Highlights of the Saturday, January 12th Girls Basketball game, between #1 Sheridan at #4 Natrona.

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The Fillies would hold the Lady Broncs scoreless in the extra 4 minutes, to win a low scoring game.



They’re learning. Before you know it…they’ll be competing at the state dance competition…and maybe the national competition as well.

Number 1 Sheridan at Number 4 Natrona…first quarter…Sheridan wearing the gold…Robbie Ryan is just a freshman…and you going to see her a number of times. She’ll pull up for a jumper from the free throw line…that’s worth 2 points and the Lady Broncs are on the board first.

Of course N-C brought the defense…Kaylee Johnson is one inch taller than Malie Wright…and that one inch is all you need for a rejection. That ball is not going anywhere on that shot attempt.

So the visitors had to try a new strategy…it involved Hailey Ligocki…the future University of Wyoming Cowgirl…there’s 3 reasons why and her team was making an early statement up 5-to-1.

The home team would slowly get back into this game with free throws…but they needed baskets as well.  Johnson would provide her share with 16 points to lead all scorers and this game is tied at 5-all.

The junior was the work-horse in the opening quarter…here’s a foul line jumper of her own that will get a few friendly bounces and drop, as N-C would go out in front 9-to-5.

Sheridan had some strategy to use and this play was a beauty…Alison Geary comes through the lane…her team-mates find her and she finds 2 points on the lay-in…it’s a 9-9 contest after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…defense and transition is what kept Natrona in this game at times…Johnson gets the turnover…then Veronique Gallegos feeds the assist to Emman Norvelle who will finish on the far side…to put last year’s 4A state runner ups ahead…11-to-9.

The opposition would take the lead back on free throws…which meant there was more work for NC…Sierra Bartsch is going to score underneath and add to the cause…Fillies are back on top 13-to-12.

They would open up their arsenal a little bit…first the save…and then Gallegos…silent but deadly on the 3-ball. She’s short stuff but she packs a whallop…Natrona now ahead 16-to-14.

But the Lady Broncs were finding their stride as well. Ryan slices right through the lane…like I said…she’s a freshman…and put in 15 and this game is deadlocked at 16.

Things were going back and forth for awhile…which was to be expected. Gallegos thought about another 3, and then decided to go in for 2 instead and it worked…home team goes back up 18-to-16.

Back came Sheridan…Ligocki will stop, pop and hit a bucket from about 12 feet to swing the momentum back in the direction of her team…and the scoreboard has a pair of 18’s lit up.

We got a few seconds left before half-time and Natrona was going for the last shot. The long-ball found nothing but air…and after a loose ball scramble…Jena Milliken will find a way to get open behind the crowd and throw one up and that’ll drop in ahead of the buzzer…as the Fillies would go into the locker room, up 21-18.

3rd quarter…the visiting Lady Broncs would make a move here. Maddy McClure will strike with a running jumper…and that has her team down 1…it’s 21-20 at this point.

Sheridan was undefeated coming into this game…and Ryan is one of the reasons why. Some teams have been underestimating her…and the Lady Broncs are now ahead…24-21.

This was a low scoring game on both sides…and the home team Fillies have not scored since just before halftime…8 minutes later…Bartsch will break the drought before the buzzer would go off…and thankfully N-C was only down 27-24, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…free throws would tie the score, but the visiting team was not quite ready to relinquish the lead. Pretty good moves by Ryan on this play and she scores again…her team is ahead 29-27.

We have not heard from Johnson in awhile…that’s because she found herself on the bench with 4 fouls, but now she’s chancing it and it will pay off…hoop and the hack…that would get the home team to within 1…they trail 30-to-29.

2nd chance points played a factor late in the contest…Johnson will collect her own miss and clean up the mess herself…as N-C would reclaim the advantage…leading 33-to-30.

The opposition was making some free throws, but time was running out and they needed a field goal. Taylor Townsend converts the turnover into points…Ryan would add a couple more from the charity stripe…and we needed overtime, because the score was knotted up at 34 when the clock said triple-zero.

In the extra period…not much happened…but for Natrona…they got what they wanted. Norvelle at the free throw line…and once again the senior was clutch when it mattered the most. Sheridan put up a goose egg in the extra period, and as a result, the Fillies would remove the goose egg off of the Lady Broncs’ record. NC wins in overtime…37-34.