Shortening the state volleyball and state outdoor track and field events from 3 days to 2, and a point differential rule for football, were some of the topics of discussion at the first fall 2018 meeting of the Wyoming High School Activities Association Board of Directors.

Nordic Ski Scoring: Currently the scoring system awards 20 points to the team with the skier that places first, 19 to 2nd place, all the way down to 1 point for 20th place. The new proposal (starting December 2018) is to start the score at 30 instead of 20 and work down from there. The reason behind the proposal is there has been an increased number of competitors during the past few years. Motion passes on first reading. Must undergo another reading to become official.

Nordic Ski State Meet: The state meet is on a rotational basis, but there are 2 Casper schools, yet Casper is only in the rotation once. Starting in 2021, each Casper school would be in the rotation. This would change it from a 6 year rotation to 7 years, starting with the state meet of 2021. Motion passes on first reading. Must undergo another reading to become official.

Soccer Roster Limit: No more than 22 players can be in uniform for any post-season contest. Whatever the roster is for the first game of the tournament, must be the same throughout. Violation of rule will result in forfeit of a game. The reason is to set a roster limit to help schools save money during post-season tournaments. Motion passes on first reading. Must undergo another reading to become official.

State Volleyball Tournament: Starting in Fall 2020, the state tournament would have  been a 2-day event instead of 3. The first-round will be played in the morning/early afternoon of Day 1, while the semi-finals would be played on the evening of Day 1. Also the format of the tournament would change. Teams that lose in the first round, would not be able to play their way back to 3rd place, which is what they have been able to do in past years. Instead there would be a consolation championship round, similar to what is done at state basketball and state soccer. First-round losers would have to play and win twice on the second day, to win the consolation championship. The 3rd place match would be the 2 teams, that lose in the semi-finals.The reason is to save on travel expenses and minimize time out of class for students. Motion defeated.

State Outdoor Track and Field Meet: Starting Spring 2021, the state meet would have been a 2-day event instead of 3. The reason is to save on travel expenses and minimize time out of class for students. The problem is, if weather messes things up and the schedule has to go into late Saturday and/or early Sunday, it could interfere with graduation for some schools. Motion defeated.

Football point differential tie-breaker: Starting in 2019, in the event of a 3-way tie, where team A beat team B, B beat C and C beat A, the margin of victory minus the margin of defeat for the 3 teams, will be used to determine seeding for the playoffs. Maximum 12 points, so that running up the score isn't encouraged. This step would come before the 3-way coin flip which has been used in the past. Motion passes on first reading. Must undergo another reading to make it official.

9-Man Football: Early talks are underway to possibly make 1A 11-man into 1A 9-man because of all the forfeits going on at the smaller schools. If a current 1A 11-man team, wants to continue at 11-man, they would have to opt up to 2A. 6-Man teams could move up to 9-man if they wish. No action taken.

Mountain View soccer: The Buffalos will have a soccer program starting spring 2019. They will play 2 years at the JV level.

4A Basketball: Commissioner Ron Laird announced that if Casper College is not available for the state tournament, Kelly Walsh will play their first round game at Natrona, and vice versa. The 2nd round game (consolation or semi-final) will be played at the Casper Events Center.

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