The State Track and Field Championships have concluded at Casper's Kelly Walsh High School.

Team Champs:

4A: Natrona boys (3 out of the last 4) by 64 points over Kelly Walsh. Gillette girls by 40 points over Kelly Walsh.

3A: Douglas boys (first since 1991) by 5 1/2 points over Jackson. Cody girls (6-Peat) by 34 points over Star Valley.

Douglas locked it up when they scored in the last race of the meet (4x400 meter relay) and Jackson did not.

2A: Lovell boys (repeat) by 52 1/2 points over Lusk, who finished 1 1/2 points ahead of Wind River. Burns girls by 8 points over Lovell.

1A: Cokeville boys by 10 points over Lingle-Ft. Laramie. Lingle-Ft. Laramie girls (repeat) by 38 points over Cokeville.

Scroll down to see video highlights of Day 1 and 2.


Day 3 Highlights:

Eight records went down on the last day of competition.

Freshman Lauren Taubert of Natrona set a new overall state record in the high jump, by going over 5 feet 8 inches.

Ann Wingeleth of Lyman set a new 3A record in the girls triple jump, with a distance of 38 feet 10 inches.

Ben Mancuso of Burlington set a new 1A record in the boys high jump, by going over 6 feet 8 inches. He also set a new 1A record in the boys 200 meter dash, with a time of 21.81 seconds.

Jerayah Davis of Kelly Walsh set a new overall state record in the girls 200 meter dash with a time of 23.79 seconds.

The Natrona County 4x400 meter relay team set a new overall state record, beating the old mark by 0.08 seconds. The new record time is 3 minutes 20.90 seconds. The team is comprised of Trevor Brost,  Robert Counts, Chance Jones, and Ryan Schwieger.

Kim Shumway of Lovell set a new 2A record in the girls 400 meter dash, with a time of 55.99 seconds.

Kaylie Moyes of Cokeville set a new 1A record in the girls 1600 meter run, with a time of 5 minutes 29.45 seconds.

Day 2 Highlights:


Cokeville Junior Haylie Moyes continues to have a great meet.  The Lady Panther not only had the fastest qualifying time in the 1A 400, but, she also set a new 1A record in the 800.   Her time of 2:19.68 beat the time of Candace Wollert of Lingle-Fort Laramie from 2007 by 3 seconds.   Moyes won the 3200 meters yesterday.

Rachelle Leseberg had the fastest times in the 100 meter dash and the 100 hurdles on her way to four titles again.   The quest for history could be intact for Western Heritage Academy in Riverton.   Sophomore Dani Haverkamp takes the #1 seed into the finals of the 300 hurdles.

The Lingle Girls are 39 points ahead of Cokeville as they try to repeat.  The Dogger boys are up 29 on Cokeville in the boy's race.


Cody Savage won the triple jump in each of his first three years at Lovell.  His senior year, though, was a different story as his own teammate, Dino Collins, would end the streak.     Collins went 21-02.0 while Savage ended third.

Lovell's Kim Shumway was .16 seconds away from a new 2A record in the 400.

Burns Senior Shana Wilcoxson won her fourth gold medal in two days.  She won the triple jump, the pole vault, long jump and the high jump.

Kacie O'Connor of Sundance repeated as Discus champion, but, was two feet shy of her own record set last year as a Sophomore.

The Burns girls and Lovell boys are in the lead after two days.


Lyman Sophomore Ann Wingeleth set a new state 3A record in the long jump.   The Eagle soared to 18-06.75 which beats the 2008 record set by Newcastle's Taylor Farella of 18-01.5.  Her brother, Bobby, won the 3A long jump by nearly a foot and a half.

Cody's Kiara Skinner won the shot put for a fourth straight year.

Powell's Garrett Lynch repeated as shot put champion.

Cody's Girls are up 25 on Powell in the team race while Jackson holds a 3.5 point lead on Cody in the Boy's.


After a freshman won the 3200 meter girls race yesterday (Tabitha Simmons, Gillette),  another Freshman posted the fastest 300 hurdle time.  NC freshman Lauren Taubert has the inside track in the long hurdles.

After winning the long jump yesterday, KW Junior Dayanera Timberman won the triple jump today.

