Video highlights of the Saturday, December 28th, 2A girls non-conference game, between #4 Wind River at Wyoming Indian, in the finals of the Fremont County Shootout.

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Sophomore Alexa Wagon lit a fire for her Lady Cougars, by burning the nets for 25 points, including a number of very long 3's, to lead her team over the Lady Chiefs.



She's already drawing up a play...give her some time...and a team, and she'll be coaching them to a championship.

#4 Wind River at Wyoming Indian, in the finals of the Fremont County Shootout...first quarter...Wind River wearing the purple...the score is tied at 2, and Lexy Brown will untie it on the go...well...sort of...that would make this a 4-to-2 contest.

Wyoming Indian was able to match them bucket for bucket in the early goings...Amryn Brown with a 10 foot jumper...she's a freshman and she's getting some playing time...things are knotted at 4.

Back and forth these 2 rivals went for awhile...The Lady Cougars get the ball ahead to Victoria Jorgenson and she will reward her team-mates with a bucket for the push the score up to 6-to-4.

The Lady Chiefs would find their own way to answer...Loveeda White with some catch and shoot action for 2 points...and everything is dead even again...this time at 6-all.

Although this was a non-conference game...the visitors were out for redemption, because they lost this game, in the last tournament...Whisper SunRhodes has a 2-point secret and she got that one...her team would go back up 8-to-6.

...and the home team came right back again...Amryn Brown has a delivery and she makes it, in order to get those 2 points right back...the scoreboard now reads 8-8.

There was some defense to found in this are not going to visit Ethete and try to score a fast break on Jasmine McGill. This is her gym and opponents usually don't have that easy of a time.

So then Wind River figured...whatever they can't do inside...they'll try from the outside...and I mean wayyy outside...Alexa Wagon...she carried her load in this game, and you'll see more. Her squad would jump ahead, 15-to-8.

Wyoming Indian then cleaned up their act and chipped away at the deficit...Shaylee LoneDog gets around a defender and her team trailed, 15-to-11 after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...the Lady Cougars found something that was working for's Wagon again from extra long range...she'll get a few friendly bounces and 3 more...she's a sophomore so look out a couple of years down the road...the visitors are up 20-to-13.

Then the Lady Chiefs figured that they could do that as well...White will eye it, spy it and buy it...she poured in 15 points for her team, and now they are down 20-to-16.

Then Amryn Brown was on the move again...she has a delivery and provides reliable service to the hoop...that would get her team right back in this one...trailing 20-to-18.

Later...Wyoming Indian was still playing catch up...down 4, but White was delivering late holiday cheer on the's a 1-point game, with her team on the other side of a 22-21 score.

Wind River was not about to give up the lead...but they had to do something to open up some breathing room...Lexy Brown is going for 3 more of her 14 and she's got this one dead was much needed. Now it's 25-to-21.

But the home team kept making this game interesting...and a number of players got in on the scoring...this is Shauntae St. Clair announcing her presence...and her team was down 27-24 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...Wind River would move ahead...Jorgensen has a 1-on-1...puts up a shot...whistle...count it...10 points for the sophomore, and that made this a 32-27 game.

...and then there was Wagon...who was still on the go, and hitting from anywhere from behind the's comes another 3...the sophomore led all scorers with 25...that would put her team ahead 35-to-29.

Wyoming Indian kept hanging around...and tried to mix up their attack plan...Makenzi Calfbossribs stepped on the line for that that will go down as a long 2, but every point mattered...home team trails 39-33.

However their defense had a very hard time stopping Wagon and her very long range attack...that's because they didn't think she would keep trying from extreme long range...and she kept proving them wrong...the Lady Cougars were in decent shape, leading 43-to-34, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the Lady Chiefs were trying to get back into this one...White would shoulder the load for awhile and it produced results...her team is now down 46-40, but she could not do it all by herself.

On the other side...Wagon almost could do it by herself...on some of these 3's, she was just throwing them up and she got number of them to drop...that's why you practice...the visitors are ahead 49-40.

Wyoming Indian gave it good try...they just did not have enough to counter Wagon...Elsie Marquez will try to keep the deficit in single this 2 would put her team at a 55-to-46 disadvantage.

...but most of this game was centered around Wagon...and she was on fire all game's one last long ball to close out these Wind River would win the Fremont County Shootout...with a final score of 62-to-50.