It is Week 7 of the prep football season in Wyoming. Lots of big games with playoff implications are on this week's slate.

Fans, we want your input on our 'Game of the Week' features. You can vote in both a big-school and small-school poll. This way, we'll try not to miss so many great match-ups.

One note, WyoPreps does reserve the right to overrule the poll. You might ask why. Fair question. WyoPreps realizes that some regions of the state have a statistical advantage based on population. It's why we also emphasize that fan bases spread the word through social media and other means to get their fan bases on board. Also, this late in the year, we change the focus to games that have more bearing on the playoffs.

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Here are this week's featured games. Below are the two polls for you to decide which games WyoPreps places an emphasis on. Cast your vote now before the polls close.

WyoPreps will have our Game of the Week features later in the week.

Star Valley-Cody Football

Star Valley-Cody Football

Gallery Credit: Dave Treick

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