Down 7 with 1:10 to go, the Wyoming Girls Basketball All-Stars would come back to tie the game, only to watch Montana hit 4 of 6 free throws in the end to escape the Golden Dome in Sheridan, with a 70-69 win.

Hailey Ligocki of Sheridan was named Ms. Wyoming Basketball.

Scroll down to see video highlights:

MT: 22-12-18-18 = 70

WY: 19-7-20-23 = 69


Wyoming Scorers:

Dani Williams (Gillette) - 3

McCorra Ford - (Gillette) - 15

Katie Kuhn (Laramie) - 8

Dana Bjorhus (Thermopolis) - 0

Shanda Post (Lander) - 2

Kassidy Scott (Douglas) - 10

Hailey Ligocki (Sheridan) - 8

Elissia Johnson (East) - 6

Sierra Toms (Gillette) - 13

Mali Wright (Sheridan) - 4


Montana Scorers:

Courtney Henry (Malta) - 2

Jordyn Johnson (Fairfield) - 3

Jayde Lefevre (Laurel) - 19

Martha Dembek (Winner/Grass Range) - 4

Liz Harper (Missoula Sentinel) - 5

Baylee Watson (Townsend) - 6

Diondra Denton (Great Falls CMR) - 4

Natalee Faupel (Butte) - 7

Kaye Bignell (Helena Capital) - 5

Alicia Sims (Stevensville) - 15



It was no surprise that Hailey Ligocki of Sheridan, won the honor of Ms. Wyoming Basketball. She’ll be taking her game to the University of Wyoming next season.

The Wyoming All-Stars vs. Montana…this game being played in Sheridan…first quarter…Montana wearing the white…Alicia Sims of Stevensville takes the lob pass inside to score the first 2 of her 15 points, to get her team on the board first.

Wyoming would come right back…Ligocki will pull up and drain a short range jumper…she scored 8 points in this contest and now the score is tied at 2.

This game stayed somewhat close for the most part…Baylee Watson of Townsend thought about driving…then she said…nah…I’m good from here. That’s half of her 6 points, and the visitors are up 7-to-2.

The northern neighbors made the first run in the game…no good on the 3, but Liz Harper from Missoula Sentinel was in the right place at the right time to collect the miss and puts it back in…5 for her, and that one put her team up 10-to-2…but the home team would answer…Katie Kuhn of Laramie goes long range for 3 of her 8…although her team is still being doubled up on the scoreboard…it’s now 10-to-5.

The Big Sky state had a good long range attack plan…Jayde LeFevre of Laurel was reaching for the sky on this one and makes it…she led all scorers in this game with 19 points…as Montana would go up by a score of 13-to-5.

The lead would grow to 9, but then Wyoming would chip away at it…McCorra Ford of Gillette..spins inside and gets a bucket to get things going…her team still trails, 15-to-7.

Actually, it was the Camel that was leading the comeback…and she was doing it by herself for awhile…this jumper will get a friendly bounce before the ball drops in for 2 more of her 15…now the score is 15-to-9.

They’d get closer…Sierra Toms of Gillette…dialing long range for 3 and operator…we have a connection…the Lady Camel contributed with 13, and it’s down to a 3 point game…the scoreboard reads, 15-to-12.

The opposition though, was not about ready to give up their lead…Diondra Denton of Great Falls CMR hits from about 17 feet…good for 2 points…she had 4, and the visitors increase their advantage to 17-12…but Ford would see that 2, and raise her 3…I’ll take that bet. Part of an 11-to-2 run, and eventually the score would be tied at 17-all.

Moving on…Wyoming down 2, but not for long…watch this reverse lay-in by Elissia Johnson of Cheyenne East…that was a thing of beauty…6 points for the Lady Thunderbird and the score is even again at 19.

But Montana at times was a little bit quicker with the passing game…LeFevre is open behind the defense and scores quickly before the clock can reach zero…and the visitors would hold a 22-to-19 lead, after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter…not a whole lot happening here scoring-wise…this is Martha Dembek of Winnet/Grass Range weaving her way through the defense for 2 of her 4…to put her team ahead by a count of 26-to-19.

The northern neighbors were finding ways to keep their lead and their distance…here’s Jordyn Johnson of Fairfield with her only 3 points of the game, coming from the corner…every little bit helped and now the score is 29-22.

The home state girls though would stay within striking range…Johnson draws the defense toward her and then feeds the assist to Ford, who is open and scores easily…Wyoming still down 29-to-24 at this point.

It’s an all-star game, so sometimes you can not have a game plan…you have to rely on skill and talent…Kuhn had it on this play, but the home team would find themselves on the wrong end of a 34-to-26 score, going into the locker room.

Third quarter…the girls would stay after it…Ligocki misses her first try, but she got her own rebound and the second try worked…that’s how you stay after it…now her team trails, 34-to-28.

Let’s get someone new in here…loose ball inside, but Mali Wright of Sheridan will get to it first and score up close for 2 of her 4…the deficit is now at 2…it’s 34-32.

Now let’s show someone else…Kassidy Scott out of Douglas…she had double-digit scoring with 10 and that bucket makes it a 1-point game…the score is 36-to-35.

They kept trying to get over the hump…Scott from college range…might as well…college is her future…Wyoming is breathing down Montana’s neck down by 1.

Here comes another try, but this time, the opposing defense showed up…Ford with a drive, but Harper with the swat…she’s the main reason why her high school has won the last 2 Montana state AA championships.

The home team would try something else…here’s Dani Williams of Gillette…she’s double teamed, but still manages to score…she put in 3 for the cause…but her squad is still down 1…42-to-41.

Then the visitors would open up some breathing room…Lefevre is in the corner…causing triple trouble…her team needed that one…now it’s 45-to-41.

Montana was moving…and getting more players in on the attack…this is Kaye Bignell of Helena Capital…hoop and the harm…5 points were her numbers…the lead is at 8…the score is 49-to-41.

Wyoming could not let that deficit get any bigger or it was going to be a long comeback…Toms gets in for another 2…and her squad would have to settle being down, 52-to-46, going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter…there’s one more home state player that we have not shown…Shanda Post of Lander…her only bucket of the game…there was also Dana Bjorhus of Thermopolis, but she did not score in this contest…52-48 is the score.

Wyoming needs points…time is becoming a factor…Kuhn is behind the crowd…and also behind the line…there’s 3…but they need more trailing, 58-53.

About 2 and a-half minutes to go…and the girls need 7…Scott will put up a long 2 and gets it to go…her team will take it for now…but they’re still down 62-to-58.

The opposition was maintaining their advantage with free throws…the home team meanwhile, kept shooting…Ford spins…shot…foul…bucket…there’s a little bit more than 1 minute to go…Wyoming still down 66-to-61.

Later…they’d catch a couple of breaks…and get an opportunity to score with the clock stopped…Toms will knot the score up at 66, but Wyoming never could grab the lead.

Free throws were the key in the end…Montana would hit 4 of 6 in the last 30 seconds…and a big one with 5 seconds to go to ice the game.

It’s inevitable now, but the girls did not quit…actually the buzzer did go off first…but the refs were generous and gave Toms the 3…but the home team was still one point short…Wyoming has not won the home game since 2007 against Montana…and the visitors would slip out of this one…70-to-69.