Video highlights of the Saturday, January 24th 2A Girls Basketball game, between #1 Southeast at #2 Burns.

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The Lady Cyclones found themselves down 16 points in the second quarter vs. the Lady Broncs, but rallied in the second half, thanks to a number of second chance scoring opportunities.



Given the circumstances and the hype of this game...we really did need all the extra cheerleaders. Props to Cheyenne South for helping out.

#1 Southeast at #2 Burns...undefeated vs. undefeated...first quarter...Southeast wearing the blue...Dani McManamen is able to get inside and has an up close look at the basket, for an easy 2 points...she had quite the game later on. Her team is on the board first, up 2-to-nothing.

Burns would come right back. McKayla Ward was not going to let one defender slow her down. The senior would power through and get a high kiss off of the glass, to give her team the advantage...up 4-to-2 and they were just getting started.

The Lady Cyclones were looking for opportunities to score when the numbers game was in their favor. 3-on-1 is pretty good odds. Hannah Grosz will take that anyday. The game is evened up at 4-points a piece, and so far this game was living up to the hype.

The Lady Broncs preferred to go about getting their points in a more practical matter. Jessica Malm will force her defender to back up enough, so that she could get close enough to score 2 of her 10 points...and give her squad the advantage. They are ahead 6-to-4.

Back and forth this game would go for awhile...and the visitors were trying to be quicker with their passing. This play to Madison Pragnell will illustrate what I was talking about, and the score is knotted up again at 6-all.

Burns would then begin to show some giddy-up and go...and McKenzie Ward would do just that. She will weave her way through traffic and deposit 2 points for the cause, and put her team back in the's 10-to-8.

The senior is the main scoring threat for the Lady Broncs...on the last play she would attack the right side of the hoop...this time she would go to the left, and got the same result. It's a 6-point lead now, with the scoreboard reading 14-to-8, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...the home team was making a such luck trying to score inside, but Malm is wide open for 3 and she hits it. That would cap off a 12-zip run and suddenly the score has ballooned up to 20-to-8.

The visitors did not panic, but they did score on quick opportunities. McManamen got ahead of everyone and she will get an easy 2 points. It would briefly stop the bleeding although her team is still being doubled up, trailing 20-to-10.

...and they would stick to their game plan...find the open person and get the ball to them quickly...Emily Buchanan assists Noelle Chapman, who will score as easy as 1, 2...and Southeast was getting a little closer, down 21-to-13.

The Lady Cyclones were able to stay after it a little while longer...Grosz is just inside the free throw line, so this will go down as a long 2. It's only 2nd quarter, so there's no big worry that they are on the losing end of a 23-15 score right now.

Burns though wanted to make another move just in case the other team was getting momentum. McKenzie Ward is open on the other side...hoop and the foul...she put in 14 points for the cause. This 3 point play would help build a 16 point it's 31-to-15.

...but as before...the visitors were not worried. Buchanan was on the line but her aim was on target for 2. Her squad needed to figure something out though, because they were trailing 31-to-19 going into the locker room.

Third quarter...they figured out something...see if you can tell. The first shot was no good, but the rebound came out to McManamen, who will drive and get the lay in. That was a it's 31-to-21.

This play had similarities to the last one...the 3 will not go...McManamen with another offensive rebound...putback...and one. The junior would cash it in, to make this a 31-to-24 contest.

Sometimes though...the first try worked. Lessard was very wide open...she eyes it...spies it and buys it. A 12-zip run by Southeast, would cut a 16 point deficit down to 4...31-to-27 is the score now.

Have you figured out what was working? It's called second chance points. McManamen misses, but gets another opportunity and scores. 20 points were her numbers. The Lady Cyclones are now breathing down their opponent's neck, trailing 33-to-31.

The offense for the Lady Broncs was M-I-A...and so was the defense to some degree...Lessard with 3 more...HELLO! The lead has changed hands. The visitors are now on top 38-to-35.

Southeast was riding the wind, and you will find a lot of that in Wyoming...McManamen...she has learned a few things from her big brother who plays for the University of Wyoming. The scoreboard showed 40-to-37, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the home team was not out of this one, but they needed to get back in the saddle. Malm with a great fake and the lane is open. The junior would kick it into high gear and score, to put her team down by's 41-to-39.

Perhaps Burns just needed a spark after that not-so-great 3rd quarter...Malm is plugged in and she will deliver 3 volts of energy. A quick spurt now puts her squad on top, by a score of 42-to-41.

Now we got ourselves a game...the question was, which team was going to make the next move? Buchanan will move down the base-line and get 2, and that would mean the Lady Cyclones would regain the advantage, ahead 43-to-42.

Remember those 2nd chance points that I referred to earlier? They were still happening. This time Pragnell is going to grab the miss and clean up the mess, and the visitors would maintain a small lead, up 45-to-43.

It kind of helps when you have the height advantage. Southeast was using it. McManamen...miss...offensive board...putback...foul...That was big, because it's 48-to-43 and each possession is now becoming more important.

The Lady Cyclones were trying to kill some clock, but if they could find an opportunity to score up close, they would take it...Pragnell would seal the Southeast would comeback from 16-down in the second, to win the battle of undefeateds...52-to-45.