The South Dakota all-stars hit a number of 3's in the 2nd half, and Wyoming was unable to counter, and a late run fell short, resulting in a victory for the visitors in Gillette, 89-84.

Jason McManamen lead the way for Wyoming again with 27 points, and was 1 of 4 Wyoming players to score in double-figures.

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Halftime: Wyoming 41 South Dakota 40

Wyoming Scoring:

Hunter Reece (Sheridan) – 4 points

Riley Ryan (Sheridan) – 15 points

Jason McManamen (Torrington) – 27 points

Cody Anderson (Gillette) – 17 points

Ryan Madsen (Wheatland) – 4 points

Weston Hinkel (Gillette) – 11 points

Corey Peck (Natrona) – 7 points

Timmy Benedict (Wright) – 2 points

South Dakota Scoring:

Skye Warwick (rapid City St. Thomas More) – 24 points

Kilbey Rech (Rapid City St. Thomas More) – 18 points

Cody Harris (Rapid City Central) – 14 points

Robert Connet (Rapid City Central) – 9 points

Mack Vinson (Douglas) – 3 points

Kolbi Selby (Faith) – 15 points

Jade Keffeler (Faith) – 6 points



Hey…over here…hungry camera-man wants pizza as well!

The Wyoming All-Stars vs. South Dakota…this game being played in Gillette…1st half…Wyoming wearing the gold…down 2-nothing early but Jason McManamen of Torrington will change that with a nice fade-away jumper…he led all scorers with 27 points, and this game is tied at 2 points a piece.

Of course we got to give some love to the guys who have played on this court on a regular basis…here’s Cody Anderson of Gillette scoring in traffic…he knows what he’s doing…17 points for the Camel and his team goes up 4-to-2.

The score stayed close for most of the game…but that’s how McManamen likes it…watch the moves on this drive and finish…that’s why the University of Wyoming wanted him to play for the Cowboys…it’s now 8-to-6.

The TrailBlazer was on fire in the opening stages of the game…he’s lighting another fuse in the corner…Ka Boom…South Dakota had a hard time stopping him…the scoreboard reads, 12-to-6.

Of course there were other players in this game and we’ll give them at least one highlight…here’s Ryan Madsen of Wheatland from about 18 feet. 4 points in the game for the Bulldog and that was 2 of them…home team leads, 14-to-8.

There were other guys that could shoot the long ball as well…guys like Anderson…we never got the shooting percentages, but it was pretty good in the first half…Wyoming up 17-to-11 at this point.

But South Dakota kept hanging around…Mark Vinson from Douglas High out of Box Elder…that ended up being his only contribution of the game, but it has the visitors only down 1…it’s 17-16.

Still in the 1st half…we’ve changed camera angles…the Wyoming All-Stars kept trying to open some breathing room…here’s a great finish by Anderson inside…that’s how you get it done…Wyoming up 21-18.

But the opposition kept finding ways to counter…someone forgot about Kolbi Selby of Faith…he’s in the corner and he’d make the defense pay! 15 points for him and the score is knotted up again at 21-all.

The home team had to find someone else with experience in this gym…that someone ended up being Riley Ryan of Sheridan…he likes making 3 point shots in the Castle of Chaos! Gillette knows that all too well. 15 points for the Bronc and his team is back up, 24-21.

Wyoming was putting together a mini-run…any basket ended up helping…Madsen is going to finish the fast break on the far side with a finger roll to give his team-mates a 5-point cushion…it’s now 26-21.

But the visitors came right back…this is Cody Harris of Rapid City Central…round and round it goes and that ball will drop in for 2 of his 14 points…and this score is even again…28-28.

Let’s see…who else have we not shown…how about Hunter Reece of Sheridan…big things can come in small packages sometimes…he may have been outsized but not outskilled here…4 points for him and it’s now a 32-30 contest.

Now just because we haven’t shown McManamen in awhile…does not mean that he’s disappeared…here comes 3 reminders that he’s back on the court…that would break the tie again and the home team is up 35-32.

Then they’d take a page out of their opponent’s playbook…Timmy Benedict of Wright draws the double team…but he would find Ryan wide open to complete the deal for 3 more points. Wyoming was building a little momentum with a 38-32 advantage.

There’s still a few more guys to show, so let’s get another one in here…Westin Hinkel of Gillette, please introduce yourself! He looks comfy on his home floor and that 3 gave his team a 41-37 advantage.

But South Dakota would not go away…they were playing for the last shot before the break and they’d go for it…Skye Warwick of Rapid City St. Thomas More from wayyy downtown and he buries it with about 1 second to go…he led his team with 24 points, and it was a 41-40 game going into halftime.

2nd half…the opposition would grab the lead, but Wyoming responded…Corey Peck of Natrona drives around 3 defenders….hoop and the foul. He was not going to be denied on that play! 7 points for the Mustang, and this game is even again at 46.

The home team needed a little spark and McManamen decided that now was a good time to provide it…the 2 handed stuff with a defender in his face…good change in strategy…it’s now 50-50.

This next highlight did not quite go the way that Ryan was expecting. He was trying to dish an assist, but when that didn’t work…he just decided to shoot the ball himself…not a bad idea…home team is up 54-52.

South Dakota then made a move…Warwick had a war plan…and it included long bombs from N-B-A range…ouch…the opposition was playing to their strengths and they now lead 59-55.

Back comes Wyoming…and it took a little defense and transition but it paid off…Ryan is coming the other way, and puts in the one handed slam…that would get the crowd back into the game, and the scoreboard has a pair of 59’s on them.

But here’s where things started to go south…the visitors were making some critical shots and the home team was not…here’s Warwick again for 3…he had the hot hand from behind the arc, and South Dakota would go up, 70-to-63.

Now we showed Benedict earlier with an assist, but we got to get him in here scoring some points…this ended up being his only 2 of the game…and his team was starting to need some more, because they’re down 72-65, and time is becoming a factor.

McManamen had his moments…mostly in the first half…but in some games…it’s how well you do in the second half…and that would belong to Warwick…there he goes AGAIN! The lead is into double digits with the score at 77-to-65.

Wyoming did not quit…they made a late charge…McManamen blocks the pass and then Hinkel will get the quick finish off of the turnover…but like I said, it was a late charge…and not enough points came out of it. South Dakota would salvage a weekend split…winning this game, 89-to-84.