Video highlights of the Thursday, February 5th 3A Boys Basketball Game, between #1 Worland at #5 Buffalo.

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A healthy Warrior squad was able to deal with Trey Schroelfel's 30 point performance, and defeat the Bison at Buffalo.



For $500...and an appearance on the highlight reel....HE GOT IT! Nothing but net, and he did not cross the half-court line. Awesome job!

#1 Worland at #5 Buffalo...first quarter...Buffalo wearing the white...already up 2-nothing. Mitchell Wilcox is at the top of key...opening the door for 3...a good start for his squad, as they would jump out to an early 5-zip advantage.

...and it got a little bit better...keep your eye on this guy...Trey Schroelfel...he was just getting started on a number of highlight worthy plays. The Bison now hold a 7-to-zero lead, and that is where they wanted to be.

Worland needed to get going, or else this battle was going to end before it started. Keatyn Love is open in the corner...and he's causing trouble. That was much needed, and his boys are now down 7-to-3.

The Warriors were fighting like them...and there was some rain in the in raining 3's. Mauricio Caballero put in some thunder on that shot...and just like that...they are right back in this game, trailing 7-to-6, and they would eventually tie the score at 7.

Since we are right back where we started...Schroelfel was going to have to try some sort of new trick. No worries...he had plenty of them. That bucket would put the home team ahead, 9-to-7, after the first 8 minutes.

Second Quarter...the visitors were building some more momentum. Love wanted to pass on this play, then realized he has college plans to think about. That was a college range 3 and the lead has changed's 10-to-9.

Buffalo still had Schroelfel carrying the work-load...that was good in some ways, and bad in others...I'll explain later. Right now all was good on this highlight, and his team is only down 12-to-11.

The Bison were trying to get other players in on the's Kevin Medders scoring in traffic. That would help put his squad back on top 18-to-14...things were doing ok for now, but a problem would develop later.

They were making a stampede type move on the scoreboard...Tristian Hepp will take the assist and let himself in the backdoor and score. A lot of players were making their small contributions, and the home team now goes ahead 20-to-16.

...but a few mistakes were made and boys in black would cash in on them...Chandler Ramos is going to pick a pocket and outrun everyone to the near side hoop for 2. That was a much needed boost. Things are dead-even at 20-20.

Worland had a few shooting problems earlier...but once they got going, then the score took care of itself. Jacob Lamm will strike for 3, to put his boys back out in front. They would take a 26-to-25 advantage, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...Buffalo was still going about their business...and so was Schroelfel...he did pretty much whatever he wanted to do, and it resulted in 30 points for the junior. His team retakes the lead 27-to-26.

The Warriors are now back at full strength, because they got some of their better players back from the injured list. Hoyt Nicholas was one of them. Here's 2 of his 15 points and the pendulum would swing back to his team...30-to-28.

The Bison were able to counter for a little while longer...Schroelfel again...what didn't this guy do? When he wanted to score points...he did. He would help keep this game close...his team trails 33-to-30.

...and here's another highlight of the junior...he did not drive to the hoop on every play, he mixed it up and you have to do that sometimes. The home team is still down 36-to-32.

The visitors were getting it done with team-work...Chad Cross was in the right place at the right time for the assist, and he will turn it into 2 of his 13 points. That would help maintain a decent lead...the scoreboard reads 38-to-32.

The boys in black had 3 players score in double digits, which has more than enough to counter Schroelfel...Nicholas will dial one up from college range...and operator...we have a connection. The advantage was slowly growing. It's now a 41-to-34 contest.

The home team needed to get some help soon...and they needed someone other than Schroelfel to do it. Alex Kiefer was available on this highlight. That would get things a little closer, with his squad still trailing 41-to-37.

Time was starting to run out in the quarter...but in basketball...there was enough. The defense forgot were Cross was...he would get the shot off just in time, and it will go in at the buzzer. Worland was where they wanted to be...ahead 45-to-38, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the Warriors kept the opposing defense guessing. Pacheco draws the double team...that means someone is open and it was Cross in this instance. That would keep the lead at 7's 47-to-40.

Buffalo still had Schroelfel on the's another one of his highlight worthy plays. The thing was...his team-mates did score some points here and there...but not enough. That's why they were looking at a 50-to-43 disadvantage.

The visitors had more team-work and it paying off. Nicholas has his defender beat and scores again...the advantage is now in double digits with the score at 57-to-46. the time the Bison got some more support from other was too late. Kyle Boone will make a 3-point contribution, but they needed more a long time ago. Worland would get a big win on the road...67-to-55.