An extra player for the Wyoming all-star boys helped make the final score a little more respectable the second time around.

However, South Dakota drained 15 3's to complete the sweep in Gillette...101-87.

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SD: 53-48 = 101

WY: 40-47 = 87


Wyoming Scorers:

Tyler Loose (Laramie) - 19

Xavier Webb (Riverton) - 14

Logan Burningham (Ten Sleep) - 12

Levi Peterson (Moorcroft) - 3

Jeremy Feist (Newcastle) - 8

Logan Wasson (Gillette) - 13

Seth Quayle (Riverton) - 11

Dylan Haddix (Gillette) - 7


South Dakota Scorers:

Ryan Olson (Spearfish) - 3

Aidan Goetzinger (Rapid City St. Thomas Moore) - 3

Joe Cameron (White River) - 9

Ian Barse (Rapid City Central) - 10

Tanner Heiser (Watertown) - 25

Wyatt Krogman (White River) - 19

Brett Bennett (Rapid City Stevens) - 14

Jordan Baker (Sioux Falls Christian) - 2

Connor Shaull (Tea Area) - 15


That might be a future all-star someday. Such dedication by practicing without a hoop.

The Wyoming All-Stars vs. South Dakota...this game being played in Gillette...first half...Wyoming wearing the gold and down in a 5-nothing hole...Levi Peterson of Moorcroft made his only contribution of the game early on...that 3 would get rid of the zero on the scoreboard, as he and his team-mates are down 5-to-3.

The opposition though was not about ready to squander their lead...Tanner Heiser of Watertown misses the 3, but he collects his own miss and watch the assist to Connor Shaull of Tea Area...that's how you execute a back up plan...the visitors would go up by a score of 7-to-3.

Now Heiser himself got his plays in as well...such as this one, which he'll deal with himself. He led all scorers with 25 points...and that 2 would give South Dakota a 9-to-3 advantage.

The home team though was hanging around in the early goings...Logan Wasson of Gillette...playing one last game on his home court and he knows where the sweet spot is. 13 points for the Camel and his team would eventually close the deficit to just 1's 9-to-8.

But they would not get any closer...and the visitors did what they do best right here...Ian Barse of Rapid City Central will provide an illustration on this 3...and you'll see lot of those in these highlights...South Dakota leads, 12-to-8.

The northeast neighbors definitely had the better moves in this contest...nice finish by Brett Bennett of Rapid City Stevens for 2 of his 14...and the score is now doubled up at 16-to-8.

...and things would get a lot worse for Wyoming before they got better....Bennett is firing from long range and he'll get a few friendly bounces and the 3...the lead is in double digits...with the score at 27-to-14.

This game was played with 2-20 minute halves...and we're still in the first half...we just changed camera's Tyler Loose of Laramie putting on a few moves and he'll get rewarded with one more for his efforts. The Plainsmen missed the game in Spearfish due to graduation, but he made up for it with 19 points...but his team is still down 27-to-16.

South Dakota would keep their distance...and by that...I mean long distance...Heiser again for 3...he and his team-mates did not miss many...the scoreboard reads 31-to-18.

Wyoming made a few's Xavier Webb of Riverton introducing himself to the highlight reel...he did his job with 14, but his team still trails, 34-21.

But every-time the home team made a move...the visitors countered...Shaull is hiding behind the crowd...but we saw him throw up that 3 and we knew who it was...he poured in 15 and now it's 37-to-24.

Although was just too easy...Joe Cameron of White River finds a very wide open path to the took a moment for him to get the drop and he did...he contributed with 9..and his squad is ahead 39-to-24.

Wyoming kept trying's a loose ball and Logan Burningham of Ten Sleep is going to take off and finish on the far side...he may be from a small town school, but he can play with the big boys...12 points for the Pioneer...the deficit is at's 41-31.

Right about now is time for another 3-ball...and guess who? Yep Heiser again! Talk about a momentum killer...the visitors are still on top, 44-to-34.

...and right about now is a good time to counter that 3...let's have Webb do the honors...he was slinging them from the corner...the home team trails by 9...46-to-37...which is the closest they've been in quite sometime.

Let's get the other Camel in here...that would be Dylan Haddix...that was not too difficult...7 points for the big man, and it's 51-to-39.

About 3 seconds left before halftime...and that was enough for the visitors to go the length of the court...especially if no one got back fast enough on defense. Bennett gets the lay in ahead of the South Dakota was in good shape going into the locker room...up 53-to-40.

Second this was flat out smart...Loose inbounds the ball off of a defender and scores easily...his team is now down 59-to-44.

The opposition made a move to widen the lead and that meant the home team had more work to's Jeremy Feist out of Newcastle...scoring 2 of his 8...but the deficit is at 20...the scoreboard reads, 69-to-49.

Who else have we not shown yet? Here's a fast-break for the visitors and it's Jordan Baker of Sioux Falls Christian scoring his only 2 points of the game...South Dakota goes up 73-to-49 at this point...their biggest lead of the game.

The home team would work on trying to make the score respectable...Webb will launch 3 more and can them. His team needed about 7 more of those, because they're down 73-to-52.

Later...Heiser is back on the court...and guess what he's going to do again? Ring 'em up! He had a great game, and now he and his team-mates lead 85-to-62.

There's one more Wyoming player that we have not shown...that would be Seth Quayle of Riverton...Loose with a great feed and the Wolverine will feed the hoop...11 points were his numbers...that would make this an 85-to-66 contest.

The home team was making a little bit of a run, even though the game was out of reach...Wasson with the drive...hoop and the hack...the 3-point play would have his squad down 91-to-78.

But this game was decided by in numbers on the bench...South Dakota had 10 players compared to Wyoming's 8 and that made a difference. Bennett will finish things off with this 3, to put his team over the century the northeast neighbors would complete the sweep...winning in Gillette...101-to-87.