Make your 3's and the rest will take care of themselves.

The North hit 10 3-bombs, raced out to an 11-2 lead, and cruised from there to a 74-62 win vs. the South in the 2013 Wyoming Coaches Association Girls Basketball All-Star Game.

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North: 21-13-15-25 = 74

South: 10-12-15-25 = 62


North Scorers:

Shanda Post (Lander) - 16

Alyssa Hildebrand (Powell) - 5

Dani Williams (Gillette) - 15

Sierra Toms (Gillette) - 17

Hailey Ligocki (Sheridan) - 11

Kallee Wilson (Rocky Mountain) - 3

Sarah Nielsen (Tongue River) - 5

Bailey Roebling (Arvada-Clearmont) - 0

Flynn Guerrieri (Jackson) - 2


South Scorers:

Trilby Applequist (Farson-Eden) - 0

Hallie Burkart (Southeast) - 0

Samantha Starkey (Lusk) - 0

Katie Kuhn (Laramie) - 2

Leah Cheney (East) - 6

Molly Kreycik (Douglas) - 10

Haleigh Legerski (Rock Springs) - 0

Elissia Johnson (East) - 8

Carlie Cecil-Edelman (Douglas) - 16

Kassidy Scott (Douglas) - 20



Balloons are supposed to keep the kids amused...however...their definition of amused might not be what you think!

North vs. South in the Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Game...first quarter...North wearing the brown...Hailey Ligocki of Sheridan draws the defense in to her...and then kicks the ball out to a wide open Dani Williams of Gillette...the latter will seal the deal with a 3 and her team would jump out to a 6-zip lead.

The South kept thinking that Ligocki was going to go to the hoop...but she knew how to spread the's another assist...this time to Sarah Nielsen of Tongue River...the Lady Eagles scores 2 of her 5, to make the score 8-to-1.

The North was firing on all's Sierra Toms of Gillette...from wayyy downtown...she led the team with 17 points...and that bomb would push the score up to 11-to-2.

It took awhile before the South got anything going...we're already 5 minutes in and they have zero field goals...Kassidy Scott of Douglas finally breaks the drought with this 3...she led all scorers with 20...and her team now trails 11-to-5.

This game was a long-ball parade in the opening quarter...Alyssa Hildebrand of Powell is making it rain 3's at Casper College. She contributed with 5 and now it's 14-to-8.

...and here comes more...Shanda Post of Lander wants to get in on the act...she poured in 16 to help the cause...the north was on fire from behind the they would build a 21-to-10 advantage, after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter...the South needed to wake up on defense...Elissia Johnson from Cheyenne East with the steal...then she'll pull up from 18 feet and can a long 2-point basket...8 points were her numbers, but her team is still down 23-to-14.

However, the 3's just kept on coming for the's Kallee Wilson out of Rocky Mountain with her only points of the game...and her team will take them...the lead is back up to's 26-to-16.

They were not done...10 3's total for the North and that makes for a lot of points. Post is air-mailing one more for good measure...the lead was never below 10 points after that...the scoreboard now reads, 29-to-16.

If the South wanted to hang around...they needed to take a page out of their opponents playbook...Scott did what she could, but her team needed more then they were on the wrong end of a 34-to-22 score, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...they were trying to make a move...Johnson with another steal...this time right under her own hoop...that would make for a reasonably easy 2 points...the South is down by's 34-to-24.

But they would get no closer...Post with a little thievery of her own...she'll take it back the other way, and almost put too much on the lay-in try...she would get the drop though...that would push the score up to 36-24.

Right about now...would be a good time for another 3...Williams is more than happy to provide...she also scored in double-digits with 15...the North is now up 39-to-24.

The South's problem was that they had 4 players that did not score at all...Leah Cheney of Cheyenne East will do her part with this drive and lay-in...she put forth a 6-point game...that would make this a 39-to-26 contest.

Let's get someone else in here...let's try Carlie Cecil-Edelman out of Douglas...hoop and the harm...she would complete the old fashioned 3-point play for a part of her 16 it's 41-to-29.

But the North would counter that 3, with one of their own...Toms...catch...shoot...boom...'nuff said...the advantage would grow to 15...the score is 44-to-29.

There was no quit in the's just that they dug themselves too deep of an early hole to get out of...Cecil-Edelman will take matters into her own hands on this drive and bucket...that helped a little bit, although her team is still down, 46-to-33.

Back to the other side...and I think you know what's coming...Post...and she wants next day delivery by 3 o'clock...there was no stopping the long range attack...the north was up 49-to-37 going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...there's a couple of players for the South that we have not shown...this is Katie Kuhn out of Laramie...she was off-balance on that shot, but got it to go...whatever works...but the deficit is at's 58-to-39. they're down by 22 and at this's all about pride...Scott will take a spill on the drive, but she would get the bucket and the foul...she was fine...but the score is showing 61 for the opposition and 41 for her team.

Over to the far side...and I know I'm going to say this wrong...Flynn Guerrieri out of Jackson, with her only 2 points...the people in Teton County know who she is...North leads, 63-to-41.

If there was a defensive M-V-P for this had to go to Johnson...another steal...another trip to the hoop...another 2 points...all in a day's work...South trails, 63-to-46, but there was time on the clock, so they kept playing.

The South was making some-what of a come-back...and the North was letting them make the score a little more respectable...Scott strikes again for 3...she had a good day on the it's a 64-to-51 contest. for some players that we haven't seen in awhile...first up is she'll take the inside lob and score easily...South still trails how about comes the future University of Wyoming Cowgirl...she had 11, but most of those came from the free throw the score is 72-to-57, North leads...and this is Molly Kreycik out of Douglas burying 3 of her 10...we did not forget about her. In the end though...that early 3 point barrage by the North set the tone of the they would win this all-star contest...74-to-62.