Wilson of Laramie gets the interception and takes off the other way with it. She’ll pull up for a 10 foot jumper and can it. She contributed with 12 and Casper College likes that…Wyoming still down 14-13.

The girls kept it close early on…Morgan Wille of Little Snake River is getting a feel for her new floor, because she’ll be playing for Sheridan College next year…she scored 6 points and this game is tied at 15.

The opposition had some players as well and they could make some moves. Watch this one by Elle Tinkle of Missoula Big Sky…reverse base-line lay in…nice! She’s going to Gonzaga, and that bucket gave Montana a 17-15 lead after the first 10 minutes.

2nd quarter…this game went back and forth for awhile, which was good for Wyoming…here’s the leading scorer…Madison Forney from Rawlins…hoop and 1…17 points for her, although most of them came from the free throw line...but her team takes the lead, 22-21.

Let’s get more of that defense in…Kristi Ragan of Lander…she was a late add to the team, but she proved that she belonged with this play. She almost lost it, but recovered for her only 2 points of the contest…home team down 1…it’s 25-to-24.

Wyoming would get another turn-over a short time later…this time Ragan dishes an assist to Brower who will take care of the rest. That’s what team-work is supposed to do and the girls reclaim the lead, 26-25.

Let’s get someone else in here…it is an all star game so we got to show everyone…here’s Christie Schiel of Cheyenne Central. She’s going to Montana State to run track next year, but she plays basketball for the Wyoming All-Stars…and they’re up 28-25.

Now this highlight shows determination…Forney gets rejected on the first try…but she’ll recover, and regroup. The second effort pays off and the refs give her one more because of the hack…the home team is enjoying their biggest lead so far…it’s 32-27 at this point.

But that lead did not last because Montana would start getting it together. Tenika Capouch of Billings Skyview takes the assist behind the defense and scores 2 of her 11 points…and we’re knotted up again…this time a 32 points a-piece.

Some plays were just a bit weird but as long as you get 2 doesn’t matter. Sarah Lester of Frenchtown kind of stumbled through this one, but she got it to go…and the visitors took a 34-32 lead going into halftime.

3rd quarter…more from the opposition…D.J. Reinhardt of Missoula Sentinel is ahead of the pack and she’ll get the finish…to cap off an 11-2 run, and the neighbors to the north would go up 38-34.

Wyoming kept hanging around though…Wilson will drive and get a running floater to drop in, and her team was only down by 2…it’s 38-36, but that’s the closest it would get from here on out.

Montana would take control and make all the right moves…Lester drives, scores and takes a bit of a spill but she would be all right…her team would push the lead into double-digits…it’s now 48-38.

Then they would start getting a few more long balls to drop…Kayla Lucas of Billings Central takes a shot on the near wing...and she’s get the bounce and the drop…she put in 6 to help the cause…her team is up 51-to-40.

Here’s comes a 2-on-1 fast break for the visitors and they knew what they were doing…Molly Klinker of Fairfield get the 2…she finished with 14, and Montana was breathing easy, up 60-to-47 going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter…there’s one more Wyoming player we have not shown…that would be CheyAnne Balster of Natrona…she’s got one defender on spin cycle and that was her only 2 points of the game…but Wyoming is still down a lot…67-to-51.

The opposition was making a few more 3’s though…and that was making a difference. Kyndal Williams of Helena High led the team with 15 points including that long ball from the corner…Montana goes up 72-53.

Let’s get that defense in one more time…Klinker takes the assist, but Balster is going to deny access to the hoop. This team did not quit, even though they were not doing well on the scoreboard.

Time to wrap this up…Wyoming kept trying to get points…here’s a good 1-2 combo between Balster and Wille…but in the end…Montana was just too much and they would win their 10th straight game in this series…final score…82-to-64.