Rock Springs distance racer Ricky Faure set a new 4A record in the 3200 on Thursday.  He won the 800 on Friday and was just a little over a second away from another record.  He'll have another chance next year as a Senior.

KW's Tanner Fischer is a two event winner as he added a triple jump title to his resume.

Gillette's Girls and Natrona's boys are up after two days in the team standings.

Day 1 Results:

Three records went down and two others were challenged.

In the Boys 3200 meter run, a new overall state record was set by junior Ricky Faure of Rock Springs, breaking the old record by 0.9 seconds. His new record time is 9 minutes 24.80 seconds.

Senior Ben Mancuso of Burlington set a new 1A state record in the boys 200 meter dash, with a time of 22.11 seconds in the preliminaries.

The Lovell girls 4x 800 meter relay team now has the new 2A state record. Their time of 9 minutes 57.42 seconds, beats the old 1991 record by 10 seconds. The team is comprised of Mykelle Nichols, Jaclyn Caldwell, Meryk McArthur and Kim Shumway.

Sophomore Ann Wingeleth of Lyman challenged the overall state high jump record of 5 feet 7 inches, by attempting to jump 5'8", but could not get it done and had to settle for clearing 5 feet 6 inches.

Senior Shana Wilcoxson of Burns tried to pole vault her way over the 2A state record of 11 feet 1 inch, but had to settle for 10 feet 6 inches instead.

Day 2 Video Highlights:

Day 2 of the 2013 Wyoming High School State Track and Field Meet…and we’re getting right to it…1A Girls 800 meter run…Kaylie Moyes of Cokeville…she’s already won the 3200 meter race…but in this one…she’ll set a new 1A record, crossing the line with a time of  2 minutes 19-point 6-8 seconds.

2A Girls 800 meter run…it’s Kim Shumway of Lovell…she has about 5 extra seconds between her and the next runner…as she’ll finish with a time of 2 minutes 15-point-8-zero seconds.

3A Girls 800 meter run…it’s Maggie Carruth of Jackson managing to keep her distance from Kimberly Holiday of Cody and maintain her pace across the finish…with a time of  2 minutes 15-point-9-3 seconds.

4A Girls 800 meter run…Cassidy Meade of Laramie will end her high school career on a good note as she will take this race comfortably, with a time of 2 minutes 15-point-8-9 seconds.

3A Girls Long Jump…Ann Wingeleth of Lyman…she likes jumping…already won the 3A high jump…and this is a new 3A record as she will cover 18 feet 6 and 3-quarter inches in one leap and that’s all she needed.

4A Girls Triple Jump…Dayanera Timberman of Kelly Walsh…she won the long jump the day before this…and she’ll hop, skip and jump her way to another first place finish, with a distance of 36 feet, 4 and 3-quarter inches.

3A Boys Triple Jump…Ty Etchemendy of Douglas…he’s aiming long…and he’ll get the win, It just wasn’t the distance that he wanted. 47 feet 3 inches is impressive…but he missed the 3A record by 2 inches…and that was his target. You can’t win them all.

2A Boys Triple Jump…Dino Collins of Lovell…and his team-mate…Cody Savage was attempting to 4-pear in this event…but the undefeated wrestler would deny him his claim by nearly 1 foot…the winning distance was 42 feet, 9 and 3-quarter inches.

1A Boys Triple Jump…Ben Mancuso of Burlington…just getting started on a great weekend…he would take the first place medal here…with a leap of 42 feet 6 inches and move on to his next event.

3A Girls Shotput…Kiara Skinner of Cody…delivers the heave-ho for a distance of 42 feet 1 and 1-half inch…and that would make the Filly a 4-time champ to end her high school career.

4A Boys Shotput… Ben Pieper of Natrona…this time last year, he was playing soccer…this year he has 53 feet 9 and one-quarter inches of reasons as to why he’s happy he changed his mind…and a state championship.

3A Boys Shotput…Garrett Lynch of Powell…he saved his best throw for last and it paid off…53 feet 9 and one-half inches. He outdid his team-mate Vince Sleep by more than 1 foot to get the win.

Back to the track…1A Boys 800 meter run…Jonathan Fiscus of Cokeville is leading a tight pack of runners to the finish…but he would cross the line first and clock in a time of 2 minutes 2-point-7-7 seconds.

