Video highlights of the Sunday, July 13th, Legion Baseball game, between the Torrington Tigers at the Douglas Cats.

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What was a pitcher's duel for 2 innings, quickly unraveled on one side after that.



I can't help it...I'm a sucker for showing off puppies. Let's face it...when was the last time you saw a cat at the ball park? Didn't think so.

The Torrington Tigers at the Douglas Cats for a wood bat of the first...Douglas pitching...Marvin Malone was just mowing them down early on...first he would bag up the grass...then...he would pull the weeds...and finally he would trim the hedges. Yes, a base runner or 2 reached, but they did not score, and that's what matters.

Top of the second...more of the same...water the flowers...then...rake up the leaves...then...clean out the rain gutters. Malone was Mr. Handyman however, things started to fall apart after that.

Bottom of the 2nd...Brice Hill was on the hill for Torrington and he had his moments as well. Not as many strikeouts, but he still had a good game.

Moving on...runner at first...and...not anymore...Tristan Gray has been picked off. Hill with the throw and Ryan Anderson with the tag and that would remove that threat from the bases.

Top of the third...bases full of Tigers...Anderson is going to get a couple of them in on this single...Ryan Kath scores from third and Austin Murphy is going to hustle in from second and make it in slide was needed...we have some run production and the score is 2-to-nothing.

The visitors would then try some small ball to move up the runners...the Cats knew what the plan was on defense, but the execution of said plan was less than desirable. Caden Coffett will take advantage of the situation and go home...and that ball ended up going further into left field than we Anderson is going to make it in from miscue would double up the score and it's 4-zip.

Same inning...this play was a beauty...Trey Faessler will lay down a bunt of his own and that could not have gone any better...the home team could not do anything on the play...Wyatt Winget has already crossed the plate, to put Torrington ahead by a score of 5-to-nothing.

The Cats may have been down, but they were not out...Tristan Gray and Braydin Hunsicker team up to take out the runner at first...that would stop the bleeding for a while, but the inning was not yet over.

Malone had to finish the job and just like that...he will claim another victim...the body count is up to 8, but the problem was, his team-mates were not giving him any run support.

Top of the 4th...Gray is looking for some green in the outfield and he'll find the gap and get a double when it was all said and done...this play will net him 2 R-B-I's in the forms of Brock Youtz as well as Kath..the Tigers were building to their lead, now up 7-zip.

Later...the visitors would settle for a trade on this play...the runner is out at second, but it was a double steal...Murphy scores on the play and that was worth it. The scoreboard now reads 8-to-zero.

As for's hard to tell whether he had a good day or a bad one...yes he punched out 9, but he gave up more runs than he wanted...probably a bad trade off there, but there was not much he could do about it.

Bottom of the is where Hill did his dirty work...first batter...go to your room...he's just getting started.

Next batter...sit have been at the plate too long.

Next batter...just shut up! He's heard enough. That is how you take care of business, and there is at least one more inning to go.

Top of the 5th...Hunsicker pitching in relief for the home's already 9-to-nothing...Youtz is going deep for the visitors...if that was a metal bat...that ball might have been gone, but he'll settle for a double and 2 RBI's...Faessler and Dallen Fleenor will race in and put 2 more runs on the board...add in a sacrifice fly later on...and the Tigers were in command up 12-to-zip.

Bottom of the 5th...The Cats needed some runs or else this game will end quickly...Ty Kelley hits into the fielder's choice....the easy play is at first...but Devin Burton will go home to get rid of the shutout...his team still needs more.

...but if you think Hill is going to give them would be very wrong. He'll get the complete game. For a team that did not exist last year...Torrington appears to be contenders. They would win this game easily...12-to-1.