The top 10 nordic skiers for the 2014-2015 season have received all-state honors.

There's no voting for all-state.

Skiers earn points through-out the season, based on where they finish at each event.


Dominic Fields - Cody

Bjorn Schou - Jackson

Wilton Springer - Jackson

Chris Watters - Jackson

Jake Pearson - Kelly Walsh

Liam McInroy - Laramie

Albert Steiner - Laramie

Lucas Thorsness - Laramie

Christian Bjorklun - Natrona

Trevor Willoughby - Natrona



Abby Brazil- Jackson

Anna Gibson- Jackson

Reilly Gibson -Jackson

Eireann O’Connor - Jackson

Sydney Wiswell - Jackson

Sam Harmon - Kelly Walsh

Hailey Schmidt - Laramie

Kit Kat Gruner - Natrona

Riley Realing - Natrona

Maddy Tinker - Natrona