Video highlights of the Sunday, July 13th Legion Baseball game, between the Riverton Raiders vs. the Torrington Tigers, played in Douglas.

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Dallen Fleenor pitched a complete game 4-inning shutout, and the Tigers produced a balanced offensive attack vs. the Raiders in a wood bat game in Douglas.



I pray that the worst has not happened, but that grill looks like a portal to the underworld...and the cook is missing. I better be careful...I might be next.

The Riverton Raiders vs. the Torrington Tigers...this game being played in Douglas...bottom of the first...Torrington batting...bases loaded for Wyatt Winger...this single past short, is simple yet effective...Ryan Kath will score easily on the play and Austin Murphy will motor his way home as well, to make this a 2-to-nothing contest.

Same inning...they would try for more, but Riverton was ready for them...Steven Reinig fires to third and Andrew VonRein will apply the tag, and the runner was a couple of steps behind. That takes care of that, now we can change sides at bat.

Top of the second...Dallon Fleenor is on the mound for the Tigers, and he was one that earned his stripes in this game. He had a few here and there, and it was enough to get the job done.

Bottom of the second...Brock Youtz will put the ball in play, and that will work its way into the outfield for a base hit...Trey Faessler is going to take a chance and try to score from was close, but he would make it in, to give Youtz an RBI, and put his team ahead 3-zip.

Bottom of the third...they got sneaky with this play...runners at the corners...and it's a double steal...the throw to second is off target and Murphy has an easy path to the plate. It's a run...that's all that matters, and now the score is 4-to-nothing.

Later...they were getting the hits they needed...just not always the distance, because this was a wood bat game...Ryan Anderson's single will allow Caden Coffelt to trot on in, to slowly move the score up to 5-zip.

Still in the bottom of the third...Winger is going to get an assist from the pitchers mound on this base's hard for the defense to react on a play like that one...unfortunate...Anderson will complete his trip around the bases, to put Torrington ahead 6-to-nothing.

Top of the 4th...Raiders trailing 8-zip...and trying to do something...but Youtz and Coffelt will team up and make sure they get nothing at second. For a team that didn't exist last year, Torrington was playing some sharp ball, and it has paid off.

Plus, Fleenor was still on the mound as well...he would pitch a complete game 4-inning shutout and that's a good day at the office. He'll take it.

Bottom of the 4th...the Tigers were trying to put an end to this game via the mercy rule...Anderson does not want another single...he wants more and he will get it...that ball is going all the way to the wall for a triple and a pair of RBI's...Murphy and Coffelt are in a foot race with each other, but you know you can't pass up a hurry...they both scored as Torrington would go on and get the W...15-to-nothing.