1A football coaches have voted on which players they believe are the best on their side of Wyoming, for the 2016 season.


John Sullivan - Upton-Sundance

Hunter Woodard - Upton-Sundance

Dawson Butts - Upton-Sundance

Thomas Davis - Upton-Sundance

Cort Ingals - Upton-Sundance

Yuli Viergets - Upton-Sundance

Brennan Kutterer - Tongue River

Dean Hatzenbiler - Tongue River

Mason Schroder - Tongue River

Kyler Heiling - Tongue River

Skyler Dillon-Bennett - Tongue River

Auston Miller - Tongue River

Ian Ostler - Tongue River

Ruger Lewis - Pine Bluffs

Kyle Steger - Pine Bluffs

Alex Graves - Pine Bluffs

Haize Fornstrom - Pine Bluffs

Hunter Jeffres - Pine Bluffs

Wyatt Fornstrom - Pine Bluffs

Chance Werner - Southeast

Dalton Keller - Southeast

Jasper Heggem - Southeast

Jacob Schmitt - Southeast

Jacob Cushman - Southeast

Kane Leithead - Wright

Shayne Belt - Wright

Kholton Bosh - Wright

Ryan Speidel - Wright

Riley Ross - Lusk

Monte Wade - Lusk

Cole Mellot - Lusk

1A East Offensive Player of the Year: Brennan Kutterer - Tongue River

1A East Defensive Player of the Year: Brennan Kutterer - Tongue River

1A East Coach of the Year: Will Gray - Pine Bluffs



Trenton King - Cokeville

Cordell Viehweig - Cokeville

Hunter Chenney - Cokeville

Rick Nate - Cokeville

Anthony Petersen - Cokeville

Sterling Murdock - Cokeville

Wyatt Autrey - Cokeville

Cole Simmons - Rocky Mountain

Garrett Vezain - Rocky Mountain

Tristan Jewell - Rocky Mountain

Gehrig Sweat - Rocky Mountain

Brian Crawford - Rocky Mountain

Triston Rusch - Rocky Mountain

Zach Zier - Rocky Mountain

J.J. Pingetzer - Shoshoni

Jason Thoren - Shoshoni

Colter Jordan - Shoshoni

Zach Pickinpaugh - Shoshoni

Pat Cornell - Shoshoni

Anthony Cousineau - Shoshoni

Mason Lucas - Shoshoni

Wyatt Cox - Saratoga

Alex Zieger - Saratoga

Morgan Rempel - Saratoga

Max Schneider - Saratoga

Sam Schneider - Saratoga

John Thoman - Wind River

Morgan Miller - Wind River

Owen McAdams - Wind River

Brian Two Crow - Wyoming Indian

Matthew Underwood - Wyoming Indian

Jayce Old Coyote - Wyoming Indian

1A West Offensive Player of the Year: Cole Simmons - Rocky Mountain

1A West Defensive Player of the Year: J.J. Pingetzer - Shoshoni

1A West Coach of the Year: Richard Despain - Rocky Mountain