Video highlights of the Saturday, January 18th 4A girls basketball game, between #1 Natrona at #2 Sheridan.

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The Lady Broncs built an 18-point halftime lead, but had to hang on, as the Fillies would cut the deficit to 1, before falling short.



There's one in every crowd...the air drummer! Now if we can just find the rest of the band.

Number 1 Natrona at number 2 Sheridan...first quarter...Sheridan wearing the white...this game is tied at 2...Robbi Ryan is wide open at the top of the key...and she will help herself to 3...that would get her team off to a good start, and they are ahead, 5-to-2.

Natrona did not stay down long...the defense thought the ball was going to Kaylee Johnson...instead it went to Gabby Johnson...she had quite a game...more from her it's 5-to-4.

Now even though the opposition was ready for Kaylee Johnson...the Stanford bound senior got her points's 2 off of a triple team...11 points were her numbers, and the Fillies would take a 6-to-5 advantage.

As for the Lady Broncs...they were getting a few bounces to go their good on the 3, but the rebound goes right to Taylor Townsend who will settle for 2...that would shift the lead in her team's it's 7-to-6.

The visitors have more than the Johnson and Johnson girls...they also have Emily Robertson...who is just as tall as Kaylee and is only a sophomore...hoop and the hack...the 3 point play would put N-C ahead, 9-to-7.

The home team was smart to stay away from the big players...they knew they had to shoot from outside of the paint...Townsend will swish a 15-footer to knot this game up again at 9-points all.

The long range attack was getting the job done too...Molly Ligocki from the wing and the senior has some hot sauce to go with that...Sheridan would hold a 12-to-9 advantage...after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...I said earlier that the Lady Broncs had to stay away from the big girls, but they got the ball inside a few just have to be fast and Townsend was just that. She contributed with 16, and her squad leads, 16-to-10.

The speed was's another fast pass and quick score...this one is courtesy of Maddy McClure...that bucket would push things up to 18-to-12.

N-C would eventually find themselves in a double-digit hole and had to dig their way out of it...Robertson will get her own rebound and stick back...she score a dozen...but her team was looking up at a 24-14 deficit.

The opposition was maintaining their fast's another example as Dylan Wright will score on a catch, turn-around and make this a 26-to-14 game.

Sheridan was also out-hustling the opposition to the rebound...this is a great example by Jannae Fieldgrove...this 2 point basket has the score doubled's 28-to-14 at this point.

...and there was more to took a few tries, but Townsend would eventually get the drop, to cap off a 12-2 spurt...and the Lady Broncs are now ahead, 30-to-14.

The top-ranked visitors were in very unfamiliar territory...and needed to get it in gear...this is a great shot by Lexie Switzer...I don't know if she just threw that one up, or if she practices that, but she got the bucket...they need more though...trailing 30-to-16.

The home team wanted to keep their opponent down as much as possible...and they caught the defense napping on this play...Fieldgrove was wide open underneath and made them pay...things are going good with a 32-to-16 lead.

They were staying after it...and on occasion took the fight to N-C's face...Wright makes the right move on this the lead would grow to 18...the score was 34-to-16, going into the locker room.

3rd might think this game was over...but it wasn't...Johnson and Johnson would get to work...first it's Gabby with drive...hoop...and 1...that was a start, but Natrona still trails 34-to-19.

Sheridan though still had another weapon or 2 to use...someone did not realize that Emily Julian is on the floor...her presence has been revealed with that 3...the advantage is back up to it's 37-to-19.

The visitors would stay after it...Kaylee Johnson has some might think this was a travel but it was are allowed to lift up your pivot foot...the travel comes when you set it back down...and she did not...that made the score 37-to-21.

The Fillies were picking up the pace on their end...kind of how the opposition did before halftime...Gabby Johnson will use one of their plays...she led all scorers with 21...but her team is on the wrong end of a 37-23 score.

...but Natrona had more coming...Sarah Jones is new to these highlights...and she'll strike with a 3-ball of her own...the score was getting a little bit it's 37-to-26.

The Lady Broncs knew something was up and had to put a stop to it...Ryan will weave her way around the obstacles and finish with an under-hand lay-up...that was a little bit of a relief...the score is 39-to-26.

...but anything she could do...Kaylee Johnson could do just as well...she got her points in, but 11 is much lower than normal...N-C is now down 40-to-28.

Someone had to pick up the slack...and that someone was she will go around the paint and lay-in another 2 points for the's now a 12-point deficit...42-to-30 is the score.

The plan was slowly coming together...and team-work payed dividends as well...get the ball to Kaylee and she'll get some points...the Fillies still had more work to do...trailing 42-to-32, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...there was still time to work on the come back...we have not seen Robertson in awhile...she was still there and she did her's down to a 9-point game...the scoreboard reads, 47-to-38.

Sheridan needed a break to go their way soon...and this was a good time...back court turnover...and Townsend knew what she had to do...that basket helped push the advantage back up to it's 49-to-38.

That did not deter the opposition much from their comeback quest...Gabby Johnson easily gets her own offensive rebound and sticks that ball back in for 2 more...49-40 is the score with roughly 4 minutes to go.

The offense for the Lady Broncs was starting to fade a bit...but there was still some left in the tank...Myers will get a very friendly bounce on this 18-footer...she was hoping that was the dagger in the heart, with her team ahead 51-to-40.

...but Natrona kept coming...Kaylee's that move earlier that I was talking's legal...she knows what she is doing...51-to-42 is our score.

The Filly comeback would continue, but they needed something big...Milliken is already in position in the corner...and that was big...we're down to a 6-point contest which is the closest it has been in quite it's 52-to-46. comes more...Kaylee is going to try it good this time, but Gabby had her 18 point deficit has almost been's now 52-to-50, and eventually it would become a 1-point game.

The home team was thankful that free throws saved them...they just barely made enough...and the opposition missed on a few chances of their own, late in the game...Sheridan almost botched a huge lead...but they held on to avenge their only loss of the score...55-to-53.