It all starts now. Welcome to high school sports for the 2021-2022 school year.

Three fall sports are underway with practice across the Cowboy State. Football, golf, and tennis teams are going through their first practices on Monday.

Natrona County opened its football practice schedule with a midnight session for the 12th consecutive year. Only Class 4A teams opened their training today. The other four classes have to wait until Monday, Aug. 16.

Football won’t officially begin their season until Friday, Aug. 27, or Saturday, Aug. 28.

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Golf teams have either two or three days to prepare for their season. Most players have been on the course all summer, so they should be ready to play. Jackson and Star Valley host the Snake River Shootout on Wednesday and Thursday. There are three other events on Thursday and Friday and one on Saturday.

Tennis is in a similar situation. Most players have been playing all summer. They start practice today, but the first official competition day is Saturday, Aug. 14, though some teams won’t play until next week.

Are you ready? Because here we go.


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