Last year, Wyoming and Nebraska did battle on the college football field.

This summer, they'll play again in a slightly different style of game.

Michael Bates, the head coach of Little Snake River HS, has released the roster for the Wyoming All-Stars for the 1st Wyoming vs. Nebraska 6-man all-star football game, scheduled for June 30th in Arthur, Nebraska at 4pm.


The players are:

Daniel Wille - Little Snake River

Rex Stanley - Little Snake River

Miles Engelhart - Little Snake River

O.B. Ready - Little Snake River

Jared Wille - Little Snake River

Jordan Largent - Kaycee

Chase Gosney - Kaycee

Lane Robinson - Kaycee

Cody Wells - Kaycee

Adam VanNorman - Midwest

Chad Rinker - Midwest

Ty Finster - Midwest

Kolter Hughes - Ten Sleep

Skyler Stephenson - Ten Sleep

Mitchell Baker - Dubois

Tyrell Finley - Dubois

Taylor Girard - Hulett

Chris Orr - Hulett

Head Coach: Michael Bates - Little Snake River

Offensive Coordinator: Dustin Sipe - Kaycee

Defensive Coordinator: Kenneth Sweiter - Midwest