Highlights of the Friday, December 7th Boys Basketball game, between #3 Laramie at #4 Natrona.

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An early season clash of undefeated teams needed 8 more minutes, until Natrona self-destructed in the end, enabling Laramie to win.

Friday Night Date Night…never too old for it. Even if all you do is sit on the sofa and watch a game.

#3 Laramie at #4 Natrona in a matchup of unbeaten teams…first quarter…Laramie wearing the maroon…down 4-nothing early…Sam Feldman is wide open underneath the hoop and he took care of that zero on scoreboard…and his team is down 4-to-2.

Natrona responded with some defense…Sam Hainline and Nathan Pieper both stand at 6’6”…and Hainline got faced by the pied Pieper. That would force the Plainsmen to come up with a new game plan.

Eventually, they did and it payed off for awhile. Abel Casas spots up for 3 and he’s got nothing but net and it was a beauty. That was part of an 11-zip run, to put the visitors up 11-to-4.

NC would try to get it together, before things got out of hand. Rhett Bratton is in the corner…causing trouble. That was a much needed trey, and the home team was only down 11-to-7 after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter…the Mustangs would try to inch closer…Adam Britton takes the bounce pass and then gets a kiss off the glass for 2 points, and his team was within striking distance…trailing 13-to-9.

But the Plainsmen would open up some breathing room…Tyler Loose is going around the defense…gets the bump and the bucket. The senior led all scorers in this contest with 24 points, and the score is now 15-to-9.

Moving on…Loose was thinking about it again, but this time the road was closed…so he’d take it outside and give it to Feldman who’s letting it fly and he connects for 3…20 points for the other senior and the visitors have the score doubled up…they’re winning 18-to-9.

They would press on…Casas drives, draws the defense in…kicks out to a wide open Loose, who going to get loose on this 3-ball…Laramie was starting to prove that they were for real, and now have a 21-to-11 advantage.

...and if you give them a fast break opportunity…they’ll take it. Drew Burman is taking off the other way…yes, that Tom Burman’s kid…the A-D at the University of Wyoming. The visitors are enjoying their biggest lead of the game…the scoreboard reads, 23-to-11.

The Mustangs needed to get their offense going soon, or else they were going to be in trouble. Bratton is going to answer the call with this 3-ball in the side pocket…it will do for now, but there’s more work to be done, as Natrona was down 23-to-14, going into halftime.

3rd quarter…the Mustangs got on their high horse and got going…Chandler Meeboer had his toes on the line so this is going to go down as a really long 2…but it got his team closer, down 23-18.

…then the Pieper was playing a different tune…this time on offense…cans the 12 foot jumper…he chipped in with 11, and now it’s a 23-20 contest.

They still needed 3 more and they would get it the old fashioned way…Pieper is surrounded, but he still managed to get the shot up…got the bucket and 1 more…that would cap off a 12-zip run, and we have ourselves a tie game again…it’s 23-all.

But Laramie would regroup and reclaim the momentum…nice behind the back pass from Loose to Casas…and that was worth 3 points. Rather sneaky, but it worked…and the visitors go back up 28-23.

Then it was time to spread the love around a bit…Loose was feeling it on this long bomb, and he’ll ring one up…the Plainsmen were building on another lead, it’s now 33-to-27.

They had some defense as well…and it came with a transition game…Loose picks a pocket and he’s taking off the other way…keep the change…he’ll take the 2. That has his team in decent shape…leading 37-to-29 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…the home team would work on another comeback. Bratton finds Pieper open in the lane. The quick pass leads to quick points. NC still trails 37-31.

They were not done…there was still more work to do. Here’s Brett Kautzmann getting in on the act…a long 2, but every point counted. The Mustangs are now down 37-33.

Laramie would counter and try to stop the run…they find Feldman open inside and the defense was a split second too late. The lead is back up to 8…it’s 41-33 at this point.

Thankfully for the Mustangs, there was still a good amount of time left on the clock. We have not seen Parker Browning yet. He’ll make his presence known here…look out! 12 points for the sophomore. NC has cut the deficit to 2…it’s 43-41 with about 2 minutes remaining.

The home team would get a back court turnover…and now they have to finish the job. Austin Banks is taking matters into his own hands and he’ll drive right through the defense like a hot knife through butter. We need some more time, because the score was knotted up at 45, when the clock hit triple zero’s.

Now we’re in overtime, and things are getting more interesting. Burman would take the assist and score first for Laramie, as they would go up by a score of 47-45.

Natrona would counter…This is Connor True…staying true to the cause with a spin move and bucket…13 points for the junior…4 extra minutes was not enough…it was 49-all when that was all done, so we need some more time.

In the second extra period…the Plainsmen were finding ways to work the ball inside. Feldman proves my point and that would break the tie and put the score at 53-51.

Back comes NC…True…made his move late in the game, but he came through when his team needed it. Things are tied up again at 53.

But then Natrona would break down and lose their composure. A technical foul called for arguing a call and for the visitors…all they had to do was make the free throws and they made most of them. The opposition was unable to regroup…and Laramie would get out of the orange dungeon, with a 67-59 double overtime win, to remain unbeaten.