Highlights of the Monday, May 27th, legion baseball game between the Sheridan Troopers at the Gillette Roughriders.

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Both rivals slugged it out, but the home team would prevail in the end.



Before we start…we’ll give a shout out to our good buddy Ted Ripko. who was calling his final game, before he and the family move to Salt Lake City. Happy Trails partner!

The Sheridan Troopers at the Gillette Roughriders in a non-conference game…top of the first…Kadison Wass pitching for Gillette…and when you see the batter run off like that…you know it was strike 3 to end the inning.

Bottom of the first…the Roughriders have 2 runners in scoring position…going the opposite way is a good strategy in that situation…Alex King thought so as well. The single will bring in Jarran Arbach...and Kadison Wass is not far behind him…as the home team would go up 2-zip.

A couple of batters later…Lucas Rissler is called to help get his team-mate home…nothing fancy…just a single up the middle. King will touch the plate to put his team up by a score of 3-to-nothing.

Top of the 2nd…Sheridan would answer…runners on the corners…Will O’Dell will find a lot of room in right center field…we don’t know exactly where the ball landed, but you get the general idea…it’s a double…Skylar Holwell has already scored…and here comes Kaul Eisele around from first…as for O’Dell, he would eventually score on a wild pitch, to tie this game up at 3.

Bottom of the second…Holwell pitching for the Troopers and he’ll claim a victim of his own. This may have been a non-conference game, but these teams are rivals and they don’t care if it counts or not.

Top of the third…the visitors were out to prove that their win vs. Cheyenne Post 6 a few weeks ago was not a fluke…Holwell will help his own cause by going the opposite way himself for a single…that nets him a RBI in the form of Andrew Youngs to break the tie…it’s now 4-to-3.

Bottom of the 3rd…I don’t know who was at fault on this one…it was either a bad throw by Ethan Hoops or Holwell used too much momentum trying to cover first base…Ian Durgin is safe on the error..Lucas Rissler cashes in on the miscue and both teams are knotted up again at 4-all.

Bottom of the 4th…King batting again for Gillette…this could be…it might be…it’s…off the wall…but he’ll make the most of it and turn this play into a triple to get the inning started…and his team was back in business.

Next batter…Austin Tennant…and he’ll finish the job…hits into the fielders choice…he doesn’t mind the out, because he got an R-B-I on the play…King scores…home team is up 5-to-4.

Later…the Troopers defense steps up…that’s strike 3 for out number 2…and then Matt Mullinax and Hoops team up to take out Rissler at second…and the unusual double play will get Sheridan out of a jam and end the inning.

Bottom of the 5th…the visitors would get out of one mess and put themselves into another…Hoops plays the ball off of the mound and gets the out at first…but on that play…Keegan Williams was rounding third and was thinking about it…the opposition trails to nail him but the throw was off the mark…Williams has a free pass home and the home team now leads, 6-to-4.

Top of the 6th…the visitors would come back…Mullinax wants extra bases and he’s going to get them…a double to the left center field warning track…O’Dell scores from third and his team is getting closer down 6-to-5.

Next batter…Mort…fielders’ choice…the Roughriders try to cut down Christian Mayer at the plate, but he’s in sliding…and we’re dead even again on the scoreboard at 6-6.

Bottom of the 6th…home team threatening…times 2…Rissler will knock that pitch just out of the reach of the diving shortstop for a base hit…Wass comes in to score…and watch the slide by Matt Fogle…he was going for style…that would open up some breathing room and Gillette is back on top, 8-to-6.

Top of the 7th…Sheridan needs 2…O’Dell will get one of them on this play as he’ll bring in Drew Adriaens…but his team-mates could not produce one more…as the Roughriders would win this non-conference game…8-to-7.