2A Boys 800 meter run…it’s Josiah Huff of Tongue River…showing that he’s an Eagle with wings and some speed as he’ll beat the 2 minute mark and end his run with a time of 1 minute 57-point-9-4 seconds.

3A Boys 800 meter run…this was the closest of the races…on the right is Kinsly Smith of Jackson…and on the left is Isaac Kiefer of Buffalo…point 4-1 seconds was the difference between first and second…Smith would be the victor…with a time of 1 minute 57-point-5-2 seconds.

Finally…it’s 4A Boys 800 meter run…Ricky Faure of Rock Springs…he got one record…but he’ll come up about 1 second short on this…but he’s a junior so he’ll be back…this year his time was 1 minute 52-point-72 seconds, on the second day of competition.

Day 1 Video Highlights:

I use one of those things to blow-dry my hair…maybe that’s why I’m losing so much!

Day 1 of the 2013 Wyoming High School State Track and Field Meet…starting with the Boys 4A 3200…it’s Ricky Faure of Rock Springs…doing three things…hold off Jonah Henry of Laramie…set a new overall state record…and beat the rain…and he got all 3…but not by much. 9 minutes 24-point-8 seconds is a new boys overall state record…by zero-point-9 seconds.

Boys 3A 3200…it’s Grant Cameron of Jackson…and as you can see…quite a lot of distance between him and the next guy…9 minutes…58-point-6-3 seconds was his time.

Boys 2A 3200…Alvin Spoonhunter of Wyoming Indian…the next closest runner was 9 and one-half second behind him…the Chief had a time of 10 minutes, 32-point-5-9 seconds.

Boys 1A 3200…it was close for a little bit, but then Tyrel Toomer of Cokeville would kick on the after-burners and pull away from Hank Jackson of Lingle-Ft. Laramie…the winning time was 10 minutes, 44-point-43 seconds.

4A Boys Long Jump…Natrona took first, second and third in this event…and they were led by Tristin Cloward, who would jump 21 feet one and one-half inches to claim first place.

4A Girls Long Jump…Jerayah Davis of Kelly Walsh won this event last year by one and one-half feet…her best this time was 18 feet 3 and a-half inches…but…

Last year’s runner-up was her team-mate…Dayanera Timberman…who has made huge improvements…and she would steal the first place medal…by 1 inch…her distance was 18 feet 4 and a-half inches.

2A Boys Long Jump…Dino Collins of Lovell…having an amazing senior year…good football season…undefeated in wrestling…and another state championship in track…21 feet 2 inches…give him the medal.

1A Boys Long Jump…it’s Seth Bennett of Meeteetse…and he was a little bit better than his 2A counter-part…21 feet 2 and one-half inches…and it helped because he won the competition by 1 inch.

3A Girls High Jump…Ann Wingeleth of Lyman…a sophomore…and the surprise athlete from the Wyoming Track Classic…up and over 5 feet 4 inches…she would also clear 5 feet 6 inches…but she had a chance to set a new personal record…and a shot at breaking the overall state record…this attempt is 5 feet 8 inches…and almost. The record is still in tact at 5-7 so she was 1 inch short, but she has 2 more years to break the record.

Back to the track….Girls 1A 3200…this was closer than it looked…Kaylie Moyes and Kate Fiscus both of Cokeville…and zero-point-1-1 seconds separated the 2 with the upperclassman getting across the finish line first…12 minutes 42-point 7-5 seconds was the time…and the junior is now a 3-time state champ.

Girls 2A 3200…Austin Asay of Pine Bluffs…had a pretty good race…12 minutes 19-point-2-4 seconds…she probably could’ve walked the last 50 meters and still win this race.

Girls 3A 3200…Star Valley was first and second…but that does not mean it was close…Hailey Ricks left her team-mates in the dust…she’s a 2-time Gatorade Runner of the Year in cross country and made this look like just another race…11 minutes 45-point-91 seconds was her time.

Finally it’s the Girls 4A 3200…this is Tabitha Simmons of Gillette…and take note…she’s just a freshman…people need to look out for her in the years to come…she’ll finish the race, with a time of 11 minutes 32-point-5 seconds, on the first day of competition.