Once the North got comfortable, they were able to get their shots to drop, and pull away in the 2nd half vs. a faster South team.

Scroll down to see video highlights!

North: 14-18-15-23 = 70

South: 11-18-10-22 = 61

North scorers:

Sophie Claycomb (Upton) - 7

Camey Fegler (Riverton) - 9

Lauren Hinckley (Lovell) - 14

Madison Hinshaw (Campbell County) - 2

Haylee Hoffman (Thermopolis) - 2

Olivia L'Ami (Kelly Walsh) - 9

Chayli McArthur (Lovell) - 5

Tyelynn Myers (Thermopolis) - 5

Savannah Salisbury (Riverton) - 8

Olivia Thompson (Shoshoni) - 9


South Scorers:

Lindy Bluemel (Lyman) - 4

Emily Evans (Cheyenne Central) - 6

Rachelle Harris (Lyman) - 1

Kataya Kallstrom (Cokeville) - 4

Jessica Lessard (Southeast) - 6

Aubrey Newton (Mountain View) - 2

Quriss Romero (Rawlins) - 13

Mariah Smith (Rock Springs) - 7

McKayla Ward (Burns) - 8

McKenzie Ward (Burns) - 9



Twenty years later...and the Macerena dance lives on. It's amazing what has been passed on to the younger generation.

It's North vs. South in the 2015 Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Girls Basketball Game...first quarter...South wearing the yellow...Quriss Romero of Rawlins was open, and she will hit the 18 foot jumper, to get her team on the board first...it's 2-to-nothing.

The opposition would move ahead, but it did not stay that way for long...great ball movement on this highlight...and Emily Evans of Cheyenne Central would get behind the double-team and score easily. The team-work would put the South back in front, 5-to-4.

Speaking of team-work...this next highlight stayed in the family...McKayla Ward of Burns with the assist to her sister McKenzie and they just gave their dad...er...coach, 3 reasons to smile. The score has been doubled up...it's 8-to-4.

The North would eventually get things together...Tyelynn Myers of Thermopolis was on the line, so that will go down as a long 2...and the advantage would shift back to her team, which is now ahead 12-to-8.

Sometimes they had to put a plan together on the fly, but in an All-Star game...that's normal. Olivia Thompson of Shoshoni gives it up to Lauren Hinckley of Lovell, who gives it right back to Thompson for the finish...and the foul. No good on the extra try, but now the score is 14-to-8.

The South was picking and choosing their shots...Jessica Lessard of Southeast will fake out a defender...reposition herself and bury a 3...it would keep her squad within striking distance...trailing 14-to-11, after the first 10 minutes.

2nd quarter...they would get even closer...the small school players were doing their part...Kataya Kallstrom of Cokeville feeds McKayla Ward who had an open path to the hoop and scores 2 points. The deficit is down to 1...it's 14-to-13.

...but the North was not ready to give up the lead...Camey Fegler of Riverton with a base-line drive and she will put in 2 for the cause to help open up a 4 point lead. The scoreboard reads 19-to-15.

The South kept fighting though...and it would pay off...Evans will put on a good move close to the hoop and gets the shot to go. That was a key basket, because it would tie the score at 19 points a piece.

...and a tie is almost always broken in basketball...this was the only 2 points scored by Haylee Hoffman of Thermopolis...but it was a good looking 2 points, as the North would go back out in front...21-to-19.

They were trying to get as many players involved as they could, and the plan was working. Savannah Salisbury of Riverton is going to get in on the scoring with this long range 2...every little bit was helping. Now it's 23-to-19.

What works for one team, can work for the other. The South would give Mariah Smith of Rock Springs a chance and she did not disappoint. This would close the gap to 3, with the score at 24-to-21 and they would eventually reclaim the lead.

That did not go over too well with the North and they responded...Hinckley is in the corner...and the Lady Bulldog will bury a 3-bone to put her team ahead, 27-to-25...although...she had a bad landing and twisted her ankle. The good news is she would eventually return.

The South wanted to get that lead back, and they had to work for it, just like before. Smith will grab her own rebound and stick the ball back in for 2...and they would have to settle for being down 32-to-29, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...the North was having some success scoring inside...this is Chayli McArthur of Lovell scoring in traffic to help the cause...now it's 35-to-29.

They would build on their lead...which is something they have not done in quite some time. Myers shoots for 3 and her aim was right on target. Everyone was contributing and they have a 9 point advantage, at 38-to-29.

...but the opposition would make a comeback...Lindy Bluemel of Lyman will fake a defender and now she has an open look at the hoop...that would close the gap to 3, with the scoreboard reading 38-to-35.

We're trying to show as many players as we can in this all star game...this will go down as 2 for Sophie Claycomb of Upton...another step back would have given her 1 more point, but no matter...the North was ahead 47-to-39 going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...the South needed to make a move soon and keep the score close. McKenzie Ward will drive the baseline and put in 2 more with the floater. Her girls are still down 4...it's 59-to-55.

The North would answer...just to show you that Hinckley is ok...here she is with a jumper and she will get a swirly and the deuce...she led all scorers with 14 points, and that would keep her team ahead 61-to-55.

This next highlight left us asking one question...where was the defense? Everyone got out of the way of Olivia L'Ami of Kelly Walsh. She will always take a wide open lane to the hoop, and that would make the score 63-to-56.

Time was becoming an issue and the South was in need of some points...McKenzie Ward is going to provide 3 more, but in the end, they would come up short. The North would prevail in this All-Star game...70-to-61.