There are always outstanding performances on the field in Wyoming prep football.  Here are some of the highlights from the Championship Weekend.


Rushing:   6 Man Seth Bennett 304 yards on 18 carries with 6 td's.   1A Cokeville Jace Peterson 70 yards and 26 carries and 2 tds.   2A Mountain View Austin Housekeeper 63 yards on 24 carries and 2 scores.  3A Douglas Logan Barker 121 yards on 22 carries.  4A Tevis Bartlett  65 yards on 21 carries and 2 TD's.

Passing:    6 Man  Meeteetse Seth Bennett  10 of 21 for 133 and 3 TD's.  2A  Austin Housekeeper  12 of 23 for 180 and 1 INT.  4A  Tevis Bartlett 7 of 17 for 107 and 2 picks.

Recieving: Caleb Flake caught 6 passes for 106 yards,  Logan Wilson of Natrona caught 6 for 93 and a TD.  Jasper Smith of Meeteetse caught 4 for 59 and 2 td's.  Christian Mayer caught 2 passes for 20 yards and 2 td's.

Defense:   Lusk's Derick Vandebossche amassed 48 points with 16 tackles and 2 fumble recoveries.   Powell's Zach Thompson had 35 with 14 tackles including 3.5 sacks.   Deven Ibach of Big Horn and Colt Haman of Douglas each had 32 points.  Zane Hladky of Lusk also had 29 points.

Getting Your Money's Worth:  Seth Bennett   6 rushing td's, 3 passing td's,  437 yards all purpose on 39 attempts.  He also scored 22 points on defense.   Christian Mayer of Big Horn scored 2 rushing TD's, caught a TD pass,  ran a kick off back to the house and had a 91 yard pick six.