Video highlights of the Saturday, March 14th 3A Girls Basketball State Championship Game, between Lovell vs. Powell, played at the Casper Events Center.

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Leading by 13 points in the first half, the Lady Panthers would let the Lady Bulldogs comeback and grab the advantage, but they recovered, and knocked down their free throws, to win their first girls basketball state championship in school history.



Scotty's been sweeping the floor at the Casper Events Center for 29 years...and I'm still trying to find out if he's ever missed a spot. I'm not sure how he does it.

Lovell vs. Powell in the 3A State Championship Game...first quarter...Powell wearing the black...already up 1-to-nothing...Danna Hanks...15 footer...good...that extra point came in handy, and combined with that would make the score 3-zip.

The Lady Panthers were not waiting around for the opposition to get ready...Jenni Ebersberger with an underhand lay-up...and just like has become a 10-nothing game. You could tell which team was not messing around.

Lovell needed about 5 more minutes of warm up time...because that's how long it took them, to get on the scoreboard...Mykelle Nichols with a 12 footer, and finally they have some points...but they still trail 10-to-2.

Powell was taking the fight to the opposition...Dani Asay is surrounded...but she manages to get a shot off...hoop and 1...her team meant business...the 3 point play would make it 13-to-2.

Just about everything was going their way so far...even with time running out...Breanna Donarski from N-B-A range at the buzzer...count it! The Lady Panthers were pumped! They would hold a 20-to-7 lead after the first 8 minutes and it does not get much better then that, at this point in the game.

2nd quarter...this game was a long way from being over...but Powell wanted it to end soon...they would work the ball inside to Kalina Smith and she adds on to the cause...just wait until you see what she did in the 4th quarter...we have ourselves a 22-to-9 ball game right now.

The Lady Bulldogs needed to get loose from their chain...and the only way they could do that, was to help themselves...Savanna Savage wins a 1-on-1 encounter near the hoop and scores...but they are still being doubled up on the's 22-to-11.

They needed a little bit of luck to go their way as well...this highlight would qualify...Emilee Reasch was in the right place at the right time to snatch the loose ball and score quickly...that got the deficit back into single's 22-to-13.

Once they would settle down...Lovell actually got something going...Reasch will fake a defender and then drop in a 10-foot bucket...her girls were slowly getting closer...trailing 22-to-15.

The Lady Panthers needed to regroup, because their lead had dwindled somewhat...Ebersberger takes aim...lets 'er fly and connects for 3...she led all scorers with 21 points. That would push the lead back up to's 25-to-15.

Ebersberger is only 1 of 2 seniors on the team...and for them to make it this far means they are pretty good. Here's she will deposit 2 more...and keep her squad out in front, 27-to-17.

Between these 2 teams...this was the 5th time this season that they have played each other...including the 3rd Saturday in a they had each other figured good on the 2-point try...but Charri McArthur was set up behind the 3-point line and buries this shot. A 13 point lead has been cut to 3...the score is now 27-to-24.

Powell would keep it together was no surprise to them that the opposition was making a comeback...Asay would try to swing the pendulum back in her team's favor with the keep her team in front 29-to-24.

The first quarter went mostly one way...while the second went mostly the other...Nichols contributed with 14...and this 3 was big...that would close the gap to 2...we had ourselves a 29-27 ball game, going into the locker room.

Third was time to see which team was going to seize control, considering what had happened earlier...Ebersberger was able to keep her balance...stay in bounds...and finds a way to score...that's highlight worthy...her team is up 31-to-27.

The Lady Bulldogs though were starting to add some bite with their bark...McArthur is at the top of the key for 3...and she will bury that bone...10 points for the junior...and that would put them back within striking distance...down 32-to-30.

..and what can be buried can be dug up...McArthur is going to dig up 2 points on the base-line drive...and now we have a tie game...both teams have 32 points a-piece.

We could use a little defense right about now...Powell was trying to go back on top but Reasch had other ideas. Like I said...5th meeting between these 2 teams...and the series is 2-2...each side knew what the other was going to do.

There is still another quarter to be played, and Lovell was a little tired with playing catch-up. Sara Clark wanted to pass...then saw the clock...and beats it. Now things are getting really interesting. It was 36-all, going into the final 8 minutes.

Fourth things are getting good...we showed you one McArthur's the other one...this is Chayli McArthur working her way around a defender for 2 and the refs give her one more...she had a 13 point game...and the Lady Bulldogs have taken their first lead of the contest...the 3-point play makes it 42-to-39.

Chayli picked a good time to show up and make her presence she will strike again and would open up Lovell's biggest lead of the game...we have a 44-to-39 score now.

Meanwhile...the opposition still had some time to recover, but they could not afford to be trailing by much more...we have not seen Smith in quite awhile...but she was still out there...that was huge...the Lady Panthers have regained control, up 45-to-44.

I told you earlier that Smith was going to do something big...and here it is...she would develop a hot hand and burn the nets with a pair of 3's...but that was the last field goal of the game for Powell...they lead 48-to-44 with 3 minutes to the question was, could they hang on?

The Lady Bulldogs gave them a fight...but instead of shooting 3's, they would go for it the old fashioned way...Chayli gets another hoop and another whistle...that would cut the deficit to's 49-to-47.

Free throws would push the difference back up to 4, so Lovell had to keep going after it...Nicholls drives and scores to get those 2 points back...they need a break to go their way though...they are still down 51-to-49.

The answer to the hang on question...was yes! The Lady Panthers made 10 of 14 free throws in the last 3 minutes...ok maybe not that one, but the reason we showed it, was because we were just a couple of seconds away from the celebration.

Powell wins their first state championship in school history! They squandered a huge lead earlier, but they would recover, finish the job and win the rubber match vs. their Highway 14-A rivals.

Final the Lady Panthers would conclude the season, with a record of 22-and-4.